35 of the Greatest Television and Streaming Christmas Movies That Deserve to Be Remembered

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In recent years, Christmas movies made for television and streaming services such as The Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and Netflix have become numerous and immensely popular. During the holiday season, Hallmark, for example, plays these films all day, every day. This year alone, over 100 new movies are set for release between the various channels and streaming services. That amount is not unusual as the number of films produced in the past few years has grown exponentially.

So many quality films become lost in the shuffle. With so many produced year after year, many no longer air or are forgotten, especially films made more than five years ago. While current ones are enjoyable, finding the best of the bunch can be challenging. With so many, there are undoubtedly some worthy films that do not make this list. But let's look at 35 of the greatest television Christmas films that deserve to be remembered.

12 Dates of Christmas (ABC Family, 2011)

12 dates of christmas
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In this delightful romantic comedy, a young woman named Kate (Amy Smart) is not over her ex-boyfriend and still dreams of them reuniting. With her heart elsewhere, her Christmas Eve blind date with a great guy named Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) does not go well. But after a fall in a department store, Kate wakes up and discovers that it's again Christmas Eve. And she must repeatedly live the same day and blind date until she gets everything right.

Soon, Kate discovers she has much to learn about fate, true love, and what matters in life. And in the end, it is not just a date but also how she sees her family, friends, neighbors, and herself that needs to change. It's a warm, funny film bolstered by the two leads and their affable chemistry.

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Borrowed Hearts (CBS, 1997)

borrowed hearts
Image Credit: Atlantis Films

This sweet-natured and romantic film, both light and poignant, also features an excellent cast that includes Roma Downey, Eric McCormack, and Hector Elizondo. The story follows the single mother Kathleen and her precocious daughter Zoey. She struggles to make ends meet, with her ex-husband and Zoey's father rarely there. So Kathleen reluctantly agrees for her and her daughter to pose as the family of her boss, Sam, to help a seal merger with an old-fashioned business associate.

Of course, the line between pretending and reality becomes blurred as Kathleen and Zoey grow close to Sam. This film stands out for the romance and familial affection between Sam, Kathleen, and Zoey, who find that the unexpected is sometimes the most beautiful thing. Laughter and tears are inevitable when watching this film.

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The Christmas Box (CBS, 1995)

the christmas
Image Credit: Hallmark Entertainment

This heartfelt and very moving drama is little known these days but one that more than deserves a resurgence in notoriety. Not only is the story a tearjerker and profound one, but the cast is excellent and includes Richard Thomas, Annette O'Toole, and Maureen O'Hara. The plot involves the owner of a ski-shop moving into an old Victorian home to help care for an elderly widow, along with his wife and young daughter. As he struggles with his store and neglects his family, he has dreams of an angel and is determined to discover what his dreams mean.

This film may not be well remembered, but that is not due to the quality. On the contrary, The Christmas Box is a beautiful story of family and compassion. In one of Maureen O'Hara's last films, she and the other cast give the film its steady and emotional heartbeat.

The Christmas Card (The Hallmark Channel, 2006)

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Heartfelt and poignant, The Christmas Card is one of Hallmark's most remarkable films ever. In the story, a Marine named Cody finds comfort, solace, and hope in a Christmas card he receives. Written as part of a service to give back to military members, a kind young woman named Faith writes about her parents and the small but beautiful town she lives in, Nevada City, California. During his tour of duty, he always keeps it with him. On leave, he finds this young woman to thank her for the faith she gave him during a dark time.

Of course, once Cody meets the aptly named Faith, the man with endless courage in warfare can't find the courage to tell her why he is there. Instead, after being in the right place to save Faith's father, he gets to know her and her parents during the Holidays.

The divine scenery of Nevada City, and moments of romance and heart, make this film a cozy, touching, and lovely film that should be remembered for many years to come.

A Christmas Carol: The Musical (NBC, 2004)

a christmas carol the musical
Image Credit: Hallmark Entertainment

Charles Dickens' classic story gets the musical treatment for this thoroughly engaging, well-acted, and moving film with music by Alan Menken and Lynn Ahrens. Kelsey Grammar plays the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, the man who has let greed harden his heart and is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve to save his soul. It is up to the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, as well as Scrooge, to remember the Christmas spirit. It is a spirit that we should carry with us all year long- one of kindness, generosity, and good cheer.

This story endures and has been retold countless times with an unparalleled legacy. And while there have been numerous beautiful versions, this one stands out for its sublime music, gorgeous production design, and outstanding performances.

Grammar gives one of his finest performances and evokes genuine poignancy with his take on Scrooge. But the entire cast, which also includes Jesse L. Martin, Jane Krakowski, Jason Alexander, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, are all exceptional. This timeless tale becomes a musical that deserves to endure as well.

The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix, 2018)

christmas chronicles
Image Credit: 1492 Pictures and Netflix

Almost every generation has a depiction of Santa Claus that becomes iconic. Surprisingly, the current one has Kurt Russell added to a list that includes Edmund Gwenn, Tim Allen, and Richard Attenborough. Two kids plan to capture Russell's Santa on camera in this top-notch, funny, thoughtful, and moving Netflix production. But plans go awry, leaving Santa stranded, and a grand adventure begins for the brother and sister who are grieving the loss of their father.

The quality of the production, from the costumes to the special effects and performances, is superb. There's a great deal of humor and whimsy combined with profound moments about grief, faith, and love. Russell may seem like an unconventional choice for Santa Claus. But he makes the part his own with a slight edge to his humor. But he retains warmth and softness, which also gives the film its indelible stamp in Christmas movie history.

Christmas Connection (The Hallmark Channel, 2017)

christmas connection
Image Credit: Cartel Pictures

With a unique premise, Christmas Connection has a gentleness and moving story that is rarely seen. The story follows a kind flight attendant named Sydney who is more used to Christmas in exotic locales than a small, homey experience.

On a flight to Chicago, she looks after an unaccompanied minor. When that girl accidentally leaves her Christmas present for her dad on the plane, Sydney takes it upon herself to return it, which proves to be the best decision she ever makes.

She meets the girl's father, Jonathan, a journalist who asks if he can write a story about the mystery she has always wondered about her late parents. Embarking on a journey to discover about them brings the two and his daughter close. And the moments are not only sweet but touching. But what makes the film excellent are the two leads, Brooke Burns and Tom Everett Scott, who elevate the story to the stratosphere.

A Christmas Kiss/A Kiss for Christmas (ion, 2011)

a christmas kiss
Image Credit: Atmospheric Pictures and Ion Television

This film is different because it is a bit more PG-13 for a television Christmas film. But it's all for the better, as it feels a bit more realistic while still maintaining the romantic schmaltz one would expect to see. In the story, a talented designer is stifled by her cold, calculating, and demanding boss. One night she shares a passionate and unexpected kiss with a stranger in an elevator, both for a moment fearing it is the end.

Imagine her surprise when he ends up being her boss's boyfriend and the owner of the house she is in charge of decorating for a Holiday party. Because she was all dolled up in the elevator, he doesn't recognize her as the two grow close. And they realize what love truly should be. While it may be overly romantic at times, the film also has a more grounded feel making it more than worthwhile.

Christmas Perfection (Lifetime, 2018)

christmas perfection
Image Credit: MK1 Productions and Lifetime Television

Have you ever dreamed of living in a perfect Christmas village where everything is cheery and beautiful, and nothing goes wrong? For Darcy, that has been her wish since her parents divorced when she was a child. She finds comfort in the miniature Christmas village she displays yearly, with her best friend Brandon always teasing her about it.

When she buys a new piece for her village, her wish comes true, and she wakes up in a picture-perfect Irish village where he parents are still happily married, meals are deliciously endless and guilt-free, she has a handsome English boyfriend, and it's Christmas every day. It seems lovely, but soon Darcy realizes “perfection” is overrated, especially when Brandon somehow arrives and challenges her desire to escape into this “reality.” She can't even swear as it humorously comes out as Christmas words.

This film is cozy and comforting, with natural chemistry between its leads. But the unique concept and often laugh-out-loud humor make it a perfect treat for the season.

A Christmas to Remember (The Hallmark Channel, 2016)

a christmas to remember
Image Credit: Crown Media Productions

In this heartwarming gem, a celebrity chef (Mira Sorvino) is on her way to a spa for relaxation when she gets into a car accident on a snowy road. The accident leaves her with amnesia, so the local veterinarian (Cameron Mathison), who finds her takes her home and lets her stay with him and his children while she recovers. Unsurprisingly sparks fly, but a heartwarming and lovely bond also forms between her and his children.

Losing her memory is frightening, but being welcomed in by a loving family who grows to love her for who she is at her core proves to be the greatest gift she could ever receive. Amnesia, single fathers, and adorable kids may be familiar tropes in these types of films. But in A Christmas to Remember, they were never more memorable.

The Christmas Waltz (The Hallmark Channel, 2020)

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Image Credit: Brad Krevoy Television and Hallmark

This gentle, dreamy, and very romantic film follows Avery (Lacey Chabert), a lawyer who has always dreamed of a Christmas wedding and a beautiful first dance. Her dreams are ready to come true when her fiancé makes a thoughtless decision that clearly shows he cares for his career more than her- with only a few weeks before their nuptials. Heartbroken, she breaks up with him but decides to go through with the waltz lessons she had signed them up for.

And these lessons prove to be exactly what she needs. She grows close and develops a tender and understanding relationship with her dance instructor (Will Kemp) as the two bring out each other's best sides. The chemistry between Chabert and Kemp is lovely, and their shared dances range from delightful to divine. This is a romantic whirl of a film.

The Christmas Wish (CBS, 1998)

the christmas wish
Image Credit: Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment and CBS

A thoughtful and genuinely moving film that has been forgotten by many, The Christmas Wish features a beautiful story and an exceptional cast of Neil Patrick Harris, Naomi Watts, and Debbie Reynolds. In the story, Will Martin has just taken over his late grandfather's real estate business and is staying with his grandmother.

Having been raised by them since his parents were killed in a car accident, he asks his grandmother what her Christmas wish is. And she brings out one of her late husband's journals that mentions a woman's name and how he always spends Christmas Eve with her while she is shopping with Will. Both confused and needing to find the truth, Will decides to discover who this woman is. And along the way, he receives help from his grandfather's former secretary, now a ballet teacher.

Although this film is not well remembered, it more than deserves to be so. It is one of the most touching and well-performed films of its kind, with profound themes about love and forgiveness. This one is a tearjerker filled with warmth and genuine emotion.

Christmas With Holly (ABC, Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2012)

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Image Credit: HALLMARK/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

A film made with tenderness and heart, Christmas With Holly follows a young man named Mark (Sean Faris), who is the guardian of his young niece Holly. Since her mother's death, Holly has become non-verbal and has stopped trying at school. He moves in with his two other brothers during the holidays, hoping that she will open up again. Soon, a special connection both for Mark and Holly forms with the owner of a local toy shop, newly single Maggie (Eloise Mumford).

While all three uncles reconnect with each other and feelings blossom between Mark and Maggie, they all find their love for Holly brings out the best in them. They all learn that what matters most is family and to remain true to your heart. This is a sweet, well-performed, and heartfelt film.

Crown for Christmas (The Hallmark Channel, 2015)

crown for christmas
Image Credit: Cinedigm Home Entertainment and Hallmark

Modern fairy tale wish fulfillment movies are commonplace for Hallmark, and Crown for Christmas is one of the best. The story follows Allie Evans (Danica McKellar), who is unceremoniously fired from her job as a hotel maid. But almost as quickly, she is offered a job as a governess for the daughter of King Maximilian (Rupert Penry-Jones) in the small European country of Winshire.

Soon Allie learns that young Theodora has been a handful for every previous governess. But she has a different approach- a mix of New York savvy and genuine understanding, fun, and kindness. Not only bonding with his daughter, but Allie also finds a connection with the King, complicated by the fact that he is set to marry a Countess.

The plot is entirely predictable. But it is such elegant and frothy sweetness and a sort of fairy tale Sound of Music that it does not matter. This one is for the hopeless romantics.

Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow (The Hallmark Channel, 2015)

dashing through the snow
Image Credit: Unity Pictures Group

Delightful and romantic, with a hint of old-fashioned flair and inspiration, this film, based on Debbie Macomber's novel, stars Meghan Ory and Andrew Walker. The story follows Ashley and Dash, two travelers on their way to Seattle before Christmas who reluctantly agree to share the only rental car available. Ashley is a sweet and effervescent crafter, while Dash is a perennial Grinch with an air of mystery, whose demeanor is softened by Ashley's warm heart.

Along the way, they encounter many things on the road to home and eventually love. But with federal agents mysteriously tailing the two, things grow very complicated.

This film is an absolute joy from start to finish, with affable and natural chemistry between Ory and Walker and many references and inspiration drawn from classic cinema such as It Happened One Night and White Christmas. Moreover, the story has some unexpected twists amongst the familiar romantic tropes, which makes Dashing Through the Snow a unique gem.

Eloise at Christmastime (ABC, 2003)

eloise of christmastime
Image Credit: ABC Television

Living at the Plaza Hotel in New York City while her mother is away is the precocious 6-year-old Eloise and her ever-exasperated nanny (Julie Andrews). Eloise spends her day getting into the business of the hotel staff and its long-standing guests, much to their frustration. If a film were the personification of gingerbread men and sugar plums, it would be this sequel to Eloise at the Plaza.

But one person who is never annoyed is Eloise's best pal, Bill, who is always up to piano playing and performing skits. When Bill's former sweetheart, Rachel, returns to the hotel with a fiancé, Eloise takes it upon herself to reunite her friend with his love before she marries the wrong man.

Although this film is made with children in mind, it is the type that all ages can enjoy. It is as sweet as can be with charming and adorable moments. The colorful film sparkles with that Christmas look that will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

A Heavenly Christmas (Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2016)

a heavenly christmas
Image Credit: Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Hall of Fame films are genuinely more dramatic, thoughtful, and poignant and tend to feature superb casts. Such is the case with A Heavenly Christmas, which stars Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack, and the legendary Shirley MacLaine. The story involves Eve, a woman constantly preoccupied with work, barely seeing her brother and his family, who no longer finds happiness in the Holiday season. When an accident leads to her premature death, she is tasked with helping a fellow lost soul before she becomes an angel.

This lost soul is single parent Max, a struggling singer/songwriter who wants to give his sister's daughter a good life. Since his sister's death, who was his musical partner, Max no longer sings and has lost hope. So Eve must help him heal while she begins to rediscover what life should be about. The ending has a surprise that is quite poignant and, along with the beautiful performances, gives A Heavenly Christmas its emotional lifeline.

Holiday Engagement (The Hallmark Channel, 2011)

holiday engagement

A true romantic comedy in every way, this one may have a setup that could only happen in the movies, but that does not lessen its charm. The plot involves Hilary, a talented but rarely employed writer in her 30s who is happy to finally bring her boyfriend Jason home for Thanksgiving as they are finally engaged. But when the corporate lawyer decides Hilary isn't wife material, Hilary is heartbroken and ashamed. Unable to tell her family the truth, especially her judgmental mother, she hires a man to pretend to be her fiancé.

Unsurprisingly, the two start to grow close as romantic lines are blurred. Importantly, the ruse helps to bring out truths about the whole family with a healthy dose of humor, heart, Christmas cheer, and romance. It's light entertainment elevated by the cast's chemistry and comedic timing.

If You Believe (Lifetime, 1999)

if you believe
Image Credit: Hearst Entertainment Productions

The funny, lovely, and utterly unique film follows book editor Susan. She is a woman who has lost all her sense of joy and is a proverbial Scrooge, especially around the Holiday season. She begins seeing her younger self when she slips one evening and bumps her head. And her younger self is precocious, enthusiastic, and determined to help her remember her inner child. If you can remember what it's like to be young at heart, happiness, love, and family no longer feel so elusive.

Two sweet and ultimately heartwarming relationships in this movie make it worthwhile. The first is between Susan and the author of her latest editing project. He is a great man who takes her to his hometown for old-fashioned, Norman Rockwell-inspired Christmas cheer. The second is between Susan and her younger self (an adorable Hayden Panettiere), whose presence not only reawakens her youthful spirit but reminds us that we must learn to love ourselves. If You Believe may be lesser known, but it is more than spirited.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Netflix, 2020)

jingle jangle
Image Credit: NETFLIX and Gareth Gatrell

This creative musical follows an inventor and toymaker with a special magic within him named Jeronicus. When the final miraculous ingredient for his grand idea arrives, he is beyond excited about what this will mean for him, his wife, and his young and bright daughter. But when his apprentice steals this miracle and his designs, Jeronicus loses his business, spirit, and wife and sends his daughter Jessica away to school. This Netflix original production is dazzling and rich with whimsy, profound performances, colorful costumes, and gorgeous sets.

Many years later, Jessica is grown and sends her daughter, Journey, to spend time with her grandfather. Jeronicus is still despondent, but soon Journey brings the magic back into his soul as they embark on an incredible adventure.

Set in a fantastical Victorian world, what makes Jingle Jangle so incredible is not singular. The excellent cast includes Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville, Anika Noni Rose, and Phylicia Rashad. Moreover, there are themes of creativity, individuality, forgiveness, and family. This musical film is a glittering, joyous, and poignant Christmas jewel.

Journey Back to Christmas (The Hallmark Channel, 2016)

journey back to christmas
Image Credit: Crown Media United Stats, LLC

Of all the Christmas films starring Candace Cameron Bure, Journey Back to Christmas is the greatest. A thoughtful, touching, and well-acted film, the story is about time travel, family, and destiny. During WWII, Hanna is a nurse awaiting her husband's return from the war.

One evening, the “Christmas Comet” appears in the sky, and Hanna is caught in a storm. She is knocked unconscious- an event that magically transports her to the future. There she meets Jake, a handsome police officer, and his family, who offers her a home and help. Although they cannot quite fathom she is from another time, they soon discover the truth is even more miraculous than they could ever believe.

In addition to Bure, the talented cast includes Oliver Hudson, Brooke Nevin, and Tom Skeritt. Additionally, while romances are lovely and usually Bure's forte, this film has a unique and engaging story. We see the profound effect even the smallest act of kindness can have on someone. The ripple effect of love and compassion is timeless, which is what Journey Back to Christmas beautifully conveys.

Just in Time for Christmas (Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2015)

just in time for christmas 1
Image Credit: Johnson Group Productions and Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Time travel, magic, time loops, and what-if scenarios are common tropes, especially in Holiday films. So a film would need a special quality to stand out from the rest. Just in Time For Christmas is such a film with a touching story and a fantastic cast that includes Eloise Mumford, Christopher Lloyd, and William Shatner.

The plot involves a psychology professor who is offered her dream job and proposed to on the same night. Not knowing how to choose between moving across the country or staying where she is and marrying her true love, she is offered a glimpse of the future. She is propelled three years ahead where she chose the job at Yale University but finds life without her love feels empty. And with him set to marry someone else, she must find a way to get the life she truly wants back.

The story may not be revolutionary, and it is predictable. But in the capable hands of engaging actors, the story is given a great deal of heart and thoughtfulness, making the film a true gem.

Naughty or Nice (The Hallmark Channel, 2011)

naughty or nice
Image Credit: Hallmark

Very funny and ultimately sweet-natured, Naughty or Nice tells the story of Krissy Kringle, a kind and confident woman with great ambition and hope that she and her boyfriend will marry. Her life receives a double dose of Christmas whimsy. After being unjustly fired, she gets a job at a shopping mall as an elf in Santa's village.

But more magically, because she lives on Candy Cane Lane, and has a rather famous name, many of Santa's letters are mailed to her. This includes Santa's book that has been left behind when he visits a children's hospital. Soon, Krissy learns this book can show anyone and what they have been doing, whether it be naughty or nice. The choice to use it responsibly is something she must learn along the way.

The cast of this film is excellent, including Hilarie Burton and Matt Dallas, and, as a clever wink to the audience, Family Ties alums Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross as Krissy's parents. The laughs are plentiful, and heartfelt moments ring true as we see that people are complex, and Christmas is a time to remember that.

Noelle (Disney+,2019)

Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

One of the first Disney+ originals is this whimsical and moving story about the daughter of Santa. Noelle lives a happy and carefree life at the beautiful North Pole. She loves Christmas and admires her father immeasurably. When he passes, and her brother Nick is set to inherit the role of Santa, he feels too much pressure to live up to the mantle and runs away from his responsibility. So Noelle and her lifelong Elf friend Polly set off to find Nick before Christmas.

Santa tales have been told countless times, but this one proves to be a new and fresh take while still retaining the warmth and commonalities of the character and feelings we expect. The production design of the North Pole is gorgeous, the humor is witty, and the heart and tear-inducing moments are consistently earned. Overall, the cast makes Noelle special, including Shirley MacLaine, Bill Hader, and especially the effervescent Anna Kendrick.

November Christmas (CBS, Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2010)

november christmas
Image Credit: Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

November Christmas is a film filled with the warmth of the Holiday spirit that comes from the deepest places in our hearts. This Hallmark Hall of Fame drama is a profound story that tugs at the heartstrings. Centering around a little girl undergoing cancer treatments, the story is about her family's emotional struggles as they fear the worst. Wondering if she will make it to see the holiday brings together the community in a profoundly affecting and moving way that will surely bring tears to one's eyes.

Between the touching tale and the superb cast (John Corbett, Sarah Paulson, Sam Elliott, Karen Allen) who convey every emotion brilliantly, November Christmas is not light entertainment. Rather, it is a film that is good for the soul and the spirit.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas (The Hallmark Channel, 2010)

an old fashioned christmas
Image Credit: Sonar Entertainment and Parallel Films

In a sequel to An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, this charming Victorian-set period film has romance and a cheery spirit. Aspiring writer and newly engaged Tilly travels to Ireland with her maternal grandmother Isabella, to stay with her former beau and his family.

While he remains stoic, his wife and son Cameron scheme to seduce Tilly into a marriage that could save them from financial ruin. Tilly cannot help but be charmed by Cameron, but her heart still beats for her fiancé Gad. Meanwhile, Tilly is happy to meet her paternal grandfather for the first time. He is a kindly but proud farmer who balks but ultimately finds common ground with Isabella.

There's something to be said for a film that showcases a simpler and old-fashioned Christmas, rich with quiet beauty and tradition. There are few period holiday films, making this one stand out from the rest. But without a good story, that wouldn't matter. Thankfully, An Old-Fashioned Christmas is a delight.

One Royal Holiday (The Hallmark Channel, 2020)

one royal holiday
Image Credit: Synthetic Cinema International

When you cast Broadway alums Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit, you know the performances will surely be top-notch. And in this story about a Crown Prince and a small country inn, we are treated to a delightful and heartwarming tale.

While on her way home to her father's Bed and Breakfast, nurse Anna runs into a family needing a ride after their car breaks down. But this is not an ordinary family. They are royals who ultimately end up stranded. But they find their time spent with Anna, her father, and the lovely little community to be one of their finest times ever.

Osnes and Tveit have a natural and swoon-worthy chemistry as two kind and lonely souls who both grieve the loss of a parent. But their connection runs deeper in a way that is lovely and meaningful. This is a Christmas fairy tale with snowy scenery, candlelight, glittering gowns, sublime music, and sweetly tender moments. “The Christmas Waltz” is the perfect song to describe this lovely movie.

On the Second Day of Christmas (Lifetime, 1997)

on the 2nd days of christmas
Image Credit: ABC Pictures and Goldernring Productions

Not nearly as well known as it should be, this 90s Holiday set romantic comedy stars Mary Stuart Masterson as a con woman, Trish, who is caught stealing at a department store with her niece, Patsy. Mark Ruffalo plays the store employee, Bert, tasked with looking after them.

Because it's Christmas, they agree to let Bert take them home so they won't spend the Holiday at social services. Soon Bert's judgment about how Trish is raising her niece turns to an open heart and compassion as they all grow close. And Trish sees that Bert is not a stuffed shirt but rather living in the shadow of all his siblings who became police officers while he could not.

The story goes the way most romances do. But the cast elevates the material, and the story is genuinely funny and heartfelt. And we see that first impressions are only sometimes accurate and that everyone deserves a second chance, especially at Christmas.

The Rooftop Christmas Tree (The Hallmark Channel, 2016)

rooftop christmas tree 1
Image Credit: Johnson Group Production

In this criminally underrated drama, inspired by a true story, two lawyers team up to make a lonely man's simple Christmas wish possible. For many years Dale Landis has put a Christmas tree atop his roof. The reason is unknown, and there were never issues.

Recently, Dale has been told it is illegal to do so, but he is relentless in his purpose. With it so important to him, lawyers Sarah and John decide to not only find a way to keep Dale out of jail and let him display his tree but also investigate its meaning.

The truth behind Dale's tree is too moving to spoil. But needless to say, his story and how Sarah and John come together for a common purpose showcase the generous and loving spirit of the season.

A Season For Miracles (CBS, Hallmark Hall of Fame, 1999)

a season for miracles
Image Credit: Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Touching, resonant, and heartfelt, this Hallmark Hall of Fame gem tells the story of Emilie Thompson, a kind and loving aunt trying to give her niece and nephew a safe and happy home. Sister and brother Lani and J.T. have lived a short but hard life. They've been constantly neglected by their mother, who is now in prison for drug use. To avoid the siblings being split up and taken into foster care, Emilie flees with the kids and ends up in a little town called Bethlehem.

Posing as the inheritor of an empty home, Emilie befriends a kindly police officer, and all three begin to feel like happiness is actually possible. A film about those who have been dealt harsh realities but find genuine friendship, love, and generosity in the small town is what makes the movie so special. The performances are authentic, and the story is engaging and thoughtful. As one of the most moving Christmas dramas ever, A Season For Miracles deserves to endure.

The Spirit of Christmas (Lifetime, 2015)

the spirit of christmas
Image Credit: MarVista Entertainment

A uniquely romantic film, The Spirit of Christmas tells the story of Kate, a lawyer tasked with selling a historic bed and breakfast before Christmas, and Daniel, the spirit who haunts the inn every Holiday season. But Daniel is not an ordinary ghost. His state seems to be from a strange curse, and he is a spirit who feels as solid and sturdy as any man Kate has ever met.

As the pair try to find a way to break the curse and free Daniel's spirit, love blossoms inevitably. Deeply romantic with beautiful Christmas and winter scenery, this film is a lovely little gem with swoon-worthy chemistry and a creative story. It is a film that can genuinely lift the spirits.

Three Days (ABC Family, 2001)

three days
Image Credit: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

Profoundly moving and affecting, Three Days is about the greatest gift in the world: True Love and all that it encompasses. Married childhood sweethearts Beth and Andrew (Kristin Davis and Reed Diamond) love each other but slowly drift apart because of Andrew's work. Three days before Christmas, tragedy strikes when Beth is hit by a car and dies. But the angel Lionel (Tim Meadows) grants Andrew an extraordinary chance to relive the last three days and change Beth's fate – but only if he gives her the greatest gift of all.

Three Days is for the romantics who believe in the power of love. As Andrew tries to reconnect with his wife, they learn about forgiveness and self-reflection and rediscover how much they truly love one another. But is that enough to change destiny? And what is the greatest gift? Get out the tissues for this one, for it is a beautifully moving testament to love's eternal magic.

Three Wise Women (The Hallmark Channel, 2010)

three wise women
Image Credit: Sonar Entertainment

In this Irish-produced film, fantasy, comedy, and drama are blended to make a delightful and thoughtful film about love and forgiveness. When Ellie is 18, she is a fun and optimistic romantic whose world is shattered by a cheating father and boyfriend. She vows never to love again, a declaration that forces her guardian angel to leave her.

Many years later, Ellie is a gifted doctor, set to marry on Christmas Eve. But her situation is more akin to a business arrangement than anything romantic. Because Ellie truly needs help, her guardian angel is allowed to return to her, and he employs her younger and older selves to help her remember her positive side that believes in love.

The unique concept, genuine humor and heart, and fine cast, including Fionnula Flanagan, John Rhys-Davis, and Amy Huberman, make checking this film a wise decision.

A Veteran's Christmas (The Hallmark Channel, 2018)

a veterens christmas
Image Credit: Crown Media Productions

This is a film for romantics and dog lovers alike. The story follows Veteran Grace Garland, who becomes stranded in a small town after a minor car accident. Seemingly far from help, a dog approaches her, and soon its owner, the local judge Joe Peterson, who offers her a place to stay until her car can be fixed.

Is their meeting by chance, or was it fate? This meeting helps Grace remember all that she had been missing: a sense of family, goodwill, and her beloved K9 partner dog from her time in Afghanistan. But she also finds something unexpected (but unsurprising) in her feelings for Joe. The genuine surprise of the film is too touching to spoil. But with the reuniting of the leads from Christmas With Holly, Sean Faris and Eloise Mumford, we see lovely chemistry and a charming and sweet little film.

A Very Merry Mix-Up (The Hallmark Channel, 2013)

a very merry mix up
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This romantic comedy gem features a plot that may seem implausible but is quite believable despite all. In the story, Alice, who owns an antique store filled with whimsical treasures, is romantic. Exited to meet her future in-laws over the holidays, everything seems to go wrong at the onset. She travels without her boyfriend and loses her phone and her luggage.

But hope seems restored with she meets her future husband's brother at the airport, and he brings her to the family home for a beautiful, cheery time of heartfelt and fun-filled bonding. And the bonding includes growing very close with her would-be brother-in-law. But this film is called A Very Merry Mix-Up for a reason that is too funny to spoil.

This charmer is like a warm cup of cocoa with adorable chemistry between leads Alicia Witt, Mark Wiebe, and the supporting cast. And their game of anonymously writing compliments about your friends and family and trying to guess who said it should be a tradition at many a Holiday gathering. This film is the definition of delightful.

Honorable Mentions:

a nutcracker christmas
Image Credit: Michael G. Larkin Productions

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