Get Paid to Walk: 15 Ways To Earn $500 or More

Do you love walking but want to get paid for it? Now you can! Walkers earn hundreds of dollars every month – and sometimes even more – just by strapping their shoes on and getting out there. From health apps to dog walking, this article will uncover 15 creative ways to get paid to walk.

So, throw on those sneakers and read on as we share money-making opportunities that could help take your finances from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing' in no time.

How To Make Money Walking

Want to get paid for walking? It's possible! There are two primary ways to make it happen.

  • Activity-related apps can reward you based on the number of steps you take. Whether walking to work, hitting the gym, or taking extra steps throughout your day, increasing your daily count can pay off.
  • The other option is getting a side hustle that requires you to perform tasks while walking. In this case, your primary goal is the completion of the job duties without necessarily having to up your step count, though it might be a bonus.

How To Get Motivated To Walk

While sitting all day is terrible for your health, maintaining an active lifestyle can be difficult. You need time, purpose, and motivation to stay in shape. You can always make time, but motivation does not always come easy. We are all pushed to our limits by different motives.

For some people, working out is another chore. But If I've learned anything during my short stay on earth, monetary rewards are a powerful, universal motivator.

You can now get motivated by earning even for the smallest amount of activity. The weather looks friendly for a casual stroll. Put your outdoor steps to good use – get paid to walk! And we're talking about real money – not trophies and race t-shirts.

There are all kinds of cash rewards apps out there these days. It sounds too good to be true, but developers have created fitness trackers to monitor your walking habit and reward you. You're already using your smartphone to do everything, from communicating with your loved ones to handling your bills. So why not use it to maintain an active lifestyle and earn money walking, too?

Here's How a Health App Works

  • They track your activity through wearable fitness trackers or your smartphone's GPS and accelerometer and record the steps.
  • The tracked steps get converted to app rewards points and can be redeemed for various prizes, including cash rewards, discounts, or charity donations. You can compete with others or against yourself. Easy, right?

This leads us to the next question: Where do the cash rewards come from? How do the apps afford to pay just for walking around?

Apps that pay you money to walk operate like cashback/rebate apps. Other fitness-oriented companies or brands fund the rewards, offering offers or discounts. The award is part of their advertising budget.

Apps That Will Pay You To Walk

I am a big believer in creating additional income streams, and in the past, I have written about how to get paid to lose weight. If you're on a weight loss journey, knowing that you will get paid to walk may give you that extra push you need!

Making money walking – something that you're doing anyway – is top on my list of the easiest ways to make money fast. I was excited when I started researching the best apps that pay you to walk. It doesn't get any easier than this! Ready to earn extra money from your steps? Here are the best apps that pay you to walk.

1. Miles

If you’re a frequent traveler looking to earn money, the Miles app could be just what you need. By tracking your location, it can give you “frequent flyer miles” for walking, driving, biking or flying — so no matter how you choose to get around town, you’ll still earn points.

These can then be promptly exchanged for gift cards from stores like Amazon. While it takes a few thousand miles to get any real monetary rewards from the app, think of it as a small reward for everyday activities — because once you install the app and let it run in the background, there’s nothing else you have to do!

2. Evidation ( Formerly Achievement)

With three million+ downloads and 930 billion+ steps logged in the past year, the Evidation app deserves a spot on our list. The name says it all this app pays for achieving your fitness goals.

And it's not just walking; Evidation will pay you to complete various exercises.

Tracked activities include:

  • meditating,
  • logging meals,
  • running,
  • biking,
  • swimming,
  • answering questions about yourself.

If you are particularly active, you will love this app. Use different systems or apps to actively and accurately track vital metrics.

Currently, Achievement supports 20+ apps, including Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health. Every day, you'll log your activities on the Achievement app.

You receive a reward of 6 points just for logging in with the details of

  • sleep schedule,
  • food intake,
  • weight gain/loss,
  • and sharing your progress on social media.

You need a minimum of 10k points to cash out $10, and you will be rewarded up to 80 points daily. Rewards get paid within seven business days. So Is Achievement worth it? Definitely!

A great app that pays you to walk and much more, what's not to love?

3. Lifecoin

Get paid to walk with Lifecoin. Are you spending too much time at the dining table? Here's another app that will motivate you to walk outside your house. LifeCoin believes that making healthy decisions should be fun and rewarding. LifeCoin will pay you for outdoor steps.

The get-paid-to-walk app takes a modern twist by paying you LifeCoins, the in-app currency. As a free app user, you can earn a maximum of 5 coins a day.

Premium users can get a maximum of 10 coins a day. To become a premium member, upgrade your membership by paying $4.33/per month.

Redeem the coins for prizes such as discounted merchandise:

  • iPhone X,
  • Apple Airpods,
  • a DJI Spark Drone, etc.
  • or gift cards.

If you are a fan of virtual currencies and want to discover other apps like LifeCoin, you'll love the Sweatcoin app I discuss later, so keep on reading!

4. Paidtogo

With the Paidtogo App, you can track your walks and run activities and earn extra cash rewards. There are many benefits to using Paidtogo – with their free programs; you can win coins by participating.

If you join their Pro program, you can earn coins redeemable for $50, $100, or even $500 payouts! The app also includes fitness tracker stats with charts and analytics, so you can see your progress clearly.

On top of that, it is compatible with Apple Health and allows for background tracking, so you never miss out on an opportunity to score points. With the Paidtogo App, staying fit is fun, rewarding, motivating and even lucrative in the end!

5. StepBet

Do you know what motivates people more than money? Losing money! StepBet is a unique app that pays you to bet on yourself. It is a subsidiary of WayBetter, which owns many other apps, such as RunBet, DietBet, and SweatBet.

After placing your bet (usually around $40) and connecting your favorite fitness tracker, you will enter a fitness challenge with other StepBetters and participate in games.

StepBet works with:

  • Google Fit,
  • Samsung Health,
  • Garmin,
  • Apple Health,
  • etc.

A Goal is set based on your historical activity levels and weight loss targets. To remain in the pool, you must reach your goals through 6 consecutive weeks.

If you survive the end of a bet, you will split the pool with the other remaining players and progress to the next fitness challenge. StepBet takes a small cut for hosting the competition.

The other players have contributed and achieved the goals just like you. Interact with them to stay motivated. StepBet has a WayBetter referee to track the fairness of decisions and awards. Feel free to raise your concerns in case of disagreement or suspicion.

There are almost 1 million members, and over $78.5 million has been paid out to members. You must pay a $50 annual fee if you're a member. You can play up to 3 games simultaneously. Also, you won't have to give them a cut. Non-StepBet members are limited to only one game at a time.

6. PK Coin (PK Rewards)

Yet another simple but effective way to get paid to walk, get fit and be rewarded. PK Coin is a get paid to walk app with exciting features that make it stand out from the pack. The app counts the steps in real time. When you walk, you need to connect the app to any of the supported Bluetooth trackers to begin checking your exercise levels.

Before any workout or exercise class, open the app and click the “start earning” option. After every workout, you will receive an Effort Score. The intensity of your exercise determines your score. You'll earn PK coins based on your score.

Redeem the coins for:

  • Amazon gift cards,
  • fitness-related offers,
  • and experiences.

With the rewards updated regularly, there are always new offers for you. The PK Coin Leaderboard adds an element of competition to give you that extra motivation to get up and move. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

7. Sweatcoin

Get paid to walk with Sweatcoin, an exciting cryptocurrency-based app that pays you to walk and get fit. It was one of the first apps to translate steps into rewards. All you have to do is install the app, grab your sneakers, and start exercising outside! The app doesn't count walking indoors or on treadmills.

So if you thought you'll benefit from moving around the office, try Lympo instead. To track and count your steps, you must use your phone's GPS and accelerometer when walking.

Sweatcoins integrates seamlessly with fitness trackers like Fitbit or Garmin devices if you don't want to carry your phone while exercising. When walking outdoors, you receive rewards with their currency – Sweatcoins (SWC).

Use Sweatcoins to purchase a variety of rewards within the app, including

  • gift cards,
  • services,
  • and experiences.

The rewards are always changing. My advice is to hold on to your coins till you find a reward that interests you. 1000 outdoor steps equal 0.95 Sweatcoins. All credits you earn are charged a 5 percent fee. You can earn up to 20 Sweatcoins per day, which the app has capped.

You, however, need to upgrade your membership to the Shaker, Quaker, or Breaker tiers to accelerate your rewards. There is a Marathon offer where you can get $1000 in PayPal cash when you hit 20k Sweatcoins.

Team up with your friends and pool Sweatcoins to reach this amount quickly.

8. Runtopia

As you might have already guessed, Runtopia is a free app that will allow you to set exercise goals for:

  • running,
  • walking,
  • cycling,
  • and listening to an audio coach.

Runtopia is a growing community of like-minded individuals that train together and support each other to share progress, achievements, and successes.

Choose your training level when enabling the app to choose the right program for you. You will see new goals and distances every day. You need to overcome them to earn rewards.

Working out or completing daily challenges within the app will help you earn Sports Coins.

Redeem rewards for:

  • PayPal cash,
  • discounts,
  • coupons prizes,
  • and upgraded membership.

The coins expire every March 1st, so if you start today, you need to pay attention to how much time you have to redeem and use them! Consider combining Runtopia with other workout apps to earn extra money every month.

Earn Money With Dog Walking Apps

If you're the kind of person who loves animals and wouldn't mind going for a walk every day, why not get paid for it? With pet walking services becoming increasingly popular, there's never been a better time to pursue work as a professional dog walker.

Not only is it an easy way to make some extra money, but you get all the benefits of regular exercise while allowing furry friends to release energy and explore their surroundings. Plus, you can access flexible hours and even have the opportunity to set your own rates based on what works best for you.

9. Rover

Rover works differently from the apps we've discussed. The side hustle app will help you find dog walking and pet-sitting jobs in your spare time. Rover was created to help dog owners who lack the time or opportunity to care for their pooches. Pets require walking several times a day.

If you're good with dogs and don't mind an energetic, four-legged walking partner, this is an excellent opportunity to make extra money. While Rover doesn't qualify as a fitness app, you can earn as much as $20 for one walk!

Besides, a dog will make your walk more fun and dynamic. To earn, apply as a walker on the app or website. Upon approval, create a free profile, and set your schedule and rates. Respond faster to get more bookings.

10. Wag

With Wag Walker, you can earn up to $25 an hour taking dogs out for a walk. And the best part? Your walks can also positively impact less fortunate pups, as Wag donates money from your walks to feed needy shelter dogs.

11. Tailster

Are you a pet lover looking to start your own dog-walking business? Look no further than Tailster, the perfect, hassle-free solution! Not only is all of their service completely free to use, but they also offer secure payments and insurance coverage to keep you and your customers safe.

Plus, with the Tailster Carer App, you'll be able to track dog walks, get real-time photo updates and access an array of resources to help you on your pet care journey. Don't worry; there's also friendly customer service support whenever you need it!

Additional Ways To Get Paid To Walk

While the above apps are fun to use, you're not going to make decent money with them. You can turn that walking into service to make more money. Here are additional apps that still offer you ample opportunity to earn money when you're out and about.

12. Charity Miles

Get paid to walk or run for a worthy cause. Charity Miles gives you the rare chance to exercise and donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice instead of putting the money in your pocket.

For each mile you run or walk, you can earn up to $0.25 and up to $0.1 per mile for the same charity if you cycle. Their website shows members have already made over $2.75 million for charities.

Every time you start a workout, you will see the logo of where your donation will go. There are no annoying ads. You'll need to choose the charity fund you want beforehand.

Charities supported by this platform include Wounded Warriors, Alzheimer's Association, Feeding America, WWF, and Stand Up To Cancer. If you want to help yourself while helping others, Charity Miles is the app for you!

13. Healthywage

HealthyWage works like StepBet – it lets you earn by betting on your weight loss journey. Unlike gambling, luck isn't necessary. All responsibility falls on you.

You'll be happy to know that, on average, 80 percent of participants reach the end and earn over $1200! If you're wondering how they make money, there is a premise behind HealthyWage. The app generates revenue from corporate sponsors, government subsidies, and lost bets.

It's easy to start. Sign up and use the HealthyWage calculator to check how much money you can win based on your set time frame and weight loss goal. You can participate in up to 10 challenges at a time.

Also, you must put at least 10 percent of your body weight as a goal. You can bet between $5-$995 within 6-18 months. Verify your weight at a local gym and upload a video to the app at the beginning and end of the weight loss bet. Beat your goal and receive payment.

14. Doordash

Rounding out this list is DoorDash. This service gives you a second job that pays you and keeps you active throughout your work. Work in an office during the day, and become a boss for yourself in the evening. As a Dasher, you will make money delivering food within your city.

The orders are pre-paid, meaning you'll pick them up and deliver them to hungry customers. DoorDash currently serves 300+ cities, so there's a chance it operates in yours.

To qualify, you need to

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • have a valid driver's license,
  • social security number,
  • and own a bike or car.
  • You also need to consent to a background check.

DoorDash lets you pick your working hours. No good movies to catch this weekend? Too expensive to go out to dinner? Work full-time on your weekend to make even more money.

Withdraw your earnings weekly via PayPal or whenever you want via the DailyPay function in the app. Daily payments, however, attract a small fee.

15. Field Agent

Field Agent is an awesome way to make money on the side. If you’ve got a smartphone and some spare time, put them to meaningful use. For instance, share your opinion about products and services by completing surveys. Take vivid photos of retail displays and operations for businesses to utilize. Or try out both new and classic products like a virtual guinea pig!

With each task offering between $3-12 in compensation, even small gigs can add up quickly–plus, payments are sent through direct deposit, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a check in the mail.

Ways To Maximize Your Walking Rewards

Apps that pay you money to walk keep increasing by the day, but that's a good thing if you ask me. Sign up for multiple apps, including cashback apps, to earn even more money. You have an added advantage if you're a health buff living in a city where walking is a popular mode of transportation.

PRO TIP: Watch your phone's battery if you choose to install multiple apps. Most fitness apps use GPS and background data, which can take a toll on your battery. I did notice a drop in my battery life when I installed some of the apps mentioned above.

The apps listed above won't make you rich any time soon, but they will give you a fun way to earn a few dollars. If you have no problem selling your data to earn app rewards, there's no reason to miss out on earning money. Pick the most convenient option/s for you, install it, and keep walking.

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Final Thoughts on How To Get Paid To Walk

Tracking your activity and seeing your progress will encourage you to become healthier. If your New Year's resolutions are getting more exercise and making more money, these apps will help you achieve both goals simultaneously.

Have you tried any of the above apps that pay you to walk? What was your experience? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.