12 Great Movies People Admitted Seriously Messed With Their Minds

Let's be real: some movies become the defining features of our lives. They have an effect that lingers on for years after you've watched them. Thanks to the suggestions of an online community, here's a concoction of mind-altering films that will always stick in your mind.

1. Mulholland Drive: Fragmented Reality

Mulholland Drive Naomi Watts
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Even after 5 years, one member shares how they still play Mullohland Drive in their head every week. If memory loss and fragmented perceptions of reality intrigue you, this film is for you!

2. Paprika: Dream Analysis Gone Wrong

Paprika Katsunosuke Hori
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan).

Don't let Paprika's bright colors and enchanting animation fool you. The plot centers around a machine allowing therapists to enter their patient's dreams. Once it is stolen, all hell breaks loose, and only Papkria, a young female therapist, can save the day.

3. Predestination: A Permanent Memory

Predestination Noah Taylor
Image Credit: Signature Entertainment.

According to one member, Predestination plays in their head at least once a week. Talk about a lasting impact! This film is a mind-bending experience.

4. Arrival (of A New Language)

Arrival Amy Adams
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Arrival will make you challenge everything you know about language and communication. Unlike regular alien movies centered around action, this film shows a curious struggle of a linguist communicating with alien lifeforms.

5. Psycho: On the Run

Psycho Anthony Perkins
Image Credit: Shamley Productions.

Psycho is an incredible classic featuring a run-away secretary who embezzled $40,000 from her employer. The encounters she has in her hiding place leave viewers scratching their heads.

6. Vertigo: Demons, Demons Everywhere

Vertigo James Stewart
Image Credit: Universal Studios.

It is always a thrill to see characters who juggle their inner demons alongside external disturbances. Thankfully, Vertigo offers a similar experience featuring a former police detective.

7. Holy Motors: Mysterious Appointments

Holy Motors Edith Scob
Image Credit: Pierre Grise Productions.

For most users, Holy Motors is an underrated film. The story follows a man on his way to work in a limousine. The incidents that follow are mysterious and mind-boggling, to say the least.

8. The Butterfly Effect: A Life-Altering Experience

The Butterfly Effect Ashton Kutcher
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

The Butterfly Effect is bound to leave audiences questioning their linear view of reality. We see an epic display of memory and supernatural means of altering one's life by reading a journal.

9. Mother: A Framing Frenzy

Mother Hye-ja Kim
Image Credit: Barunson E&A Corp.

Mother, originally titled Madeo, is a heartwrenching tale of a mother who searches for the killer who framed her son.

10. Perfect Blue: Escaping the Past

Perfect Blue Junko Iwao
Image Credit: Madhouse.

In addition to its stunning visuals and aesthetic appeal, Perfect Blue has, quite literally, an insane plot. The story follows a singer who gave up her career to become an actress. Unfortunately, she goes insane due to ghosts from her past. One user even hailed it as an inspiration for Black Swan.

11. Hereditary: The Horrors of Grief

Hereditary Toni Collette
Image Credit: A24.

In addition to a well-developed cult horror story, Hereditary is an excellent display of grief. The actors went all out with their performances. It's nearly impossible not to feel what they are feeling, and for a while, you may even think you're there without a screen-like barrier in between.

12. Coherence (or Lack Thereof)

Nicholas Brendon in Coherence (2013)
Image Credit: Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Imagine having a casual dinner party with your friends, only to be disrupted by an overhead comet. One person mentions how Coherence messed them up so badly that they couldn't stop thinking about it for days after. Plus, a post-Buffy Zander (Nicholas Brendon). 

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