Rocking The Stage: The 12 Bands That Set Fire to Every Live Performance

There is a difference between good concerts and unforgettable performances. Concerts deliver music and excite the audience, while performances consider every sense. Performances utilize sound, visuals, delivery, audience engagement, and sometimes scents to enhance the audience's experience. According to the internet, here are 12 of the best performances from live bands.

1. The Killers

The Killers (famous indie rock band) perform in concert at FIB Festival on July 20, 2018 in Benicassim, Spain.
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Let's look at the bright side.

“They are my favorite band, but I've been to so many other concerts, and their show and Brandon's energy can't be matched. Great chemistry with the audience as well,” a commenter shares. 

2. The Cure

Performing of the Cure (Robert Smith at picture) at Main Stage at Exit festival. The 19th Exit festival with the theme of Tribe
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“Saw them outside on a perfect night at Lollapalooza with the entire Chicago skyline lit up. It was a combo of time, place, nostalgia,  and a great performance by the band. I think about that show all the time,” one The Cure fan raves. 

3. Kiss

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Kiss captivates audiences with pyrotechnics, acrobatics, trapeze, fire breathing, and stellar live music. The audience gathers to dress up as band members and sing and dance to their favorite songs while Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley transport the audience to another dimension.

4. Metallica

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Metallica fans claim the band features unbeatable stage presence, incomparable sound quality, undeniable adrenaline rushes, and unforgettable mosh pits. 

5. Rush 

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Rock band shows fuel their audience with amplified tracks and overflowing energy. Many live music fans say Rush put on the best shows of any band. One person says nothing will ever beat seeing Neil Peart (the drummer) live.

6. Linkin Park

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park singing into a microphone on stage
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“Chester Bennington was unreal live. He sounded exactly [how] he did on records and could hold notes longer than I’ve ever seen anyone,” a Linkin Park fan adds. 

7. Pink Floyd

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd for his 'Us + Them Tour' at Rogers Arena
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Many music appreciators state that the infamous psychedelic rock group that blended politics and emotions with the sonic experience delivers the most incredible live shows ever. 

8. Muse

British rock band Muse performing on stage
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Muse is the best band to see live, according to several concert-goers. The English rock band comprised of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard doesn't skimp on the production, sound design, or visuals during live sets. 

9. Rage Against The Machine

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“Although it's not my favorite band ever, and I never saw them in his ‘primal' (only saw them in 2008 when they passed in Portugal), it was the biggest explosion of live music I can happily recall,” A Rage Against the Machine enthusiast explains. 

10. Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead in concert in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, June 20, 1992. From left, Phil Lesh, Bob Wier, Jerry Garcia, and Bruce Hornsby.
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Jerry Garcia arguably garnered one of the most loyal followings of any band. Every forum member claims they've seen over 20 shows; one even writes they've attended over 100 Grateful Dead shows. Each one is better than the last.  

11. Earth Wind & Fire

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“If I had to create a composite Perfect Band including every facet I love about music: innovation, danceability, versatility, more or less the band that perfectly does it all…that band would be Earth Wind & Fire,” someone expresses. 

12. Daft Punk

fan tribute to Daft Punk
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Seventeen years ago, Daft Punk performed one of the most iconic live sets in music history. The duo, clad in robot outfits and a spaceship-like stage, proved their worth to thousands at Coachella. One live music attendee says Daft Punk is better than any other music group ever created. 

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