The 14 Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Europe is a thrilling continent of magnificent old cities and glorious history, but all that leaves its mark. For every stunning mansion, there are a thousand whispers of spirits wandering the halls at night. For every romantic old town, there are tales of tragedy and horror around every corner.

14 Creepy Halloween Destinations in Europe

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe -
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Europe is an incredible place, but it can also be utterly terrifying. With the spooky season right around the corner, fear enthusiasts should start planning to visit the creepiest Halloween destinations in Europe. Europe has it all, from vampires to butchers to corpses, skulls, and more.

1. Transylvania, Romania

Best places to celebrate halloween in europe - transylvania
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Much of Transylvania’s mythical status builds around stories of fear, but a trip to this Romanian region need not be too terrifying. Transylvania is a land of Gothic castles and sweeping landscapes, where legend meets reality daily. Bran Castle near Brașov gets most of the attention, although its reputation as Dracula’s Castle isn’t entirely accurate. Still, it looks pretty scary, right?

2. London, England

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - London
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London has been the scene for countless spooky stories over the centuries, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. The streets of the Big Smoke no longer resemble the squalor and desperation of centuries past, but there remains an intangible mystery around every corner. The English capital is packed with ghost tours, dungeons, and old mansions, perfect for any ghosts looking to engage in a bit of haunting.

3. Venice, Italy

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Venice
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Venice might be Europe’s most romantic destination, but The Floating City hosts many terrifying tales. From the Mad Doctor of Poveglia to the Butcher of Santa Croce, Venice is a city in thrall to its terrifying legends, although there is more to these tales than meets the eye. When the mist meets the water in the early morning hours, few places are more spine-chilling than Venice.

4. Prague, Czechia

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Prague
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The Czech capital’s heady mix of romantic architecture and alluring neighborhoods attracts millions of visitors annually, but a cursory glance at Prague’s history suggests a city of tumult. The 20th century saw real tragedies here, while the medieval center is packed with old prisons and execution sights. Prague gained a reputation as a city of alchemy, and the dark arts played an integral role in the city’s development. Prague Castle, a complex as imposing as it is invigorating, stands tall above the city.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Edinburgh
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The ghost-hunting capital of Europe? Step forward, Edinburgh. The Scottish capital is sometimes jaw-dropping in its beauty, but this old city loves a spooky story or three. Its macabre history has led to it being lauded as one of the most haunted cities on the planet, from phantom dogs to underground cellars and beyond.

6. Paris, France

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Paris
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What is it with all these traditionally romantic cities being rather terrifying? Paris is no different. Its catacombs have become a popular tourist destination, but it is easy to overlook the purpose of the underground labyrinth. The remains of more than six million people rest in this subterranean ossuary. Above ground, Paris has a range of strange museums showcasing the weird and wonderful.

7. Palermo, Italy

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Palermo, Italy
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Palermo is beautiful, but it is also terrifying. The city’s Capuchin Catacombs might be the single scariest tourist attraction in Europe, from the remains of the dead dressed up in period costumes to the horrifyingly well-preserved body of Rosalia Lombardo, a girl who died in 1920, one week before her 2nd birthday. More than 8,000 corpses and 1,252 mummies wait at Palermo’s catacombs.

8. Niš, Serbia

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Nis Serbia
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The number of skulls might have dwindled over the years, but anyone overlooking the nature of this tower should probably take a moment. Niš is the third-largest city in Serbia, and its most famous attraction is a macabre tower built by the Ottoman Empire, a tower of human skulls. Constructed in 1809, the Skull Tower warned would-be rebels to think twice about any potential revolution. Fifty-eight out of the original 952 skulls remain intact.

9. Darmstadt, Germany

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Darmstadt, Germany
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Frankenstein’s monster isn’t exactly remembered as a peaceful creation. Horror fans owe it to themselves to visit Frankenstein Castle. This hilltop beauty overlooks delightful Darmstadt and potentially inspired Mary Shelley’s iconic novel. Read the story of Johann Konrad Dippel’s experiments before visiting for an extra layer of terror.

10. Kilkenny, Ireland

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Kilkenny, Ireland
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Ireland’s first witch trial took place in 1324 in Kilkenny, and it is said that Petronilla de Meath still haunts the town today. You can’t blame her, as the maidservant was burnt at the stake because of the actions of Alice Kyteler, the woman she worked for. Kilkenny’s past is packed with tragic stories, hinting at a fearful world beneath the town’s busy modern streets.

11. Postojna, Slovenia

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Postojna, Slovenia
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Postojna’s eponymous caves might flirt a little too much with Disney-fied gimmickry today, but the picturesque Predjama Castle remains a spine-tingling spot. Supposedly, the former owner of the castle murdered a relative of the Holy Roman Emperor in 1483, and the court was bombarded, but the man escaped. He met his demise in the tunnels below the castle. His ghost continues to look for a way out, even today,

12. Caernarfon, Wales

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe -Caernarfon, Wales
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Caernarfon Castle is arguably the finest example of medieval castle-building in Wales, but don’t assume it is popular with the locals. King Edward I of England built the castle, and its primary purpose was to strike fear into the hearts of the conquered Welsh to show the futility of further rebellion. Now a sleepy town in North Wales, Caernarfon is packed with grim stories of terrible treatment and punishment, with several tours taking visitors through every miserable detail.

13. Alicante, Spain

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe - Alicante, Spain
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Alicante is a stunning port city on Spain’s Costa Blanca, but the whispers walking the street are of an altogether more troubling kind. The city’s old sanatorium (primarily for children with tuberculosis) is the haunted jewel in its terrifying crown. Constructed in the early 19th century, the abandoned building has been left to its own devices for decades, leaving the spirits and undead free to wander the halls.

14. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe -Amsterdam, Netherlands
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When Amsterdam comes up in conversation, ghoulish tales might not be the first thing that jumps to mind. This famous city of trade and trouble has been busy for centuries, and its ancient pubs, houses, and corners hold secrets that aren’t for the faint of heart. Dam Square was once the site of public executions, while Bloedstraat (Blood Street) is said to be one of Europe’s most haunted streets.