Gamers (Mostly) Rejoice Over News of GoldenEye Re-release

One of the most beloved video games of all time is being re-released, and gamers are mostly overjoyed at the prospect of playing it again.

Developer Rare announced in a tweet this morning that the Nintendo 64 classic “GoldenEye 007” will make its triumphant return later this week — and it will be fully playable on both Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online.

This marks the first time that the game will appear on a non-Nintendo service since its original release in 1997.

Fans Get Nostalgic Over GoldenEye

GoldenEye 007 took the video game world by storm in 1997 with its frenetic split-screen multiplayer gameplay. In many ways, it is the spiritual predecessor to current hit games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Apex Legends. Rare has also announced the game will be remastered for all platforms with improved graphics and gameplay features.

This particular Twitter account argues that it's not the game itself that many are nostalgic for, but rather the feeling of friends being in a room playing a video game together:

Even the official Xbox Game Pass account got in a celebratory mood, already suggesting a fun throwback sleepover party for whoever is interested:

GoldenEye Finally Free of N64

It's been a long road for GoldenEye in its quest to be released for a platform other than the Nintendo 64, as user Chris_Dring points out:

Twitter user BrokenGamezHDR_ claims that gamers may a have rude awakening playing a game from 1997 in the year 2023:

Nostalgia has been a common theme over this news, as this user relayed a story from his college days that many gamers can relate to:

Fans Predict How GoldenEye Will Update For 2023

Video games have changed a lot since 1997, the year of the original GoldenEye's release, and user zhandlen said he's looking forward to gamers being “utterly horrified by the controls.”

Improvements in the gameplay and display options for re-released games are always appreciated, as you can tell by LuigiBlood's tweet:

However, not all gamers grew up playing the original GoldenEye, and thus feel left out of this bout of nostalgia:

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