206 Good, Cool, and Aesthetic Discord Server Names

Are you looking for good discord server names? Well, you just landed on the right blog post.

Discord is a free social networking platform to discuss and share information with other users. It is more like a chat app that connects people from all over the world through voice and text channels.

You can join as many channels as you like, though the number is limited to 100. To join a server,  you must receive an invite from a friend. You can also find someone's link on the Discord app and click on it.

Once you're in, you can start a text, voice, or video chat with them.

Discord has a long history of serving people outside of the gaming world, with over 30% of its servers now dedicated to non-gaming activities.

In fact, the Discord team conducted user studies and focus groups last year, and they asked the community what their biggest misconception about the app was.

One common misconception is that Discord is only used by gamers. This is far from the truth. Its growing popularity has made it an indispensable tool for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

There are many different ways to use Discord, but a lot of people still don’t understand how it works. It is all as simple as using the search bar on top of your page to find popular servers by category.

You can browse various categories ranging from games, music, e-learning, science, technology, and entertainment. After that, you can easily join your favorite community.

These servers can be difficult to moderate, and some have even been the subject of raids, where large groups take over a server and make it useless.

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Then there are the issues of illegal content sharing, shady businesses, and even the alt-right in the USA. To manage these big servers, using a bot has proven to be one great way to ease your experience.

There are a number of bots that can help you manage large servers, such as Dynobot, which allows you to automate many of the tasks that you'd otherwise have to do manually.

You can also use a discord bot to manage your server and help you manage large numbers of users.

Bots can be useful for a number of reasons, such as playing music, keeping track of your friends, and notifying you of certain events.


Good Discord server names

List of 206 cool discord server names

  1. Geeks of the Galaxy
  2. Reverie Podcast
  3. Gilead Book Club
  4. SFPA Book Club
  5. Fiction & Philosophy
  6. Science Fiction and Poetry
  7. Jules Talks
  8. I Am Avanti
  9. Ingeniously Mediocre
  10. Immanuel Kant's Imago
  11. Farside Podcast
  12. O.T.S. Radio
  13. Weird Nerd Podcast
  14. Ideas That Can Change The World
  15. Adhil Munif
  16. We Should Write About That
  17. Infinity Words
  18. Weird Fiction & Philosophy
  19. Peculiarcast
  20. The Tao of Self
  21. Unabashedly Human
  22. Far-Fetched Minds
  23. Gaurihar Goshti – Hindi Stories
  24. M.N.
  25. Nithyananda Ashram
  26. Life's a Hoot
  27. In Our Own Words
  28. Unblogged by B
  29. E.R.D. Radio
  30. AdeptiConversations
  31. Quantum Bits Podcast
  32. Science Fiction and Philosophy Podcast
  33. Under The Light
  34. Fandom Matters
  35. Kabbalah Media Podcast
  36. Fandom Discussions with D.
  37. Fiction and Philosophy
  38. L.A.S.K.
  39. Fiction and Science Fiction Podcast
  40. I Am Awesome
  41. GeekySpace
  42. Weird Stories, Weird Folks
  43. Kaleidoscope Collective
  44. Scott Lovecraft Country
  45. Nerds of the Multiverse
  46. Jyoti's Corner
  47. TANTra
  48. Dabble in Digital Fiction
  49. Deep Space X
  50. Quotes and Shayari
  51. The Third Sex
  52. Dabney Rubin
  53. Future Thinkers
  54. Ideas in Motion
  55. Gen-X Philosophy
  56. Manjumasi
  57. Nerds of the Square Table
  58. I Am Infinite
  59. M. Wheeler
  60. Dharmage
  61. The T.A.L. Podcast
  62. The Techie Geek
  63. Imaginative Minds Podcast
  64. In Orbit
  65. A.R.V
  66. Gogoh & Company
  67. Imaginative Art
  68. Radio Omnia Vincit
  69. Reel Talk Radio – Filmmakers, Writers, Artists
  70. The Thought Captive
  71. Unpopular Thinkers
  72. Urantia Radio
  73. Godcast
  74. Ingeniously Simple
  75. Knowitall Podcast
  76. Deepak Mishra
  77. The Temple of Babalon
  78. Jyoti's Musings
  79. KUT » Podcasts
  80. Quill & Ink
  81. NEOZAZ
  82. ScifiScribblerz
  83. Nerdy Bunch Presents: The Round Table
  84. SciFi4Me
  85. The Tao of Self Publishing
  86. MindSpace
  87. NewSpaceVision
  88. In Between Words
  89. Mindspace
  90. Nausicaa Cast
  91. Dime Dropper
  92. Night Owl Nerds
  93. Ramesh Sharma
  94. S. Nair, Author
  95. The Thinkery Podcast
  96. Science Fiction and Philosophy
  97. Bif Radio
  98. Kabbalah Media Updates
  99. A.S.S.
  100. In Your Orbit
  101. Adhishth Dutt’s Podcast
  102. I'm Not An Expert ..
  103. Reformation Nation
  104. Faith in Fine Art
  105. N.D. Radio
  106. Sci Fi Radio
  107. Baatcheet
  108. KabbalahCast
  109. Ideas & Inspiration
  110. Weird Fiction and Philosophy
  111. G.C. Beaubrun Radio
  112. Deep Space Dump
  113. Fandom Express
  114. NerdyBinaryStars
  115. Deep Space Diatribe
  116. Fanboy Philosophy
  117. Science Fiction and Science Fiction
  118. Journey of the Mind
  119. In All Fairness
  120. Adhishth Bhattacharya
  121. Nerds From The Age Of Exploration
  122. Science Fiction Podcast
  123. Nausikhi
  124. The Tallest Tower Podcast
  125. SciFiFaith
  126. Mind Fiction
  127. Deconstructing Culture
  128. A.D. Poet
  129. Fandom Matters
  130. Unstoppable Thinkers
  131. In My Mind: A Podcast by Peter Attar
  132. Filosofi Msweli
  134. Good Morning, Internet!
  135. Mind Space
  136. Nerds of the Multiverse
  137. Think Quantum
  138. Unbound
  139. Geekly Antics
  140. The Taproot Podcast
  141. R.O.W.
  142. Nerdy By Nature
  143. Galactic Goddess Podcast
  144. Deconstructing Fiction
  145. Sajeena Satyananda
  146. Jyoti's Podcast
  147. Journey Into The Unknown
  148. Aarav
  149. Nerds of the Square Table
  150. NerdyNerds Podcast
  151. Ears Wide Open
  152. Unusually Well Met
  153. Deep Space Dork
  154. Mark of the Maker
  155. Fandom Avenue
  156. Life Is A Joke
  157. Daring Fandom
  158. SciFi4All Podcast
  159. MetaThought Podcast
  160. Fandomentals
  161. Geek Geek Destroy
  162. NerdyBuddhism
  163. Novella
  164. NovellaNights
  165. SciFiOne
  166. Deep Space Podcast
  167. Ingeniously Simple
  168. What Is?
  169. Inconceivable!
  170. SerenityNow Audio
  171. Ramblings of a Mad Cow
  172. Storyteller – The Podcast
  173. J. Ervin
  174. Nourishing Ideas Podcast
  175. What is Happening?
  176. Nerdy Bunch
  178. ObNamedOne
  179. Fandom Universe
  180. Farsi Podcast
  181. SciFi4Me
  182. What the Fic
  183. In The Mind Of
  184. MindSpace
  185. I'm-On-The-Line
  186. In Conversation
  187. We Are Not Creative
  188. I Read, You Listen
  189. Geektopia Radio
  190. Digital Fiction
  191. Kris McGregor Live Podcast
  192. Kami Art & Thoughts
  193. In The Mouth Of Shay
  194. Zen Ghoul
  195. In My Mind
  196. In My Simulation
  197. Fiction and Art
  198. Nerds Of The Square Circle
  200. Science Fiction and Philosophy
  201. In Search of the Story
  202. Unraveled Kabbalah
  203. Unraveled Ink
  204. Inner Space Podcast
  205. Far-Fetched Sounds
  206. Unabridged



I hope you found a good discord server name to use from the list above.

If you didn't find one you like, you can use this list of good discord server names as an inspiration to help you come up with a name you will love.

The best part about discord names is the fact that you can always change them.

So if in the future you decide to change your discord server name, simply head over to your server settings.

Then, change your server name in the “Server Name” field and save your changes.