26 Smart Ways Getting Paid To Do Nothing – Don’t Wait Start Now

Do you like getting paid to do nothing?

Who doesn't, especially if you don't put literally any effort

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The idea of making money while you sleep has been a dream in the 20th century

Especially after the emerge of the internet and the birth of so many opportunities that can be done completely online

getting paid to do nothing

In today's post, I am going to list all the things that make you get paid to do nothing

Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?

Yes but not real full time job at least when you start it

You got to keep your current job and carry on doing these tasks

How knows perhaps later on you can manage to have it as full time

Remember there are jobs that look to others as simple and doing nothing thing

While in fact there are lot of efforts and countless of hours you have to add into this business

A pure example is blogging as you spent the first one or two years really putting so much effort – later on you can leverage other people efforts but not when you start

Get paid sleeping and testing beds

Imagine you go sleep and make money

Who would hate to do that

Yes that's true

There is a company called Wakefit

It announced a job offer paying $1,400 to sleep 8 to 9 hours at night for 100 nights

getting paid to sleep

Successful candidate should demonstrate the ability to sleep within 10 to 20 minutes

Wakefit will provide the selected candidate with its own mattress and a fitness tracker

You have to wear them during the sleep time

Get paid by standing in queue

In this job all you have to do is to stand in line for someone to cover them while waiting for tickets, restaurants, special events and many more

Actually it is a new idea especially if you don't want to do it for yourself

I remember in big events I always drop my wife beside the line so she can save us time till I park and join here

It would be better if you can find someone an angel who informs you when it is almost ready for your turn in queue

That's why I found an app called LineAngel (recently not working)

It pays you for this purpose with expected pay of $18 per hour

getting paid to stand in queue

Another app called InLine4You

There is TaskRabbit, I told you about it earlier

It is a kind of generic for many tasks, one of them is the stand in line task

Get paid to download apps

Yes there are tons of app that pay you to download apps and try them

I will list the well known – at least what I heard about

Swagbucks is a complete reward and locality program, one of the tasks there is to download apps

Grab Points, and AppRedeem available in Android only

AppKarma, FeaturePoints and Irazoo available in Android and IOS

Get paid selling your plasma

There is a new scientific research where you make money to donate your plasma

The expected pay is between $20 to $50

Where you will donate your blood and a machine is going to separate the plasma

Because researchers cannot do plasma donation online you have to search for “get paid for donating plasma near me” and look for places in your area

Get paid tasting food

Do you know if you work as a food taster you can make an average pay between $30,000 and $60,000 per year

Also you can work as a mystery shopper where you go and eat at a restaurant as a regular customer and report your feedback

getting paid to taste food

Some companies require you to eat while on camera to record how you react to their food

There is also a way of working just to eat food as a food critic

Get paid selling your poop

Similar to plasma, you can make money by selling your poop

I know what you would think

What researchers and clinics are going to use my poop for?

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) is a new medical treatment

Where it is involving transferring your stool to another patient's gut

This helps to treat some microbiome related conditions

Get Paid by listening to music

Do you love listening to music?

What about giving your opinion about new bands or songs and you will make money to listen to their music

make money by listening to music
26 Smart Ways Getting Paid To Do Nothing - Don't Wait Start Now 9

If you like the idea you can sign up to the following sites to explore

Slice the Pie
Playlist Push

Get paid for home sitting

When I read about how you can make money by sitting at home

I thought what is this ridiculous idea, you want me to stay in lockdown

No, this is not what it means, there are burglars looking for empty houses

But if someone is staying there like temporarily living till owners come back

You take care of the house and watch for anything that can happen while owners are away

You can sign up for TrustedHouseSitters

Where you make money to stay with the pet

Get paid by being a friend

Although it is kind of immoral to pretend to be a friend with someone

But at the end, this is taking place with the complete knowledge of the person looking to make friends

I wrote a complete post about getting paid to be an online friend

get paid to be an online friend

Actually some people are really desperate to have someone to listen to them and walk with them

Go there and find the list of sites accepting sign ups

Make money collecting cashback

This is literally getting paid to do nothing

While doing your day to day shopping

These websites below will reward you with cashback for all your purchases you make online

Rakuten with its new name, before the old name was called ebates
MyPoints get $10 Amazon or Visa gift card just by signing up and spending $20 in any store online
Mr Rebates

Get Paid by babysitting

If you love kids, you can make money for babysitting

The good thing about this job is you can do it with 2,3 or 5 kids at same time

You stay at home and parents drop the kids at your location

If you like this job, you can sign up to Care.com

Get paid to walk

I know what you would think

Walking is an effort so you are not getting paid to do nothing

But if you are already walking as a daily routine

You can download some apps to pay you for walking

Sweatcoin available on iPhone and Android

StepBet available on iPhone and Android

FitPotato, Paidtogo, Ufity, Higi

Get paid by walking dogs

Similar to babysitting, if you are already walking your dogs

Why don't you make money for walking dogs for others

You can use Rover, fetchpetcare and petsitters.org

Get paid reading books

If reading books is really a passion you have

This job can be really one of the best getting paid to do nothing

You can join the following sites and make money to read their suggested books

Kirkus Media
Reedsy Discovery
Book Browse
Online Book Club pays between $5 and $60
U.S. Review of Books
Women’s Review of Books pays $100 per review
New Pages
Publishers Weekly
Tyndale Blog Network
Booklist Publications pays $12.50 to $15 per review
Instaread pays $100 per summary
Writerful Books pays between $10 and $50

Get paid taking surveys between $100-$150

You are actually helping a researcher

So these are not regular survey sites

User Interviews
FieldWork – US only
FocusGroup – US only

20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

These are not a real get paid for nothing

But your contribution is from the comfort of your home and very rewarding

Get paid as mystery shopper

Do you want to act as a mystery shopper, it is very similar to acting as a spy

You are a spy acting to help specific companies to collect feedback about their products and services

One day they may ask you to visit newly opened restaurants and order food there

Later you have to provide a long feedback about the lineup and the quality of food

Do you like this job? if so and you want to be a mystery shopper then sign up to Marketforce.com and Secretshopper.com

Make money selling pictures of yourself

This is a long game of taking pictures of yourself and uploading them to many sites like stock photo sites and mobile apps

You will make money but you have to be patient and build your social media profiles especially instagram

selling photos of yourself
Portrait of a beautiful young woman selfie in the park with a smartphone doing v sign

I have a detailed post about this making money taking photos of yourself business and where to find suitable sites to promote your pictures

Make money by renting your car

Sometimes you have your car for a long period sitting in your garage

Also you can go for 2-3 weeks vacation where you leave your car at home

But by using Turo you can rent your car while you are away

You can check Getaround and TravelCar too

Make money by renting your RV

Similar to renting your car, if you own RV luckily you have a gold mine

I remember I arranged for a trip using an RV for 4 hours drive up north in Ontario

You rent any RV for around $150 per day

Sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy to list your RV

Make money renting your extra room or basement

If you have a room and you are willing to rent it

Or if you don't use your basement then you can rent it on AirBnb

Make money renting your extra space for storage

What if you don't want someone to share your home but you are OK if you rent your extra storage let's say a wide area in your garage or anywhere in your home

There are lot of people who are looking for extra space to store luggage and sealed boxes

Remember you won't see any customer, you just take their stuff and stock it there

If you are OK with renting your extra storage then sign up into Neighbor.com

Make money by lending money

If you have extra money and you don't know how to invest them

Fortunately there is a solution for that by using lending club

It is a peer to peer lending with excellent return rate better than bank interest

Get paid to play video games

I am not into video games but my friends love playing games

Anyway those who really play video games, good news you can make money out of it

The following sites below pay you to play games

WorldWinner from GSN
Second Life
Paid Game Player
PCH Games

make money to play video games

While these sites pay your for testing video games

Rockstar Games
Beta Testing
Blizzard Entertainment

Make money by watching ads and videos online

Another way to make money by just watching ads

Most of these ads are easy to sign and nothing to buy right now

They just want to collect users to build their customers base

Does this interest you? if so, you can sign up to the following sites below

Daily Rewards
Inbox Dollars
Ipsos I-Say

Get paid to unlock your phone

Unlocking your phone is something you do it many times per day

Right now you can make money by unlocking your phone

You can use the apps below for unlocking your phone and make quick cash

Perk Screen

Make money by sharing your internet connection

Actually it took me some time to understand this type of making money

You make money passively by sharing your device network connection

All you have to do is download these apps below on your phone

Then the installed app starts sharing your unused data with its network

Another way of paying you when the installed app connect you to a content delivery servers where the app uses your device to share bandwidth intensive content such as images, videos, audio, streaming, heavy websites, IPTV, VOD, social media, or VoIP services

Forget about the complications and the devil is in the details

You can sign up using the following apps below


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