Get Your Ghost Fix: The 10 Most Spine-Tingling Ghost Hunting Shows

Are you a fan of seeking ghosts through engaging stories? You've got company.

Recently someone asked, “What do you consider the GOAT (greatest of all time) ghost-hunting show or channel? It can be complete or on air or based on any criteria.” The Internet responded to deliver this list.

1. BuzzFeed Unsolved

buzzfeed unresolved
Image Credit: YouTube

One person exclaimed, “As a Shane-i-ac, I'm voting for BuzzFeed Unsolved!” Another user said, “It's one of the only ghost-hunting shows I have seen where the hunters don't cheesily overreact and dramatize everything all the time.

“Or at least when Ryan gets spooked, it seems legitimate and not acted. The believer/skeptic dynamic Shane and Ryan have is excellent, too, and helps everything feel more grounded.”

“I've been watching ghost-hunting shows since I was a kid, and my fave is Buzzfeed Unsolved (with Ryan and Shane). Their chaotic and funny dynamic, the fact that Shane is a skeptic, and the mix between horror and humor make it stand head and shoulders above all the other shows. Also, I trust them not to fake evidence since Shane thinks ghosts aren't real.”

2. Ghost Adventures

ghost adventurers
Image Credit: Paulson Ryan Scott

“I love Ghost Adventures. It's so bad and ridiculous, but it was one of the first shows I got into, and I love Zak,” one person shared.

Another agreed, “The early Ghost Adventures. I still crack up when Zak sends Aaron in alone every time.” However, another argued, “I would say early Ghost Adventures, but I don't trust any of their evidence after they were exposed for faking some of it.”

3. Ghost Files

ghost files
Image Credit: YouTube

One user exclaimed, “The first season of Ghost Files just wrapped, and it's a banger! Voting for Ryan and Shane all the way!!!”

“It's because the two are genuinely entertaining people who don't need to rely on gimmicks. Their chemistry is so good that even if nothing at all happens at the location, they still manage to make it fun,” another added. 

4. My Ghost Story

my ghost story
Image Credit: A&E Network

One person shared, “My Ghost Story was also one of my favorites. It can be corny, but some episodes creeped me out when I was younger. A nice couple from my town was on that show too. Their daughter passed away, and they started catching odd things on their security cameras. I always think of that show when I drive past their house.”

5. The Haunted Collector

haunted collector
Image Credit: Gurney Productions

The Haunted Collector. They also tend to debunk a lot of stuff, which makes me trust them more,” one user expressed. Another added, “It is an awesome show. Too bad it got canceled.”

6. Nuke's Top 5

nukes top 5
Image Credit: YouTube

Nuke's Top 5,” one user said, “Even though he's just a curator and compiler of other video content, his content is the best. Plus, at least as of now, he doesn't have annoying sponsor ads embedded in his videos. And his narration is pretty good.”

7. The Dead Files

the dead files
Image Credit: Travel Channel

One user confessed, “Not going to lie. I only got the Discovery+ streaming service to binge Dead Files! Amy Allen is bonkers, and I love it.” Another confirmed, “Dead Files all the way!!! Not so much ghost-hunting, but Amy Allen is incredible.”

8. Most Haunted

most haunted
Image Credit: Antix Productions

“I don't know if the show was fake, but growing up, I liked to watch Most Haunted on the Travel Channel,” one said.

“The hosts are not super exciting, but it's a good show if you want a quiet and much more respectful ghost hunt. I always loved their Halloween specials because they set up cameras in other rooms, and you could watch the cameras online and call a hotline if you saw something spooky.”

9. Ghost Hunters

ghost hunters
Image Credit: NBC Universal

Ghost Hunters, only because I have great memories of staying up late with my auntie to watch it and having a great time,” someone shared. Another said, “I do like Ghost Hunters. They seem more genuine.”

“Their approach to debunking first was refreshing and showed some legitimacy. The first two years, in particular, were my favorite for one reason. The show early on normalized the paranormal investigator.”

10. Paranormal Lockdown

paranormal lockdown
Image Credit: Discovery Communications

Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff and Katrina,” one user replied. “I'm also a fan of Paranormal Lockdown, but before Jack Osbourne got his hands on it,” another person clarified.

Finally, a third said, “Katrina Wiedman is such a brave and calm investigator. She's the real deal.”

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