Money is Thicker Than Blood: Stepson Returns to Claim His Piece of the Pie

How someone can feel entitlement to someone else's things is mind-boggling for those of us who aren't narcissists.

For one man, it's the entitlement his stepson feels to financial help that's confounding him. Now he's wondering what financial support a parent, let alone step-parent, owes their adult children.

Mom's Husband Only

Like most second wives, his was much younger than he is. When they got married, her son (she shared joint custody with her ex) was only 10. His own children from his first marriage were already grown, so he was out of practice at being a dad to a young kid.

Still, he tried to be there for his stepson as much as he would allow him. He even helped pay for his step son's college.

But when his stepson got married, he sent an invitation for his mom and her “plus one.”

Despite being hurt and offended, OP still went to the wedding. He even gifted his stepson and his wife with a substantial cash gift.

Tragedy Strikes

Time passed — long enough for his step son's family to grow. But OP's first chance of meeting his step son's growing family was at a funeral.

OP's wife passed away early and suddenly of a stroke. She was only 49.

When the man's step son came to the funeral, he brought his wife and children — children OP had never met before. He hadn't seen his step-son or his wife since their wedding.

Entitled Much?

Fast forward to when OP's first grandchild from his own son graduated cum laude from university. He attended his graduation and, as the proud grandparent he was, he wrote a check to help his grandkid pay off his school debt. He had this plan for all his grandchildren.

Somehow, his stepson found out about and confronted the man, wanting to know if he'd be doing the same for his step-grandchildren.

Although OP knows his wife would've wanted him to help her son's family, he couldn't help but think about how little effort her son put into trying to have any relationship with him. So he told his stepson he could take money he had set aside for him from his will, but he couldn't help beyond that.

Now, here's where it gets heated. His stepson called him a “petty little man” and said that his mom would be ashamed of him for the way he was treating his step-grandkids.

OP doesn't think he owes them anything, especially since they have their grandfather.

Reddit Chips In

One thing for sure is OP is not to blame, even Redditors shares this sentiment. They think his stepson is only a gold digger. One thinks that OP owes his stepson and step-grandkids nothing, and it is glaring that the only thing Charlie wants is money.

Another Redditor, u/Ok_Yesterday_6214, also thinks that OP is NTA and that he should remove them from his will,

“NTA, and I'd consider crossing them out of your will as well. He had his right to keep distance but he can't expect to gain, smh. Your kids were in your life, so you help their families. That's how it works. He stated you are just his mother's husband, so he shouldn't expect anything.”

u/Intoxikate05 has advice for OP about his relationship with Charlie:

“NTA. I would tell Charlie that he has defined the relationship you have with him and his family. That relationship is one of acquaintances. Basically, strangers who just had loved the same person in different ways. And that you would not wish ill on him or his family but will only offer help to the grandchildren you have a relationship with. 

Then block him.”

A poetic ending, no? Considering Charlie also inherited his mom's property and her husband literally got nothing from her, it seems above fair that OP would only include his stepson's kids in his will.

In the end, OP has some decisions to make from the comments. What would you do in his shoes?

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