Ways To Save Money on a Gym Membership

Summer is right around the corner – is your body swimsuit ready? Of course, you won't see that drastic a change in a few weeks or even months, but if you don't start now, it'll be that much longer before you're in shape, healthier, and more attractive. Going to the gym is also a great way to burn off frustration and worry while building muscle tone and dropping pounds and inches.

But you don’t have to break the bank in order to get in shape. Gym memberships typically range from $10-$55 per month, depending on the type. Here are ways to save money while getting healthy.

Get a Flexible Membership

Lauren Keys, a personal finance advocate who created Trip of a Lifestyle, recommends Planet Fitness because of its flexible pricing and worldwide locations.

“At home, we might make it to the gym one or two times a week and exercise more at home,” Keys said. “But when we travel, we’re at the gym at least every other day.”

Keys mentioned that this allows her to get more movement in after sitting in the car during road trips when she travels. Another perk is that club members have access to showers, which is something that her camper van does not have. So anytime she works out at the gym, she refreshes afterward with a shower.

Planet Fitness has three different membership ranges to choose from. They have their classic membership at $10, a no-commitment membership at $15, and their Black Card membership at $25 per month.

With the classic membership at $10 per month, you have unlimited access to your club membership, access to PF App Workouts, and the use of in-club fitness training. However, you are committed to a 12-month contract for this membership.

For the no-commitment membership at $15 per month, you can cancel. You have access to the PF App Workouts, in-club fitness training, and unlimited access to your club.

The Black Card membership is the best deal at this gym. For $25 per month, you not only have access to any and all of the Planet Fitness clubs worldwide, but you can bring a friend with you.

In addition to this, you have access to the PF App Workouts, in-club fitness training, tanning machines/beds, hydromassage, use of total body enhancement, 50% off select drinks, and 20% off Reebok.com. There is also no commitment to this membership.

Planet Fitness usually does a special membership at the end of each year, if you do decide to wait. This special usually comes just after Christmas but ends just at the start of the New Year. Usually you're locked in for a year, at an annual rate that calculates to a couple months free, and since it's a no-commitment contract, you can write a check, and then decide to renew it or not each year without auto-renewal kicking in.

To learn more about their memberships, click here to find a club near you.

Health Insurance Companies May Help

Rob Wagener, a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and founder of Fizznessshizzness.com, recommends that those with health insurance through their employer see what benefits they offer for health and wellness.

“Many insurance companies now offer reimbursement programs to cover part or all of your gym membership fees,” Wagener said. “I have also seen insurance programs that offer memberships to several gyms for a single flat fee instead of paying a fee for each gym, which can add up.”

Wagener also says that going to the more extensive, more well-known gym franchises is typically lower priced than their small counterparts. He currently works out at Planet Fitness because of their Black Card membership at $25 per month.

“With a family that enjoys the gym, having a gym with a guest perk like this doesn’t just give me a place to work out, but it also gives my family the same option at a very affordable price,” Wagener said.

Join a Gym With a Friend

This can be a win-win. Finding a gym that allows you to bring a guest can save you money on a membership, and you have a built-in accountability partner. The Edge Fitness Clubs is open to guests, just like Planet Fitness on their black card membership. Many independently owned local gyms also offer this perk, or a friends and family enrollment discount. It can’t hurt to ask what the policy is at each gym.

Before Joining, Do a Trial Run

You want to get the most for your money, but it comes down to what you seek at your fitness level. At some gyms, they give you a free 7-day trial to test out their gym. This is a great way to test out the gym – the facilities and the atmosphere – before making your final decision.

Do you want a gym with cardio work? Do you want a pool? Do you want classes, individually or in a group? These are things to consider.

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