Well Aren’t You Fancy, “Name Brand” Hand Soap

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We've had lots of family in town lately which has been awesome. Right before our guests arrive we go through our place, and tidy up. Part of that process includes refilling the hand soap containers. There's something about “name brand” hand soap that just feels luxurious or something. It's got it's pretty package, it smells good (like, REALLY good), and, oh yeah, it costs like, $7 bucks a bottle (booo).

I always imagine that wealthy people just buy the name brand, great smelling hand soap without thinking twice about it. Which is awesome, IF you want to spend your money on soap. Me? I'd rather spend it on other stuff.

I know this idea isn't ground-breaking or anything, but this is what I do to still have my good smelling soap but without the cost…

Buy 1 bottle of the fancy hand soap, use it up, and enjoy every last, savory moment of every single hand wash. Then, when the bottle is empty, I refill it with the inexpensive (compartively, speaking) bulk, clear, hand soap (by the way, I wish I had bought a large funnel a long time ago… woulda' saved me a lot of trouble with balancing bottles on bottles when getting the last drops out of containers), and then put in like a zillion (30-ish) drops of fresh-smelling essential oils, and shake.

It ends up smelling just as good as the legit stuff so no one even thinks anything about it being a homemade knockoff version.

Super cheap, super easy.


Do you have tricks like that? Where you switch out the cheap version and masquerade it as the real version?