This Year’s Best Gifts for 12-Year-Olds

You'll find the perfect gifts for 12-year-olds on this list! This helpful guide gives ideas for every type of tween or teen, whether they're into tie-dye or the latest trends.

The average American spends between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars per year on gifts, but don’t worry we have some ideas that won’t break the bank. From personalized gifts and innovative tech to more traditional options like video games, we hope you can cross some names off your shopping list with these fun must-haves!

gifts for 12 year olds is white and green gaming headset

1. Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Ready for deep immersion? The Turtle Beach Recon 70 White Headset lets you hear sounds from every corner of the map, so it doesn't matter if someone's shooting from the stairs or behind a wall-you'll know.

Plus, the headset is compatible with all consoles and has adjustable volume control, so you can make sure that teammates on your own team won't be yelling over each other during a heated firefight. This is probably the best tech gift for 12-year-old boy or girl.

tie dye kit with multiple colors

2. Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party

The Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party Kit is a creative process in which fabric is dipped into dye, and the color becomes fixed by oxidation. The process can produce stunning results using 100% natural fiber fabrics like cotton, rayon or wool for best results.

Simple to set up with step-by-step instructions and 18 high-quality pre-filled bottles, you'll have everything necessary to create 36 projects from one kit! What better way to put a happy face on a 12-year-old.

black tiles to locate items

3. Bluetooth Trackers & Item Locators

We've all been in that situation, running around trying to find our keys or cell phone. Well, the Tile Pro Essential is a Bluetooth tracker and locator for them all. Your tween can keep track of all their essentials with just one click on the app — they'll never leave an item behind again!

pink portable round speaker is one of the best gifts

4. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Sound

The future is here with A2 LENRUE’s portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. With up to 18 hours of battery life, you can take your music anywhere!

Soaring highs and deep lows fill every square inch of the surrounding space for a far-reaching sound experience through these powerful devices. Whatever genre or mood that you want, this sleek little box will deliver! The rose gold color is perfect for 12-year-old girls.

play with this blue and yellow nintendo joy con set

5. Nintendo Joy-Con

The Switch Joy-Con Fortnite Bundle is the perfect bundle for everything there is to love about Fortnite–from collecting loot, building and battling–and now you can do it anywhere with a friend with this exclusive Switch bundle that includes two Joy-Cons and an in-game Pack.

The perfect gift for a 12-year-old who loves playing multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

monkey on a gift card

6. Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Buy one of the best gifts for 12-year-olds just by clicking. There's always something new to experience in the eShop, so let them keep playing with this handy eShop Gift Card. They'll love this fun gift for years to come!

white virtual reality headset

7. Virtual Reality Headset

The Meta Quest 2 is the newest all-in-one VR headset that’s effortless with setup. Brilliant immersive content can be shared without downloading apps or waiting for hours just to get started. Your tween will have hours of fun with this gift.

best gifts for 12 old is black gaming keyboard with mouse

8. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Redragon S101 gaming keyboard and mouse combo is the ultimate weapon for crushing your opponents. It features 7 different RGB Lighting modes & effects, 4 backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed.

The keycaps offering clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming, allowing you to play with a truly stealthy competitive edge.

echo smart toys for a tween child

9. Echo with Premium Sound and Alexa

This is at the top of my list of fun gifts for 12-year-olds. Meet your new favorite sound system. It has voice control for your music, streaming capability, and surprisingly good sound quality.

But it wasn't just designed to be like any other speaker – it's also compatible with Alexa. Just tell her what you want to hear or do, and she'll take care of the rest – all without even lifting a finger. Kids of all ages will love this addition to their nightstands.

acrylic paint with brushes

10. Acrylic Paint Set

This impressive collection of acrylic paint sets includes everything you need to create your masterpieces–dozen more colors than the average palette, a dozen brushes in two sizes and styles for all your painting needs, and an included sponge that is perfect when you're at a loss on how to paint. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this affordable gift.

yellow and blue fashion sling rope bag

11. Cotton Rope Bag

Get your 12-year-old in style with this fantastic new KAVU Original Rope Bag Crossbody Sling! Finished with durable cotton rope, it's cute, light, and stylish.

The main compartments have handy pockets for holding a phone or emergency snack – two sides are perfect for carting around books or binders. Effortlessly versatile and oh so modern, this sling is just what your kids need to organize their days!

gifts for 12 year old is game with large wooden dice

12. Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set

Roll the dice and get your game on with one of the best gifts for 12-year-olds! A random number generator for days of fun at a mom-approved price.

This large playing set features an oversized die with engraved numbers to permanently scorch in game-time action, numbers that will never rub off so these can be passed down from generation to generation.

rose gold phone holder

13. Cell Phone Holder

Honsky's Aluminum Stand is one of our favorite hands-free gifts for 12-year-olds. Perfect for videos, pictures, and reading content. You can also surf the net with ease.

The cell phone holder has a built-in aluminum clamp that securely attaches any phone or tablet onto virtually any desktop so you can browse on your terms, without having to put the device down all the time.

STEAM crystal science kit

14. Steam Science Kit

Now kids can take part in the fun of science with this Crystal Growing Science Kit. Explore STEM and steam concepts with a DIY stunning crystal collection kit. Grow more than 10 vibrant crystals in assorted colors and textures including a glow-in-the-dark crystal and 2 crystal geodes.

Recommended for age 10 years and up. Includes detailed instructions for creating your own unique display piece to show off to friends! This is one of my favorite gift ideas for 12-year-old girls and boys.

pink Canon portable printer

15. Photo Printer 

The SELPHY Square QX10 compact photo printer has all your 12-year-old needs to get their creativity flowing, anywhere.

Turn photos into vibrant 2.7” x 2.7” prints with adhesive backing for your next craft project, add fun templates, filters, and stickers to glam them up with the free Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app! It's not just a cool way to create fun with friends; it can also be used as an unforgettable birthday gift for any member of the family.

orange shocktato party game for kids

16. Party Games

Catch the action with what's sure to be your new favorite games. The Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game is a hilarious family game that will have everyone at the party in stitches.

Prepare for some truly epic dance moves and hysterical comedy among friends as you run around, trying to avoid getting shocked before you pass it on. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with this perfect gift for a 12-year-old.

throw throw burrito card game for kids

17. Card Game

This is one of the best gifts I've seen to keep your 12-year-old active. Collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing inflated airborne burritos. Once the kids are done with the game, they can enjoy a delicious bowl of chiles con queso!

black wireless speaker

18. Waterproof Sound Box

DOSS SoundBox is the first of its kind in wireless Bluetooth speakers. It's waterproof, so you can enjoy music anywhere whether it's chillin' with friends or an outdoor event! Connecting is seamless through a touch-based control panel giving you command of every feature with just one tap.

game for kids and adults

19. Game For Family Night

Beat That! is the bonkers battle of wacky challenges that will have everyone hooked. With a variety of tricky and outrageous challenges to test your skills, this board game for kids age 9 and up, will keep you on your toes.

sketch pad kit with pencils

20. Drawing Set

Has your 12 year old always wanted to be an artist? Now they can with the Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Set. Your tweens will never have to worry about not having what they need when it comes time for inspiration because everything is in this drawing set!

Sketching, graphite and charcoal pencils, a sketch pad, kneaded erasers, and more make up this kit. Never let your child run out of supplies or material again–get back to creating art with the Norberg & Duus XL Drawing Kit!

ring toss game with case

21. Ring Toss Game

Throw, catch, slide, stack, flip, or ring! This is the game that can be used at any time and any place where you just want to have “fun”. Pair it with friends for a hilarious night indoors and make some memories while playing. Or just bring together the family in the yard; this game truly meets every need.

pink cat ears gaming headset

22. Kitty Headset

12-year-old girls will love the Kitty RGB USB Headset with its industry-leading audio realism and accurate spatial audio. It retains your sense of space in the game, so your tween can react to enemies approaching from behind or hear if they're sneaking up below.

metallic xbox controller

23. Controller for Xbox

The Dual rumble motors in the new PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S lets your tweens experience a whole new level of vibration feedback. With intense detail that mimics real-world physical reaction to on-screen action, feel the weight of every object as it crashes down.

switch game

24. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition is the perfect gift for any Animal Crossing fan! Along with your console, you'll get two Joy-cons which offer wrist straps and other color options. From now on, you can take your favorite games anywhere!

guardians of the galaxy vinyl for young and old

25. Soundtrack

This very special, limited edition 2-disc GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY collector's set includes AWESOME MIX VOL. 1! This exclusive release is perfect for the Marvel movie fan in your life, no matter whether they're nine or ninety-nine.

yellow fortnite nerf blaster for 12 year old boys

26. Fortnite Elite Dart Blaster

The Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster – Motorized Toy Blaster, brings the action of the popular video game to life! Kids can create and recreate their favorite gameplay moments from Fortnite Battle Royale with this motorized toy blaster that features an ammo capacity for up to ten darts. The 12-year-olds on your list will get hours of play with this cool gift.

Just Dance tween video game

27. Just Dance 2022

Your tween will be the star of the show with Just Dance 2022– Nintendo Switch Standard Edition! Create customized playlists with cool songs and add music to match any mood, day, or party.

pink color changing led lights for 12 year old girls

28. LED Lights

Nothing lights up a 12-year-olds life quite like Govee LED Lights! With 20 colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect mood-setting light for any room. Plus, manage them all with easy remote control. Perfect for decorating year-round – always invest in this lighting to keep the darkness at bay!

kit with pokemon cards is the perfect gift

29. Pokemon Special Pin Collection

A thrill for any Pokémon fan, this exclusive TCG: Champion’s Path collection is out of this world! With so many pieces in the set, like Machamp and Gengar or Coalossal and Lapras, your kids can have hours of fun playing their way through a vast array of cards!

pink lounger sofa gift ideas

30. Inflatable Lounger

The kids can take a rest with the Wekapo inflatable lounger air sofa hammock. Constructed with high quality, durable and anti-burst material. Great for backyards, lakeside, beach, traveling, camping, and picnics.

best gifts for 12 year olds is colorful remote control marquee letter

31. LED Marquee Letter 

The Pooqla Colorful LED Marquee Letter Lights with Remote is the perfect decoration. They can turn any room into a festive space and are versatile enough to stand on their own or be used as an accent light.

cute rainbow colored croc shoes

32. Crocs Unisex Clog

The bright colors and tie-dye pattern make these Crocs the perfect shoes for anyone looking to add a splash of personality to their outfit.

Robotix STEM gift for tweens

33. Robotics Stem Toy

The Table Top Robot is here to help you bring STEM education home. Our rigid triangle layer framework is a snap to assemble, and kids can easily construct their very own working robot toy.

happy teen gift card can be used at fun places

34. Happy Teen Gift Card

Clear out some room in your wallet and make a teen's day; give them this card to go shopping for clothes, accessories, electronics, or whatever else their little heart desires.

Shape shifting toys for tweens

35. Shape Shifting Box

This unique puzzle is unlike any other on the market, featuring 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 unique, artistic patterns of vibrant, mesmerizing artwork, for an ever-changing array of beauty. These fidget magnet cubes make great sensory stimulation puzzle gifts and STEAM & STEM toy gifts for all ages.

printing pen toys

36. Professional Printing 3D Pen

This pen features an adjustable feed, so you can regulate speed and flow for optimal control. Plus, the kit includes 3 colors of ABS plastic filament, an A/C adapter, and a slim, ergonomic touch pen.

Choosing Gifts for Teens

No matter what the occasion, you're probably looking for a gift to give the teen in your life. You want them to be happy with their present!

There's no better way than shopping our Gift Guides – we make sure every single one of our gifts is something someone would actually enjoy. We've created two special guides exclusively for teens: Girls 12 years old and up & Boys 14 years old and up, so you can find exactly what every teen on your list wants this year.