Good Credit? You Can Travel the World for Free

Previous generations saved up money their entire lives, looking forward to retirement, when they would finally have more time to explore interests and go on adventures. However, more and more often, people are deciding not to wait. They don't want to work for years for some grand future tour – they want to see the world now, while they can still fully enjoy it.

Luckily for them, the world is also changing, making travel, even for extended periods of time, more possible. 25% of Americans are able to work remotely breaking the centuries-long tether to an office.  Additionally, the incentives offered by airlines, travel booking sites, and credit cards make free, or heavily-reduced travel, possible.

That's because when it's done properly, credit card sign-on bonuses can transport you all over the world – for free. And the strategy is easier to implement than you might expect – with the right partners.

Travel Freely is one such site. Their website and smartphone app give travelers a leg up. On average, people who sign up and utilize the tips from Travel Freely accumulate $2,000 worth of free travel yearly.

Credit Cards Can Be Your Friends

Consumers apply for several credit cards per year, taking advantage of rewards bonuses for free and discount travel. They don't build up extensive balances they can't afford to pay off each month, which helps build their credit score.

In the case of Travel Freely, their app integrates an account monitoring system that keeps them accountable and on top of the cards they have and the necessary payments. In fact, members report higher credit scores than ever before – while still enjoying the free travel benefits. Expert financial planner Eric Simonson, of Abundo Wealth, explains the process:

“Opening up travel credit cards has an extremely negligible impact on your credit when done correctly. You may see a small, 5-10 point drop when you first apply for the card, but once approved your credit score will usually rise above the pre-card level. This is because you are increasing your available credit limit which the credit bureaus view favorably.”

“Of course, you need to be very responsible with this new card and not accumulate debt of more than 30-40% of your available credit limit and also make sure you pay it off on time every month… It is absolutely worth it and the annual card fee is more than covered by the travel benefits the card provides” says Simonson.

The key, according to the Travel Freely blog, is to not overspend and never act impulsively when opening new accounts.

Zac Hood, the founder of Travel Freely, points out, “I see this happen all the time with store cards or online pop-up ads that attract people to sign up for an extra $20-30. If you already have great credit, you need to be getting at least $400 from a signup bonus when opening a new account.”

Again, it's a strategy, so take the time to properly research and plan your credit card applications and account closures.

How Does Travel Freely Work?

Creating and confirming an account on the signup page takes about one minute, and requires zero personal information. Travel Freely earns a commission when a user signs up for a card through an affiliate link.

When you log in for the first time, you'll answer a few questions regarding your experience level, and get the chance to add any rewards cards you might have already. If you don't have any cards to add, you'll be forwarded to the “Card Genie” which personalizes a list of cards suited for you and provides their attributes in a simple chart. Each card has a “learn more” link where Hood breaks down exactly how to take advantage of this card for free travel, and disadvantages to be aware of.


The homepage is equipped with every tool to educate yourself on traveling for free while managing points, spending, and rewards. There are six tutorial webinars available that break down Hood's method, help you set a travel goal, and to keep an eye on your progress along the way.

Additional education can be found under “resources” where you can read Hood's Travel Freely blog, browse FAQs, and even send questions from the help team.

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Once you have completed the beginner steps of adding credit cards, inputting your credit score, creating a travel goal, and budgeting monthly expenses, you can watch your points and cash value rack up on the website's dashboard. The dashboard meters on the home screen become especially useful when you have several credit cards to monitor.

William Funk explained in his review of the site: “Whether you are a beginner to mileage credit cards or an experienced user, this site makes it incredibly EASY to track and reach your free travel goals. The travel guides they provide are very intuitive and they don't burden you with daily emails. Fantastic site – I'd give it 10 stars if I could!”

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