Groundhog Day Triggers Both Conservatives and Democrats

Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow this morning and saw his shadow, forecasting six more weeks of winter for America.

What the famous groundhog couldn't have predicted was the discourse that has erupted across social media around the long-standing tradition.

When Groundhog Day comes around, the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray inevitably starts to trend. In case you forgot, the premise is that a man gets stuck reporting on Groundhog Day in an endless loop. Today, Twitter did what Twitter does best and both sides of the political coin have co-opted the phrase to air their grievances against the other in the latest battle in their seemingly never-ending war of words.

Responses across Twitter ranged from shots volleyed at Democrats to criticisms against the GOP, with a few timely jokes from bipartisan users sprinkled in for good measure.

Democrats Take Shots at The GOP

This user takes a shot at the collective intelligence of the GOP, declaring that Punxsutawney Phil is more informed about climate change than any Republican:

Elizabeth Warren strikes a familiar tune, attacking many of the GOP's proposed policies in the name of Groundhog Day. The Senator has historically been firmly against many Republican proposals, such as cuts to Social Security and Medicare:

Democrats have been quick to point out alleged inconsistencies in the thinking of Republicans. As Kaylan_TX points out, the GOP is more likely to trust Punxsutawney Phil than actual scientists:

Biden Firmly in Conservatives' Crosshairs

President Joe Biden found himself embroiled in the Twitter discourse over Groundhog Day, as users like johnrackham82 accuse him of “looting the treasury and destroying our country.”

Twitter user seanspicer managed a clever take on Groundhog Dog, declaring that since the groundhog saw his shadow, the American public will be greeted with “6 more weeks of finding classified documents in Biden's home,” a direct reference to the current investigation into the president's Delaware homes:

There's Still Opportunity for Bipartisan Comedy

Not all users turned this unofficial American holiday into an excuse to share politically-charged tweets. Twitter user kingoftheducks cleverly unveiled the way Columbia Pictures could re-release Groundhog Day in theaters:

Not even newly-retired Tom Brady is safe from scathing Twitter jokes. User Melissakay68 takes a well-aimed comedic shot at the multi-time Super Bowl champion with this Groundhog Day tie-in:

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