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How to Submit a Guest Post – Guidelines for Wealth of Geeks

Before submitting a post or pitch for a guest post, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and with our site.

Who We Are

Wealth of Geeks is all about making personal finance fun.

We jokingly say that we are a personal finance website for people who are not personal finance “junkies.'

Our readers range from the more sophisticated to those just starting and looking to have a few bucks left over after all the bills are paid.

Who Can Write for Us?

Wealth of Geeks accepts both guest posts and sponsored posts.

Who May Contribute a Guest Post?

Wealth of Geeks exclusively only accepts guest posts from Money Mix Insiders.

Here Is Why

I helped design the Insiders program to help bloggers grow their sites. Every single blogger who has joined our program has increased their traffic and increased revenue. Members are trained on how to write killer content that readers love, and they are given the opportunity to guest post not just on Wealth of Geeks but a ton of other amazing blogs.

You can learn more about the Insiders program here.

Here's a Fact

No other blogging group or product offers as much as our insider program does- Fact! 

We are so confident in our ability to help bloggers grow their sites we offer a 3 month trial for just one dollar. So if you want to become a better writer and blogger, Insiders is the program for you.

Here's Another Fact

If you can't be bothered to pay one damn dollar to learn how to become a better blogger and grow your site, I really don't want to feature you on my site. That's right, I said it; I don't need to be wasting my time promoting cheap ass C.H.U.Ds.

We do not accept guest posts from freelancers or content marketers looking to build links to their clients.

In other words, if you don't own the blog or are employed by the company you are looking to promote, then we most likely won't accept a post.

Additionally, please don't send us pitches to review your infographic; we are not interested in linking them. 

Sponsored Posts (Paid Placements)

Guest posts on behalf of corporate blogs or websites or posts written to lead readers to purchase a product or service would fall under our guidelines for paid placements.

Blogs owned by insurance companies, lenders, lending sites, advisors, robo-advisors, credit cards, lawyers, real estate agents, etc., would all be considered a paid placement.

Note: Our fee for a paid placement starts at $2000; please keep our base rate in mind when sending us a pitch. We are not interested in negotiating our rates as we know the value that we offer.

Helpful Resources

Advertising on Wealth of Geeks

If you would like Wealth of Geeks to represent your brand, company, or service, please see our work with me page.

Affiliate, CPA, or Cpl Offers

At this time, we are not representing financial firms, investment companies, cryptocurrency products, REITs, and financial products on a CPL, CPA, Affiliate, or performance-based model.

Do I Want a Link to Your Epic Content?

I purchased a totally rad gaming PC when I launched the blog. It's tricked out with the latest hotness and can surf the web at blazing fast speeds.  So I'm capable of doing my research and finding quality resources to link to in my posts.

Also, the computer was pretty expensive, and blogs are not exactly free. You have to pay for hosting, software, tech geeks for when the software goes nuts, email providers, Girl Scout Cookies, things to distract the cat from rubbing on your gaming pc when your blogging, and more.

If I spent all day handing out links, I wouldn't work on my site. Then I would run out of Girl Scout Cookies, and Dell's finance department would send Vince over to take the PC back. (You cant pay those guys with backlinks)

But, I digress, so to stay in the good graces of the Girl Scouts, the cat, and the money nerds over at Dell, I can't give you free advertising on my blog.

If you would like to send me cookies, links, or deal with Vinny, maybe we can talk. 

Is Your Post Better Than What I'm Linking To???

I totally get it; you have been listening to Neil Patel and decided to produce some epic skyscraper content.

Let me save you some time if I don't know you, never heard of you, and we are not BFFs; I'm not going to link to your dope AF post.

I know it's a bummer because Neil and the other web gurus said that's what you should do for backlinks. Maybe ask them for backlinks and see how it goes.

Backlink Policy

Since there is still some confusion on this matter, let me be explicitly clear, I didn't create the blog and invest countless hours and money to give you free advertising. 

Note: Seriously, don't come at me with an infographic; if I feel a post needs an infographic, I have crayons, I can make my own.

How to Pitch a Post

Due to a high volume of asymmetric offers, we will not be responding to pitches that do not meet our criteria.

  1. Please do not start your pitch with a fake compliment. I'm not sure who started this trend of insincere flattery in guest post pitches; however, it's a huge pet peeve of mine, which I complain about publically often. So if you hit me with a gushing love note, and then I go on social media and find out we're not even BFF's I'm going to be sad and also promptly delete your email.
  2. Identify what blog or website you write for; if you try to conceal who you are, I will assume you are a spammer and delete your pitch.
  3. Visit our about page and familiarize yourself with the topics that we cover.
  4. Make sure you offer a few topic ideas that make sense for my site and your blog/brand. If your brand is about graphic design, I would expect a post related to graphic design, not saving money on insurance.
  5. While not necessary, it's nice to offer something in return, such as helping to promote the post, a reciprocal opportunity to post on your site, or linking to the post from your press page. (Offering something is waaay better than a sleazy fake compliment)
  6. Put Wealth of Geeks is Awesome in the subject line, so I know you have read and agreed to our terms.
  7. Please submit guest post pitches to Michael[@]

Tips for Submitting a Successful Pitch

Please use the following template to send us your pitch.

Into: Who you are and who you represent, i.e., “I am x with y company/blog.”

Ask: State what you are asking for, i.e., “I would like to submit a guest post on x.”

Offer: State what you are offering in exchange for the ask, i.e., “I would like to give you lots of money.”

Content Guidelines

  1. All posts must be original and unique content (You may not publish the post on your site or elsewhere after publication)
  2. We ask that you write a minimum of 1.5K words and prefer longer.
  3. All posts must cover the approved topic in detail and add value to the reader.
  4. Please spell-check your work,
  5. Included a short bio indicating why you are an expert or qualified to speak on the subject matter


Use MLA Style Capitalization Rules for all Titles (H2, H3, H4, Etc)

  1. Capitalize the first word of the title/heading and any subtitle/subheading
  2. Capitalize all major words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns) in the title/heading, including the second part of major hyphenated words (e.g., Self-Report, not Self-report)
  3. Capitalize all words of four letters or more.

Please Italicize the Following:

  • Blog names
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Movies
  • Newspapers
  • Podcast series
  • Television shows
  • Web publications (e.g., SalonSlate)

How To Send an Approved Post

Please send all posts in either a Word Doc or Google Doc; you may either send an HTML version or standard text. Please send any photos in a separate attachment.

Fine Print

Any guest posts you submit to Wealth of Geeks will become the property of Wealth of Geeks LLC. By submitting a guest post, you give Wealth of Geeks full rights in perpetuity to your submission and permission to syndicate and/or distribute the post across partner blogs and sites, social media, and editorial sites.