10 Great Movies That Portrayed the Military Correctly

Recently a Redditor asked, “Which military movies surprisingly got stuff right? I'll start: with Gardens of Stone. IMO one of the only military movies that accurately portray the relationship between junior enlisted, NCO, and senior enlisted grades. The interior scenes of the movie were spot-on.”

Reddit responded to deliver this list of military films that got it right. 

1. In the Army Now (1994)

One Redditor posted, “They filmed the basic training scene on Fort Sill. They also had military advisers on the set…” Another commented, “Pauly Shore went through the water purification Advanced Individual Training if I recall correctly.”

2. Jarhead (2005)

One Redditor said, “Jarhead shows just how boring it is over there.”

Another user posted, “It honestly gets the frustration of being combat arms in a war zone and not being able actually to fight pretty well too.”

3. The Outpost (2020)

One user posted, “A somewhat obscure movie about the Afghanistan War called The Outpost. I think was also well done and not cringe in the way it portrayed interactions between enlisted and officers.” 

Another user said, “In The Outpost, there's a scene where a soldier tells the medic how long ago he applied the tourniquet to a casualty. I thought that was a neat touch, but that whole movie is almost entirely spot on.”

4. Stripes (1981)

One user posted, “I remember my first day at the reception at Fort Knox. They put us in the same room in Stripes with the big unit patch cutouts on the wall. It was surreal.”

Another user said, “One of my old coworkers was in Stripes. He was an infantry lieutenant stationed at Fort Knox, and they used his unit as fillers. He's on the stage with the General during the Drill & Ceremony scene.”

5. Wings (1927)

One Redditor said, “Wings, from 1927. The director had been a pilot in World War I and knew how to direct and film dogfights from first-hand experience doming German biplanes.”

Another Reddit user posted, “This was an amazing movie, and the battle scenes are incredible.”

6. The Thin Red Line (1998)

One Redditor said, “Watch John Cusack call for fire. Does the adjust fire first, makes the correction, rounds land where they're supposed to, fire for effect. Incoming rounds at fire for effect, sounds, and visuals are amazing. +kudos for also showing Pack 75's in action.”

7. Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019)

One Reddit user posted, “I appreciated a lot of screen-time given to the artillerymen back at the firebase. As they desperately tried to support an infantry company vastly outnumbered in a firefight against the PAVN. Also, the opening scene depicts Vietnam-era ‘charts and darts' counter-battery fire as the firebase comes under a mortar attack.”

8. We Were Soldiers (2002)

One user stated, “Amen! They used the actual unit commander the unit in the movie was based on as a filming advisor, which helped ensure the movie followed what happened accurately. As an ex-Air Mobile grunt from the Fort Benning unit a couple of years later, the air assault and ambushes were spot on and kept my adrenaline up watching it the first time. ”

9. Platoon (1986)

Duck_Walker said, “My Dad did three tours in Vietnam, USMC. He never could watch Platoon. Said it was too much like reliving it!” Another Redditor replied, “I was going to say Platoon as well.”

They continued, “Not necessarily because of the action and technical accuracy, although I think they did a great job. For me, it was the irritability, the way new guys get treated, the terrible details, and the feeling of exhaustion and anger. I thought it was pretty spot on.”

10. Midway (2019)

TurMoil911 posted, “Roland Emmerich's Midway. It featured a scene where an Aviation Machinist jumps in the back of a parked dive bomber during an attack and shoots down an incoming plane. Admiral Halsey promoted him up two ranks after he found out. People would call that Hollywood razzle dazzle if that didn't happen.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of military movies that got it right. Check out the most iconic military aircraft.

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