Grant Cardone Net Worth (2023 Update) – 20 Reasons He’s a Billionaire

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I know most of us want to become billionaires. It’s the ideal life, isn’t it? I mean we are speaking of dollars in the billions, not millions but billions.

Okay, maybe it won’t happen for all of us but it doesn’t hurt to try. Let’s pick a leaf from Grant Cardone, a 21st century billionaire.


Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, real estate investor, sales coach and author. He is currently 64 years old.

He has written various books such as ‘Control Without Confrontation: Automative Sales Program’ which he wrote in 2000 and it is with this book that he launched into the business of being an author.

He then went on to write other books like Maximizing Every Opportunity: Automative sales Program which he wrote in 2005, Selling: The Secret to Success which he wrote in 2008, Sell to Survive which he also wrote in 2008, If you’re not first, you’re last which he wrote in 2010, Sell or be Sold: How to get your way in business and In Life which he wrote in 2011 and then his ground breaking book called The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure which he also wrote in 2011.

The 10x Rule book is a New York best seller and it has many other summary versions. It has also been translated into other languages like Spanish.

He further wrote Closer’s Survival Guide in 2011, Secrets of Selling in 2014 and How to demand business success and get it in 2014.

He also wrote another book in 2016 titled The Millionaire Booklet: How to get super Rich which has been translated into several languages like Hebrew, Norwegian.

All his books are available to millions of people worldwide. In 2018, he published How To create wealth investing in real estate.

He wrote Dominate Your Market which came out in 2019, If you’re not first you’re last which came out in 2021 and Be obsessed or Be average which also came out in 2021.


How Did Grant Cardone Start Out?

He started as a car sales man. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Motorsports Group, Inc. and one of his main roles was to train people to sell cars.

He later on branched into real estate while still in his twenties. His real estate firm is known as Cardone Capital and it has worked on real estate deals worth billions of US dollars.

The company owns more than 2.7 billion US dollars’ worth of property in the United States.

In 1990, he launched a university in Miami, Florida in the United States called the Grant Cardone Sales University.

The school offers online trainings on how to make more sales as an entrepreneur starting out. The curriculum is based on Grant’s own experience.


Grant Cardone’s Net Worth.

His net worth from all of his businesses as of 2022 is 600 million US dollars. He is not yet a billionaire in spite of his appearance on the show, Under cover billionaire.


Grant Cardone’s Businesses.

Okay. So, what is this man’s business?

Well, he owns and operates seven privately held companies and also a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets worth over 5 billion US dollars.

He is also one of the top Crowd funders in the world raising over 880 million US dollars in equity via social media.

He is a New York Times best-selling author and I have mentioned some of his books earlier on. He also launched a conference in 2017 called the 10 X Conference which is based on his best-selling book “The 10 X Rule”. This conference is the world’s largest entrepreneur and business conference.


He is featured on the second season of Discovery Channel’s Undercover billionaire where he takes the challenge of building a million-dollar business in 90 days.

He’s also a philanthropist of sorts. He uses his large social media following (over 15 million following) to give back through the Grant Cardone foundation, a non – profit organization dedicated to mentoring underprivileged and troubled young people in financial literacy amongst other matters.

Grant also has a university called the Grant Cardone Sales Training University. Its website is

The university provides business training to people all over the world. Grant is available as the personal sales coach himself with the help of other people on the Cardone team.

It has over 800 video courses, has an in – house coaching team and is available 24/7 hence unlimited access. Some of the courses provided include trainings on Crucial Sales Fundamentals, Robust New Hire Training, Critical Steps To The Sale, Closing and Negotiating, The Art Of Cold Calling, Sales Management Training, 3 Years of Sales meetings, Learn To Handle Objections, How To Properly Follow – Up, Acquiring Internet Leads, Prospecting For New Leads and Motivation For Team Success.


Grant Cardone’s Family.

Grant was born to Curtis and Concetta Cardone in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. He was born on March 21st 1958. He has a twin brother called Gary Cardone.

He married Elena Lyons, an actress and model in 2004. They have two daughters, Scarlett and Sabrina.


20 Reasons Grant Cardone is a Billionaire.

Okay. Grant is not a billionaire yet. But, with his zeal and strive for excellence, who knows? It could happen soon for him.

Let’s call this headline 12 reasons why Grant is a millionaire. What did he do to make it? It is still something. I mean 600 million dollars is not everyday pocket change, is it?

Here are the reasons why I think Grant is a millionaire and as successful as he is now.

a) Resilience.

Never ever give up on your dreams. The first step is to start. Once you start, do not stop no matter what. Challenges happen and they will never cease.

You just have to work hard and move past them. Keep your mind on your goals and you’ll be fine. Grant faced numerous challenges but he didn’t give up.


b) Acceptance.

Grant Cardone was a drug abuser in his twenties. He at one time used drugs and his cognitive abilities were down. He was robbed, beaten and left for dead.

He went to rehab after with a little persuasion from his mom. Any who, he accepted that he had a drug problem and he put in effort so as to move past it.

So, clearly, no one is perfect. But, once you identify these issues that are holding you back, acceptance is the first step to letting them go.

Some of you are shopaholics, gambling addicts, whatever your issue is. Accept that you have it and it is holding you back.

Then, gather the strength to seek help and leave it behind then focus on saving, investing and becoming rich.


c) Consistency.

I know this can be hard. But, please, if you have made your research and have all your facts straight about a particular.


d) Save and Invest.

This is obvious, right? How will you accumulate wealth with nothing to invest with? So, unless you are set to become a world class thief, save, save and save.

Once you have enough, you start to invest and you are on your rich way. Nice pun I know. Anyway, start saving today.


e) Average is not it.

You must definitely go out of your way to be exceptional. Push those limits. Do not sit and tell yourself you can’t do it.

You are your own cheerleader. Be on your side. Grant’s first attempt at real estate failed. But, he didn’t give up. He refused to be average because he believed he could do it.

Start with your mindset. Think big. Anyone can be rich. That anyone can be you.


f) Sales skills.

It is important that you know how to sell. Sell your products. Sell your ideas. Sell yourself. I don’t mean selling yourself literally but you need to ensure that you create an image that is valuable so that you become an asset yourself. People want to associate with someone who can sell himself or herself.


g) Read.

Literature is important. There are millions of books one can read so as to be motivated and do the right things so as to become a millionaire.

Read them. A simple google search can get you access to these books some of which are free. Read and have access to some of the best minds alive.


h) Focus on Earning.

Grant Cardone was over 4000 US dollars in debt after his college. He has frequently talked about what worked for him.

He says that it is important to have multiple flows of income. Start with the income you already have and use it to add other income streams.

Start a side hustle. No one becomes rich by having only one source of income. When you learn this, trust me, you are on your way to being rich.


i) Have a Plan.

You must have a to do list attached to your calendar. You must set goals and actually achieve them.


j) Do Not Procrastinate.

Procrastination is the devil. Try as much as you can to do what you can with what you have. Do not postpone things because they are too hard or you are too scared.

Do them and move on with life. Either way, you still have to do the thing. So, the earlier the better.


k) Wake up early.

Some of the best ideas are created in the wee hours of the morning. If you are the kind to sleep until the sleep decides to reject you. Stop it. You can do better.

Wake up early and think of how to make your life better.


l) Karma.

I know it seems like the least important but it tops the list for me. The universe aligns to your growth if you also do good.

Grant has a foundation that helps the youth in financial literacy. He made it and he gives back. To me, this is important.

You can find out more reasons by reading some of Grant Cardone’s books. He is pretty vocal about what he has done and sacrificed in order to make it.