Get Paid to Walk Using Easy and Legit Money Making Apps

Wondering how you get paid to walk
You think I am kidding and making fun of you
Well, this is not a joke, I found that
There are so many mobile apps to download
Where you will get paid to walk

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

get paid to walk


This is one of the top name in the get paid to walk apps
Sweatcoin pays you with a currency called Sweatcoin

Anytime you walk or run outside Sweatcoin app will track your steps
You earn 1 Sweatcoin (SWC) for every 1,000 steps you take
Consider taking 5% commission so you earn 0.95 SWC

Does Sweatcoin actually pay you?

Sweatcoin does not actually pay you by giving you money
Instead they give you credit in SWC to spend against offers or products in their marketplace

Get paid to walk using Sweatcoin
get paid to walk - Sweatcoin dashboard
Sweatcoin spending

Does Sweatcoin have a limit?

Your daily maximum for the free plan called Mover is 5 SWC
You can upgrade your plan to Shaker for 4.75 SWC per month or
Quaker for 20 SWC per month or Breaker for 30 SWC per month

How does Sweatcoin make money?

Sweatcoin as a free app needs a revenue system to stay in business
Sweatcoin company managed to raise $5.7 million

This money came as a seed round led by Goodwater Capital
With participation from Greylock Partners, Rubylight, Seedcamp, and SmartHub

Keep in mind that so many companies want to put their offers in the spend area
If they list a TV there, all members will see it in their feed
It is a very effective form of advertising

You can download Sweatcoin for iPhone and Android

How to transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal?

You cannot transfer at all times your Sweatcoin accumulated points to PayPal

What I mean is, only when you join a marathon which is a long term task, it can take you more than a year, once you win the marathon offer then you will be able to cash your accumulated Sweatcoins to Paypal

But if you manage to combine inviting your friends and family to join Sweatcoin you will get 5 Sweatcoins for each member

Give it a try and walk the 20K outdoor steps and now as of updating this question Sweatcoin counts indoor steps too

Again keep in mind that you can have 2 or more people use the same Sweatcoin account on different smart phones and work toward one goal the 20K steps

Can you transfer Sweatcoin money to your bank?

Only you can transfer to your PayPal account but once you transfer to PayPal, you can transfer from your PayPal to your bank account

How to be an influencer on Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin encourages you to invite more people like your friends and family

They give you an influencer title once you succeed to invite 30 or more to install Sweatcoin into their smart phones

After inviting 30 people, you can earn $100 for every 145 people who join

Sweatcoin made it very easy to invite someone to join and download, all you have to do is click on the lower right profile icon and then click on top right Sweatcoin icon then you will be able to copy under number 3 to friends and family and even any one on your contact list as shown below

How to Invite friends and family on Sweatcoin


No signup required
It is based on joining a competition
StepBet is not a scam
They pay you if you meet the specified goals
It can act as a motivation for some people

StepBet is customized to work with Fitbit as shown below
They introduced recently the membership system
You pay 49.99 yearly to be able to join up to 3 competitions all at the same time
This means your steps or activities count for the 3 competitions
Helping you to earn more easy money

get paid to walk - stepbet integrations
stepbet dashboard

For any competition you have to pay the bet
Which is around $40
If you changed your mind
You can request a full refund in the first week only

It is clear that StepBet one of the app that pays you to walk
You make money based on the bets placed
It can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time

get paid to walk by joining stepbet membership
get paid to walk with stepbet competitions

You can download StepBet for iPhone and Android


Registration is super easy
It integrates with Health access on iPhone
Unfortunately it is not available for Android
This is highly lucrative get paid to walk app
Competition is fierce but worth it if you win

fitpotato weekly prize - get paid to walk
fitpotato reach your goals
fitpotato walk and run
fitpotato healthier heart
fitpotato choose mode
fitpotato choose activity

fitPotato reminds me with StepBet
If you decide to join a competition
You have to pay $5
I believe it is a very reasonable amount

fitpotato session per week
fitpotato rules
fitpotato try risk free
get paid to walk 7 days competition

You can download fitPotato for iPhone


Paidtogo is a real get paid to walk app
They pay you through your PayPal account
It acts as a real motivator
Because you get paid to walk based on
How many points you collect per month

paidtogo start up
paidtogo sign up
get paid to walk from paidtogo dashboard

Everyone wins here based on your ranking position with other competitors
For example if you reached the 71st position in points
You earn $1, this is the minimum amount
First position is for $25
Payments are made 60 days after end of the month

The app incentives you to upgrade to Pro
Pro is $12.99 monthly or $78.99 yearly saving 50% off
Pro lets you earn double the free account up to 60 points per day
With Pro you can track your steps automatically
While free account you have to start the app and click Start Activity button

How do Paidtogo distribute payments?

50% of revenue from membership and ads are paid out monthly to users.
2/3 of funds go to the Pro pool
While 1/3 goes to the free pool

80% of funds go to users based on their ranking
20% goes to random users monthly
Pro users get larger random prizes.

paidtogo upgrade pro
Making more money by upgrading
get paid to walk under paidtogo membership
Saving 50% if paid annually

You can download Paidtogo for iPhone and Android


Ufity collects points and then you redeem them
Many of its reviews complain that
You cannot use your points towards PayPal or gift cards
It can act as a motivator
If you find something you want to redeem your points for

I would say this can be another app to keep running
Where you can collect points with another money app like StepBet or fitPotato

You can download Ufity for iPhone (currently not working) and Android


higi is available in US and Canada only
Part of the registration process for US residents only
Like signing in using mobile
They accept US mobile numbers only
I had to ignore it as it doesn’t accept Canadian phone numbers

You connect higi to a tracking device like Fitbit
It communicates with your higi app on your smartphone

higi get paid to walk integrations
higi homepage
higi stations map

The app lists all higi stations near you
When you visit any higi station
You will earn points called Watts (bold it)
For tracking your health status like blood pressure
Then you can redeem your points on for health and wellness brands

If you join higi challenge
You get encouragement from higi peers
You participate in challenges to win prizes

How does higi make money?

The company makes money by advertising on their kiosks
It is now the largest collector of blood pressure data
It has an excellent potential for extra money

You can download higi for iPhone and Android

Million Steps

Million steps is similar to Ufity
Where you collect points and redeem them
You have a maximum of 10,000 steps to collect

get paid to walk with million steps dashboard
million steps daily offers

Many of the reviews claim that 10,000 is easy to make
This app allow only to redeem your steps when you reach 1,000,000
This means if you are doing the 10,000 daily
You need 100 days to complete the million steps

It integrates with Health access on iPhone
Unfortunately it is not available for Android

million steps health integrations
million steps profile

Once you reach your goal
You will get a checkout form
You will only get paid using Amazon gift cards
Unfortunately I tried to find
How much is the value of the gift card
But I was able to figure out that it is $10
Based on the screenshot below

You can download Million Steps for iPhone

Lympo Squat

Lympo Squat is a fitness app that measures if you have completed a squat
It uses your smartphone camera to detect that
You earn LYM tokens
You can collect 3 LYM for every 15 squats

What is interesting in the LYM tokens
It is a cryptocurrency operating under Ethereum
While it started before the cryptocurrency system
It used to connect people with best local personal trainers

How much you're getting paid to walk using Lympo squat?

Well, you don’t get paid to walk as you will not earn significant money
Use it just for fun and for your fitness
If you complete 15 squats you earn 3 LYM
Each LYM is worth $0.0078
You have to earn 1000 LYM to be to withdraw them
This is equivalent to $7.78

lympo squat introduction
get paid to walk using lympo squat
lympo squat kat here to help you

Keep in mind that the app has a demo person called Kat
She shows you how to do the perfect squat
After completing 15 squats
Kat has to take a break about 10 minutes
Before you do another set of 15 squats

You can download Lympo Squat for iPhone and Android

Charity Miles

Charity miles app to walk, run and bike for a good cause
You are donating your money to a charity of your choice

charity miles startup
get paid to walk with charity miles

When you run Charity miles
You go through the sign up process
Then select a charity to donate your earnings
You have to integrate the app with device tracker

get paid to walk with list of charities under charity miles app
charity miles app charity confirmation

You can download Charoty Miles for iPhone and Android

Can you make real money from get paid to walk apps?

Short answer is yes for apps that accepts competitions
If you are a serious walker or runner
You have a high chance of winning these competitions

A lot of competitors they pay like $5
They don't take it seriously
This gives you advantage over them

How to benefit the most from get paid to walk apps?

If you are planning to use get paid to walk apps
Then I recommend to download multiple apps together
Why? because all apps will track your progress
You walk once and get rewarded by many apps

The disadvantage of downloading multiple apps
You will notice right away that
Your smartphone battery drains immediately

These apps are running in the background
You have to something like Power Bank
You have to carry it in your pocket
Just in case you need to charge your smartphone immediately

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