23 Signs Your Home Could Be Haunted

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According to some paranormal researchers, there are well over 1,000 haunted places in the United States. If you’re suspicious that your home is haunted by something supernatural, you may not be going insane. Here are 23 signs that ghosts or other supernatural entities may be occupying your home.

1. You Hear Odd Sounds

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Many people who have lived in haunted houses report hearing unusual and foreign sounds, such as wailing, creaking, or bellowing. These sounds do not sound human or natural in any way, and many swear the creaking is not coming from the home’s foundation or structure.

2. Pets Behave Strangely

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If your cat, dog, or other pet has been behaving weirdly, you may have a ghost on your hand. Cats and dogs often pick up on hauntings before humans ever do, so while they may appear to be barking at empty spaces in your home or screeching away at seemingly nothing, they may be trying to ward off something sinister.

3. Things Disappear or Move Around

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Objects can appear in weird places, but items can also disappear completely. If you knew you had a bottle of wine in the kitchen or a favorite pair of shoes by the door, but when you go to get them, they’re MIA, it could be a ghost. This might be one of the most annoying signs you’re being haunted.

4. The Home Is Inexplicably Cold

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Haunted houses often have odd temperature changes, so the whole house may become chilly despite the weather outside being warmer. Certain areas of the home may also be colder than others, creating what paranormal researchers call “cold spots.” If you have cold spots in your home, you may need to call a medium or team of ghost hunters.

5. Lights Turn On and Off

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This is a trope in many horror movies, but it’s also a decent indication your home may be haunted. If the lights turn on and off or flicker inexplicably, there may be a ghost taunting you or drawing on the energy flowing to each bulb to try and communicate. Before assuming it's a paranormal presence, though, swap out the bulbs to make sure they're simply not going dead.

6. Your House Is Very Old

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This one might seem overly simple, but if your house is very old, it’s more likely to be haunted. A haunting can tend to be the collective experiences of a property, especially if there was ever a jarring or sudden tragic event. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a ghost and know your house is over 100 years old, you’re not crazy to suspect the paranormal.

7. You Live in a Historically Haunted Town or City

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Supposedly, Salem, New Orleans, Gettysburg, and Savannah are among the most haunted places in the US. Unfortunately, if you live in one of these locations and are experiencing other clues mentioned on this list, you may be living in one of the many haunted houses in the region. That said, with such a rich history, you may want to reach out and learn a thing or two about the past. 

8. There Are Strange Shadows

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If you notice spooky shadows around your house that movie and seemingly disappear when you try to examine them, it could be a ghost messing with your head. Sometimes, ghostly apparitions can cast shadows, even though you can’t see their complete form.

9. You Smell Weird Odors

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Ghosts and other paranormal entities often bring strange supernatural or “phantom smells” with them. If you notice sudden and pungent scents in your home, they could signal the presence of an apparition. Scents that remind you of sulfur, rotting flesh, and medical offices are commonly attributed to evil entities, though that's a hotly debated topic.

10. There Are Lots of Flies or Other Bugs

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Unfortunately, a pesky hoard of fruit flies or an ant infestation is just sometimes a fact of life. However, if you cannot locate the source and nothing you do to get rid of them works, it could be a symptom of haunting. They’ll likely congregate in unusual places, not in the bathroom or kitchen. If you've ever seen The Amityville Horror, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

11. You Hear Whispers

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This is one of the freakiest signs that you’re experiencing a haunting. If you hear people whispering in the home when you’re alone or hear hushed voices in the middle of the night, it may be active ghosts. It could also be carbon monoxide poisoning, so check your CO2 monitors.

12. Someone Died in the House

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Even if you haven’t experienced anything creepy, your house may be haunted if someone died in it. The best way for a home to become infested by the paranormal is for someone to pass away, and if they were murdered, it’s even more likely as they meander the land of the living in search of closure.

13. Scratches and Substances Appear

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Ghosts can transcend the physical world but leave physical evidence behind if they’re very powerful. Sticky substances, strange goo, unexplained scratches, and other things could mean a ghost roaming around your house. 

14. You’ve Used a Ouija Board Before

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If you’ve ever played with an Ouija Board in your house, it’s possible you invited spirits and other entities into your space. These boards may seem silly, but many believe they can open up a line to another world and allow entities to move to our dimension. Remember to always say “Goodbye” to close the interdimensional door that you open.

15. You Hear Unexplained Footsteps

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Footsteps may be one of the scariest of all the strange sounds you may hear. If you hear footsteps in your house when no one else is home, you may not be as alone as you think. The footsteps could be on a different floor, in a separate room, or even behind you!

16. You and Others Sense a Peculiar Presence

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This is another one that may sound too simple, but you should always trust your gut and follow your intuition. If you or other people in your home feel like they’re being watched or sense an ominous presence, you might be dealing with a ghost or other paranormal entity.

17. The House Makes You Feel Uneasy

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As mentioned, trust your gut. Even if you don’t think you’re being watched or feel something ominous, the house may give you a queasy feeling or cause you unexplained and immense anxiety. When you walk in, some homes immediately have terrible vibes, which could mean they’re haunted. 

18. Electrical Devices Glitch Frequently

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Lights aren’t the only devices that can go haywire when paranormal friends are around. Your TV, phone, microwave, toaster oven, fridge, record player, and any other electrical device may act strangely if your home is haunted. For example, your TV may change channel suddenly when no one is touching the remote or your smartphone battery may die inexplicably.

19. You Experience Strange and Scary Dreams

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For most hauntings, the most vital clues are experienced at night. If you recently moved into a new home and start suddenly having horrific nightmares, it could be paranormal entities affecting you. It’s especially telling if all the dreams take place in the home.

20. Angel Numbers Appear Everywhere

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Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers, such as 333, 666, or 1111. If you see these numbers often in the home in question, there is likely no reason to be alarmed. Angel numbers can offer protection, love, and success, so any spirits haunting your home indicate they’re friendly and harmless.

21. The Plumbing Misbehaves Often

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Like electrical devices, plumbing systems can misbehave often in haunted locations. If the toilet constantly breaks, the faucets don’t work, or the shower is constantly freezing or scalding, it could be a ghost causing these issues.

22. You Wake Up During the Witching Hour

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The witching hour, also known as the devil’s hour, is commonly believed to fall around midnight or 3 a.m., with the most potent window being between 3 a.m. and 3:15 a.m. During this period, the powers of magic are more heightened, so spirits may be more active. If you consistently wake up during the witching hour, it could be because of the paranormal elements in your home.

23. You’ve Seen Ghosts or Apparitions

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One of the most obvious clues that your house is haunted is if you see ghosts or other entities! Remember, they will rarely appear directly in front of people, but you may catch glimpses of them in your peripherals, in mirrors, or other reflective objects.

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