Greta Thunberg Detained by Police in Germany During Eco Protest

Barely weeks after the online spat with popular influencer Andrew Tate, climate activist Greta Thunberg has once again returned to the spotlight.

According to a report by CNN, Thunberg was detained by German police at a protest over the expansion of a coal mine in the west German village of Lützerath.

Thunberg joined other activists and villagers to protest against plan to demolish the village for expansion of the Garzweiler lignite coal mine.

Video and pictures of Thunberg being carried out by the police has circulated the internet, and Twitter is going wild over the news.

“I aspire to be as unbothered as Greta Thunberg being carried away by German police,” someone said, referring to the smile on her face as she is carried out of the scene.

@LidiaNews asked the question everyone else has been asking: “WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?!”

“Imagine being a child and having the entire world know you and hate you,” said @LayahHeilpern.

Someone shared a funny joke of Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate “bumping into each other at the station.”

One said, “Greta Thunberg missed Andrew Tate so much she is following him to jail cell. Name a better love story than this.”

@krassenstein is gathering support for the young climate hero. “She's an incredible young woman.”

More people have shown solidarity.

“Hilarious how both Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate are in jail right now,” someone said.

@BladeoftheS said, “Cowardly police have to attack Greta Thunberg in real life because they were too scared to face her on Twitter.”

@anzu_white said it's the “second time in a week.”

@sj_rudolphi wrote: “In the name of greed and destruction she was arrested today while protecting our land and living conditions #germany #Deutschland.”

However, according to recent reports, Thunberg was not “arrested” and would be released, along with other detainees, once her ID had been checked.

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