17 Things From The 90s People Miss Like Crazy

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The 1990s is just a different decade in time, but it may as well be a galaxy far, far away. Those who lived through the 1990s feel oldbut our old age can't take nostalgia away from us. Through technological advancement, social upheavals, and unprecedented changes in how humans interact, we'll always have our memories of the 90s. Here are cherished aspects of the 90s.

1. Good Posture

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There was no such thing as a Cellphone Neck in the 1990s because, you know, there were no cellphones.

2. Trust-Based Socializing

Friends watching sports
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Before ubiquitous cell phones, you set a meeting time and trusted that people would be there on time. When your buddy showed up as they said they would, it only cemented your trust in them. You couldn't text some lame excuse for not doing what you said you would do.

3. The Little Things

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Back in the 90s', we were not attached to our phones like glue and could enjoy the little things just that much more. One member recounts that even just ordering pizza and having a conversation was different, and tubular.

4. Talking, and Lack Thereof

Talking on old phone
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Before social media, what did we have? Conversations! Likewise, we had more control over when and who we were talking to. We could put our voicemails off until we got home. Can you imagine?

5. Spontaneity

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Nobody is sending you a cellphone video of the concert. No social media posts alert you to exactly when the parade will start. If you wanted to have fun, you had to show up and see what's what.

6. Sense of Humor

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There is no more troubling development than the “War on Humor.” The War on Drugs we could live with. The War on Terror ravaged personal liberties, but even then, we could handle it. The War on Humor, though? No matter how offended you may be by our jokes, we won't stand for it.

7. Saturday Morning Cartoons

Watching Cartoons
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Thanks to stricter parenting and the absence of personal computers, iPads, and other personal technology, Saturday morning cartoons used to be appointment viewing. If you weren't on time to catch the big reveal at the end of Scooby-Doo, you were missing out.

8. Airport Insecurity

People in Airport
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In the 1990s, we didn't bat an eye at lax airport security. In hindsight, it was nice not having to worry about the fine folks at TSA copping a feel.

9. Freedom From Scary News

Breaking News Anchor
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Believe it or not, Gen Z and younger, but there was a time when the news media's job was not solely to frighten the ever-living daylights out of you. Plus, they couldn't pop up on your phone without warning. It was really lovely.

10. The Magnitude of Music Videos

Editorial illustrative. In this photo illustration a MTV (originally an initialism of Music Television) logo is seen displayed on a smartphone
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The release of a new music video was an event in the 1990s. We would watch hour-long shows on MTV comprised solely of music videos! Thanks to YouTube, the iPhone, and the internet in general, music videos have lost nearly all their luster.

11. Civility

Angry Friends upset women
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Seriously, what happened? At some point around 2007 or so, it's as if one-third of the society said, “Let's forget this whole civility thing. I'd rather berate a stranger in front of their child in the supermarket because their T-shirt offends me.”

12. Face-To-Face Conversation

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No matter how ugly or shy you were in the 90s, you were completely comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger at the bar.

13. Disappearing

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Is it just me, or are there entirely too many ways for people to get ahold of us today? In the 1990s, if you weren't at your computer or within earshot of the landline, you were in your little oasis.

14. Shopping Malls

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In a time long ago, 1997, there were shopping malls with more than an Auntie Anne's, Hot Topic, Foot Locker, and 70 empty storefronts.

15. Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon
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We didn't need any stinkin' annual passes to Universal Studios. Playstation 4? You can keep it. We had Rollercoaster Tycoon, and that's all we needed.

16. Hope

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What will Y2K be like? Will the 2000s be the century where America re-establishes its dominance and forges new economic and cultural frontiers? Will I be able to afford a home in 2015? Probably!

This was the kind of wishful naiveté people were indulging in the 1990s. Idiots.

17. A Social Media-Less World

social media
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Think way back to when ‘Gram was solely a measurement or when the only Facebook was the one your high school published and sold at the end of the school year. Weren't those simpler times?

Source: Reddit.

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