15 Fun and Affordable Winter Activities To Do With Your Grandkids

Will you be spending time with your grandkids over the holiday? Or perhaps you're providing childcare more and more to help out working parents. If you're looking for ideas that won't break the bank, this list of activities is for you.

Fun Winter Activities Across Generations

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Are you looking for ways to get rid of your grandkids' boredom during the winter? Even if the weather isn't nice, you can still make lasting memories without spending a lot or making elaborate plans. Instead, it's all about spending time together.

Arts & Crafts

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Most kids enjoy coloring, painting, creating, and arts & crafts. You can make art on canvas, posters, home decor items, or make sculptures, stickers, and bracelets. A variety of art supplies are available at dollar stores so that you can create a craft station even on a budget.

If you have art skills, why not share your passion with your grandkids. Did you know that you can even become an Etsy seller and where you can make things to sell on Etsy?


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Volunteering for a nonprofit organization or in your town can be a fun way to strengthen the bond between you and your grandkids. Whether it's helping to stock the shelves at a food pantry, collecting used toys for Second Chance Toys, doing yard work for an elderly neighbor, or spending time with animals at your local shelter, there are opportunities to get your grandkids involved.

Indoor Picnic

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It may be cold outside during the winter, but you can do a little picnic in your living room. Let your grandkids create a fun spot in the house and invite all the stuffed animals they'd like.  Maybe you can pretend you're outside on a summer day or pick a location from their favorite book or movie.  It is all about the imagination.

Spend Time in the Kitchen

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It's never too late to start teaching your grandkids your favorite homemade food or goodies. Maybe you want to pass down your legendary recipe for the next generation. There are all kinds of food and desserts out there that you can make together. You don't need to be a great chef or baker. Even making a cake, cupcakes, or brownies from a box mix is fun and delicious.

Board Games

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Playing board games while sipping on hot chocolate sounds like a great winter afternoon. Board games make people laugh, reduce stress, strengthen relationships and even teach kids social skills. So grab one from your shelf, their room, or even your local library for the next get-together with your grandkids.

Trip to the Mall

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How about going for a stroll at the mall on a cold winter day? There might be a special event or give you the chance to spoil your grandkids with a special purchase from their favorite store.

While having fun at the mall, you should give them some tips and tricks on shopping like a pro, especially if they have holiday gift cards to spend.

Start a Scrapbook

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Scrapbooking is a fun way to make and document memories with your grandkids while having special conversations.  Isn't it about time to put those boxes of photos you might have in the storage to good use?

Sing-a-Long Dance Party

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Singing and dancing with your grandkids can bring you so much joy. It can relieve your stress and turn the day around. Whether you play their favorite KidzBop song, movie soundtrack, or your favorites, it's a fun and free activity.

Sleepover Party

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Why not host a sleepover party?  You can have time to do all the things you want to do like baking, watching a movie and staying up late.  It's a gift their parents will appreciate too!

Building a Snowman

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Whether they are Frozen fans or not, building a snowman on a cold day is as classic as it gets. You can work together on one large one, or everyone can make their own. Bring items and props with you for a silly snowmaking contest.

DIY Photo Booth

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Do your grandkids love taking pictures? Why not set up your very own photo booth? You might have a blank wall somewhere in your house to make a backdrop. DIYing a photo booth isn’t that hard. All you need is a wall, some decoration, and a phone or camera, and you are all set. You can start dressing up and taking silly pictures when you have everything set up.

Create a Storybook

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Why not create your own story that is special and unique to you and your grandkids? For example, if you love to write, you could share your passion with them and help build their writing skills too. Or you could bring laughter to what they might see as a chore by buying Mad Libs (they even have them about Pokémon characters), The Book with No Words, or the classic Dr. Suess Book that allows them to write a story about themselves.

Have a Movie Marathon

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With streaming services, it's so easy to watch a holiday movie, their favorite, or a new release like Encanto on Disney+. While their parents may limit screen time when they are with you, it's Granparents' rules. So why not pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon.

Go to Your County Zoo

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If there's an unseasonably warm day, take the chance to go see the animals. Many county zoos have free admission or reduced admission during the off-season as not all the animals are out in the winter. However, it can still be a fun day out, especially for animal lovers.

Go to a Museum or Science Center

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Long gone are the boring museums where kids have to be quiet and serious. Instead, take your kids to a local children's museum or science center. While these places can sometimes be expensive even to visit for a day, check your local library to find what passes you check out, like books for another free and fun day out with the grandkids.

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