Your Habits are Making You Broke

breakfast burrito

Most the time I like to think that I’m immune to bad spending habits because of my success with the Spending Fast buuuuttt, turns out, I’m completely not immune to anything. Even though I’m not impervious to slipping back into my old ways one big side-effect of the Spending Fast is that I do recognize my bad habits a lot quicker, and that is totally worth something. Before where I might have gone oh, you know, like 6 months without balancing my checkbook it's just not something that I would let happen these days. Now, on the worst of months I balance my checkbook just once a month (and by balance my checkbook I mean that I input all incoming and outgoing expenses into the Balance app on my phone, make sure things match up, that I know where my money is going, and that everything is as it should be).

I can recognize my bad habits faster and I’m no longer in denial (or completely oblivious) about them like I used to be. That's growth and change; that's a good thing.

So, I've got to admit something that happened recently (I find there is a lot of worth in stating what's going on because it makes whatever might be troubling you lose it's power- no matter what it might be).

I found myself really looking forward to these breakfast burritos that I can get at this little place on the way to work. They encourage calling ahead, thank you profusely when you do, and then you just go about your business, food in hand. They make the whole process so easy.

So naturally, I decided this was a super handy and delicious was to start the day.

I realized that for quite a few mornings in a row I was dropping over $5 at this place (I decided a small coffee was also a handy and delicious was to begin the day). I started to think about how much money this breakfast burrito habit of mine was going to add up to come months end and knew that I had to hurry up and cut it out already. A breakfast burrito here and there is just fine but every day? Totally expensive and unnecessary.

The calculations have been tabulated and at the rate I'm going I'm looking to spend approximately $341.25 this year on breakfast burritos alone. Uhhhh…

How I'm Breaking My Breakfast Burrito Habit (these will work for other habits too. Just adapt them to your situation)

1. Eat breakfast

When I’m hungry it’s hard to turn down food so by eating at least a little something I’m helping myself stay reasonable.

2. Pack a lunch

When I think I’m going to be hungry later on it’s also really hard to turn down food.

3. Walk on the other side of the street

And fight the urge to glance longingly at the cafe from the other side of the street while thinking, “Yumm breakfast burritos…”

4. Get Enough Sleep

When I'm tired I don't make good decisions. I've found that when I'm sleepy breakfast burritos always sound like a good idea.

5. Make my own breakfast burrito at home

Tortillas, cheese, and eggs are cheap — but not at restaurants. For a portion of the price and zero guilt I can get my breakfast burrito fix. Complete win.

6. Delete the “call ahead” number from my phone

This cafe makes it incredibly easy to pre-order. By deleting the number I will be less likely to get myself into trouble. I don’t want to make ordering burritos easy.

7. Tell myself over and over that breakfast burritos are disgusting

Hey, sometimes it works. Even though we all know it's a complete lie.


Have you gotten yourself into financial trouble with any of your habits? Think about your day, do you have a habit that could be costing you more money than you realize/want to admit?

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