Am I Wrong for Yelling at My Girlfriend To Stop Eating Everything?

Food is always one of those things we don't need to fight about. But what happens when money is tight, and one partner cannot stop eating? Recently on an internet platform, a man, let's call him Jack, was in this situation. His 26-year-old girlfriend got laid off six months ago, so he has to cover all the bills. He pays for rent, groceries, utilities, and everything else apart from gas money and car payment.

But Here's The Problem

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His only problem is that his girlfriend keeps eating all his food. Money allocated to food always runs out before the next paycheck comes in. She eats anything she wants and only spares crackers or lettuce for Jack. He's tried labeling stuff he wants to eat, but this doesn't stop her. Jack has to skip meals three days before his next paycheck as all the cupboards are empty.

How Things Got Out of Hand

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Jack returned from work the other day with two Subway sandwiches, one for each. He ate half of his and stored the remainder in the fridge. Jack told her he'd have it for dinner, but she ate it before he got off work.

He bought a box of four full-sized cupcakes for his sister's birthday and some pomegranate juice that she loves. The juice is a little expensive, so it's a once-in-a-while treat. He put the stuff in the fridge and asked her not to touch it. However, this did not stop her; she ate everything apart from one cupcake.

The Fight

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Jack lost it and screamed at her to stop eating everything. She shuts him down whenever they try conversing about her overeating in a calm environment. Her excuse is  unemployment stress.

He told her it was disgusting that she ate all the food he left at home. She started weeping and claimed Jack was fat shaming her. Here's what contributors had to say about the situation.

Lock Your Fridge

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If you can't stop her from eating, save the food from her. Someone recommends getting a fridge lockbox and locking the food away from her. Telling someone to stop behaving like a locust is not fat shaming.

She Needs a Filler Job

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Sometimes you have to work at a place you don't want as you wait for the job you want to work out. A commenter says gas stations, food places, and retail stores are always hiring. Such jobs will fill her time instead of sitting around and doing nothing. It's not healthy for anyone to gain thirty pounds in six months.

It's a Mental Disorder

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Somebody states that it sounds like she has a binge eating disorder and depression. They had the same eating tendencies until they were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and got treatment. It's not okay that Jack's girlfriend is not self-aware enough to seek help; instead, she's taking it all out on Jack's food. Mental illness does not give anyone the right to make another starve.

Jack Is Not Fat Shaming Her

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Being broke feels awful, but being hungry and broke is on another level. An individual shares that yelling may not be the best approach, but Jack's reaction is not fat shaming. It's funny that Jack goes without food while his partner eats more than she should. They've had such a partner and understand how awful it can get.

The Truth Hurts

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Jack only called out her gluttony. Pulling out the fat shaming card is just a deflection. One person notes that they'd also scream at her for eating everything. She should take up activities like walking whenever she feels bored or stressed instead of eating.

She Needs To Move Out

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Starving yourself while the other partner eats more than she needs sounds like a deal breaker. A forum member thinks shouting at her is inappropriate, but asking her to move out is not. It sounds like Jack is at a breaking point, and it's understandable. Her behavior is getting to an abusive level.

Give Her an Ultimatum

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Nobody should take care of a whole adult human. An internet user suggests that Jack gives her an ultimatum. She should get a job, whether part-time or full-time, anything to bring in some income. Any job is okay, and she's not above working anywhere, even at a fast food place.

Jack can also tell her to go to the library whenever he leaves for work. She should spend the day looking for a job until she finds one.

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