How To Create A Blog With Great Writing Style

Do you want to start a successful blog then
You need a blog posts with great writing style

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Well in this blog post, I will take your hands to the right process
That guarantees your blogging success
You can use it as a checklist
Every time you doubt if your blog is on the right track

Let’s start with the following

1) Write in the right profitable narrow niche

This is a 3 consolidated points together
I will break it down
Right niche means the one you love
The one you always read about
With your passion that drives you crazy
You keep thinking about it
Right niche if you are a beginner

But If you have built an existing profitable blogs
Where you know that blogging became a business
You can choose just profitable niche
You know the proper steps to build a great writing style blog
Drive traffic to it from 0 to 100,000

Blog with great writing style

What I mean by profitable niche
A niche that has money to be made
Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy and in good relationship
So the below list will satisfy that

Niches to write about

How to make money
Health and Fitness
Personal finance
Beauty and fashion
Relationships and personal development
Lifestyle (like survival, gardening, Women’s lifestyle..etc.)

What I mean by narrow
When you start a new blog
You will be all by yourself
You will never be able to right in everything

Write in a very laser specific topic within your niche
For example Health and Fitness is a big niche
If you want to write in Fitness
Wait and go more deeper
Under fitness, you have Weight loss
Wait and still do more deeper
Under weight loss, choose diet and
Under diet choose specific type of diet

I would say Keto diet
Don’t write any articles about health and fitness in general
Why I am telling you that
Because if I visit your blog to read about
7 quick Keto diet recipes if you’re hungry

I will finish your blog post and
I will be interested to read more articles
Talking about Keto diet
I come across this blog post
3 successful ways to help you quit smoking

I don’t smoke so I will end up leaving your blog
I realized that you don’t have enough to read in Keto
You don’t want this to happen

How to fix niches for your existing blog

What if you have an existing blog
Where you already wrote about different topics in a niche
Assess your blog and check
What are the most articles covering one topic

If you are using WordPress for your blog
Create a category for each topic
Move each blog post to its category
Make sure each category is segregated
Also visitors will be able to find all blog posts under each topic easily

Also keeping it narrow will help you with
A) Increasing your knowledge and keeping you focused as you try to find more things to provide for your audience

B) Better monetizing for your blog especially if you are using Ads, this will help your Ad network finding relevant Ads to place

C) keeping your audience interested as lifestyle and personal blogs attract only visitors per article
Once they finish reading the article
They don’t have any motive to stay

D) Building a long term readers as you can manage to get them to subscribe to your newsletter

2) Write based on choosing the right keywords for your niche

Although doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) looks hard
I would say it is the only viable way to make money online
Why? Because it will take you very long time to learn the art of sales funnel
Meaning internet marketer gurus rely on different methods to bring traffic to their website
To master these techniques it requires lot of reading and dedication to apply what you’ve learned

You got to learn the proper lead magnet to entice visitors to subscribe to your newsletter
Then starting the sales funnels emails
Practicing the upsell and downsell
The perfect timing for limited time offer
Also adding bonuses to your products

Once you learn all these techniques
Using paid advertising like Facebook Ad or any other platform will be a number game
You pay n amount of $ and you make 2n or whatever as a profit

With SEO, you will turn your traffic into money by using Ads and affiliate marketing
This will happen by hunting for long tail keywords as known as low hanging fruits
The best tools which I use are Long Tail Pro (add link) and Keysearch

Target keywords with keyword competition less than
30 in Long Tail Pro and less than 40 in Keysearch
It will take sometime for Google to pick up your website
You have to be consistent in the writing interval
Don’t squeeze yourself for 2000 words if you are at 1500
Monitor your Domain Authority in Keysearch

Don’t worry about building backlinks
Share your blog posts on social media sites, bookmarking sites and directory listings

3) Don’t write your personal stories

Refrain yourself from writing about how was your day or
Fun situation happened to your cat or dog
Unless it is a personal blog
Think about how to write for a blog in a way
Where your audience knows a little about you
At the same time they read a lot about what they are interested in

great writing is not to write your personal stories

4) Write what your audience wants by using Google Analytics

You don’t write what you think is good
You write what Google Analytics tells you
But wait how would I know
Google Analytics has a traffic flow
Where it tells you how visitors react
When they visit any page
You can also see a report for most visited pages
If it happens that the mostly visited page is
How to lose weight with Keto diet in 14 days
Then use it to write a detailed blog post
14 days detailed plan to losing weight using Keto diet

5) Write email newsletter from day one

I know what you think to yourself
You think I don’t have much to say and
I am not sure how to keep my subscribers interested
Let me tell you that you learn from your fellow bloggers

Join newsletter in your niche
Analyze their emails and come with something similar
Your target is to get some recurring visitors coming to your blog
Building an email list is an excellent way to generate income without relying on traffic

If you have a new blog post
Just broadcast it to your email list
It is a traffic on autopilot

I hope I covered how to add great writings to your blog
If you think I missed something, reply to me in the comment below

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