Gohan vs. Naruto

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One of the many anime titles that have received much love ever since its introduction into mainstream international media is Dragon Ball Z. Characters boasting strength enough to be able to obliterate planets and other cosmic bodies became a sought-out spectacle among its many fans and viewers alike. And yet, despite its popularity, there are still many other titles that bring forward their own characters with their own unique skillsets when it comes to battle. One such anime is Naruto.

Cutting to the chase, in a battle between Gohan vs. Naruto, we can safely assume that Gohan beats Naruto by a long shot, by the mere fact that Gohan is a planet-busting Saiyan that has been able to stand toe-to-toe with many of the most infamous and strongest villains from his anime. Naruto, while being very strong in his own right, just won’t be able to keep up with the sheer scale of battle Saiyan like Gohan and Goku are capable of waging.

Gohan vs. Naruto

Before we try and determine the winner of this match-up, why don’t we get to know a bit about our contenders first?

Son Gohan, or simply Gohan for short, is a highly prominent Saiyan character in the anime and manga series Dragon Ball. Gohan is ther eldest son on the main protagonist of the series Goku and the nephew of Raditz and the brother of Goten. He grows up to marry Videl and will become a father to a child named Pan in the later events of the series.

Very much unlike his father, Gohan tends to be adverse to fighting and violence even tho he possesses the power to easily pummel his opponents into submission, a feat that runs in the family. He only ever fights whenever things and people he cherishes are in danger. This attitude is what pushes him into battle for the defense of the Earth.

Is Gohan Stronger than Naruto?

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Naruto Uzumaki is the long embattled, unlikely hero of the Hidden Leaf Village. Growing up as an orphan housing a demon inside his body, he was often the recipient of ostacization of his fellow villagers.

Against all odds, he works as hard as he can and soon becomes a full-fledged ninja under the tutelage of some of the strongest ninja in the village. Through sheer will, hard work, and the power of friendship, Naruto then grows up to be a Hokage, a dream he makes come true as his story concludes.

Now to the battle. Many people may have already gleaned the result before the battle even began though: Gohan wins over Naruto every time. The reason? Simple. Naruto and DBZ do not operate on comparable power levels.

The Dragon Ball series prominently feature heroes and villains alike capable of destroying entire solar systems. The ninjas in Naruto are by no means, weak on their own; it’s just that their powers are not of the same scale as planet busting, asteroid melting beams the DBZ anime is known for. This absurdly huge gap in power is why Gohan would win over even Naruto in a 1v1.

Can Boruto Beat Gohan?

Boruto Uzumaki is known for his lineage. His father being a hokage who saved the Hidden Leaf Village multiple times in his prime, and having the royal blood of the Hyyga clan flowing within him as well, Boruto is nothing short of the word prodigy when it comes to his prowess as a shinobi. However, would it be enough to beat Goku’s own son, Gohan?

The answer is, unfortunately, once again, a resounding no. Boruto does not nearly have enough combat experience to even rival his father or even any of his seniors in the Hidden Leaf Village, let alone a planet busting kid who reached his Saiyan status at the age of 14. Being a prodigy alone is not going to be enough to rival a prodigy himself when it comes to mastering qi and be able to use that to obliterate stars.

Can Sasuke Beat Gohan?

Sasuke Uchiha is yet another embattled character feature in the anime series Naruto much like his sworn brother slash rival, Naruto. Sasuke Uchiha is also the last surviving member of his own clan after his kills his own older brother under the suspicion that Itachi killed off their own people. Sasuke wasn’t wrong; Itachi did kill their entire village but under completely different motivations as Sasuke suspected.

After this, he then left the Hidden Leaf in order to look for more power, not shying away from devious and malignant sources to achieve it. Dozen of altercations happen between him and Naruto until eventually, after the events of the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto succeeds in bringing Sasuke home where he is lauded by the villagers as the new Hokage’s Supporting Kage.

How does his powers compare to Gohan then? Well, simply put, Goku’s son, Gohan, Also outclasses Sasuke’s skills by leaps and bounds. That is not to say Sasuke outright loses, of course. Saiyans, when entering combat, tend to try and feel out their opponents and ramp their power up until they get to the point where they can obliterate their opposition.

This is a habit Sasuke can take advantage of if he’s quick to pick up on it. Sasuke’s only optio  is to overwhelm Gohan with his stronger techniques before Gohan gets to the point where he is able to scale his power until he becomes unbeatable. It may be a small window for the Supporting Kage, but it doesn’t mean the Shadow outright loses.

Who Would Win, Kid Gohan or Naruto?

This match-up may be a bit trickier than people would think. If we’re putting up kid Gohan versus a fully evolved and awakened Naruto, then Naruto would probably have this battle even though that would mean he would be beating a little kid up (an act which I think many people would not be pleased by).

If we’re putting kid Naruto against kid Gohan then Gohan would probably win since Naruto was not exactly the exemplary ninja he is know back then. Gohan, at the age of 14, was already considered a fully awakened Saiyan. Naruto was presumably still learning under Kakashi and Jiraiya at the time.