About Goddard School Tuition: Part Time/Full Time Rates, Tuition Details, etc.

Learn about the Goddard School Tuition Details such as Part-Time/Full-Time Tuition Costs, etc.

Goddard School is a preschool geared towards early childhood development with its novel teaching ways. Their belief is that the most useful and profound learning can be imparted to children in small everyday moments. Their learning environment is warm and nurturing, with highly skilled teachers who understand your child’s natural inclination and work towards exploring that with fun and creative methods. Their safe environment aims at achieving a well-rounded development of your child through flexible ways of teaching.

goddard school details

About Goddard School

Known for its unique curriculum, Goddard school has resulted in exceptional results in preschool children. It is a private foundation for early childhood development that provides both child care and learning programs to families. They have their branches all over the United States. Additionally, Goddard school facilitates children in succeeding in grade school with their private and preparatory kindergarten program.

Lois Goddard Haines founded the Goddard school in the year 1988 to help families that needed childcare. Goddard school became the first school to gain licenses from the Department of Public Welfare and Pennsylvania Department of Education. It served as a model for uplifting the standard of early childhood care and education.

The Goddard school caters to students who are six weeks old to six years old. They have a proprietary F.L.EX ® Learning Program that focuses on building the academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative skills of children by employing play-based learning strategies.

Flexible Schedule For Your Child’s Program

When you want to admit your child to Goddard school, you have options of choosing a schedule that works best for you and your child. There are half-day and full-day programs at the school, which run from two to five days a week. Many of the Goddard schools also have before and after-school programs.

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Goddard School Tuition Details

The tuition rate at Goddard school is dependent on the location of the school and also the age of the child. Another factor determining the tuition rate is whether the child is going to attend a full-time or part-time curriculum. Tuitions are generally higher in cities where the cost of living is high such as New York City and Denver.

If you are interested in knowing their exact tuition fees, it is best to contact the specific school (since the locations of Goddard schools are franchised). However, as per a survey conducted by contacting several Goddard schools across the country, the following estimates were found:

  • Full-time tuition – The Goddard school takes full-time care of children in the age group of six weeks to six years. The tuition costs, as quoted by a representative, were within the below-listed ranges:
    • Infants – 1600 USD to 1650 USD per month.
    • Toddlers – 1500 USD to 1600 USD per month.
    • Preschool or Kindergarten – 1400 USD to 1500 USD per month

One thing to note here is that the tuition fee might waver and could be higher or lower in your area of interest. For example, smaller cities in the Midwest have lower child care costs.

  • Part-time tuition – There is a “kids club” program offered by the Goddard school for those children who are attending a part-time program. This is for before and after school care and also as a part-time program that runs for fewer days of the week. As per the customer service representative, the usual cost of these programs is 130 USD to 215 USD per week (or approximately 520 USD to 860 USD per month).

Additional Costs Over And Above The Tuition Costs

There are a few additional costs that one must consider on top of the Goddard school’s tuition rates. Some of the schools offer a food service program at an additional charge. If such a service is not available in your school or you decide not to avail of this service, then you need to include packed meals and snacks in your budget.

The schools also organize extra events and activities like a book fair or a pizza day. It is not mandatory for your child to attend these events, but if you do decide to include your child in these activities, then you need to pay an extra fee (or the child must possess some spending money in hand).

Monitoring Activities Of a Child At The School

The Goddard school encourages parents to be involved in their child’s activities at school by allowing them to visit or call at any time of the day. When parents come to pick their child, they are given a report on the daily activities of the child, i.e., what did the child do on that particular day.

The teacher of your child is responsible for and needs to record how much your child napped, performance at potty training, how much lunch the child consumes, and other such details. The teacher also needs to write notes about special moments in the child’s day.