Every Harry Styles Song Prior to ‘Harry’s House’ Ranked

Harry Styles has quite the career, including over 20 songs on his albums Harry Styles and Fine Line. The first world problem… is that they’re all good songs so picking any as the “worst” feels wrong.

So this list is just a ranking of how I’m feeling now about these songs and not any knock on them either way because the reality is that Harry Styles doesn’t have a bad song out there. There are just certain songs you’d like to listen to over and over again and some you’d like to skip and that’s that. So let’s get into it.

Meet Me in the Hallway

When it comes to “Meet Me In The Hallway” on Harry Styles, the song is just soft and sometimes you don’t want the softer side of Styles. It’s not a bad song, it’s just one that you don’t hear that often and hasn’t carried on to his next tour or live shows. But it isn’t a bad one. And it has some of the pretty lyrics where Harry Styles sings “We don't talk about it. It's something we don't do. ‘Cause once you go without it, nothing else will do.”

The problem with songs like “Meet Me In The Hallway” is that you listen to them when you’re going through the entire album but it isn’t necessarily a song that I seek out otherwise. It’s not on other playlists or the first song I click on when I want to listen to a Harry Styles track but when you’re listening to Harry Styles as a whole? It still is pretty good.


Now here’s the thing: “Cherry” is one of my favorite songs. The problem is just how good Harry Styles is. So it ends up being towards the end of the list even though I love it. It’s a song about loss and hating the person you used to be with going on and finding happiness outside of your relationship without you. The part that truly feels like a knife in the heart is “There's a piece of you in how I dress, take it as a compliment.”

Harry Styles has a way of putting his own pain into his songs that feels universal but is so connected to his own experience. “Cherry” is part of his songs about his break-up from French model Camille Rowe and that bled into many of the tracks on Fine Line but “Cherry” is good, it’s just a lot to listen to on repeat. Not saying I haven’t done that though.

From the Dining Table

There are quite a few songs on Harry Styles that are on the slower side and “From The Dining Table” is one of them. It’s another that has lyrics that stab at you and stay with you but it also is an exploration of loneliness in a way that many of us can relate to, especially after the last few years of isolation. It’s hard to listen to at times because it isn’t a happy song, it’s all about the pain of losing a relationship and, in part, losing part of yourself in the meantime.

He talks about seeing friends of his ex and asking about them, the feeling of being less than. “Woke up alone in this hotel room, played with myself, where were you? Fell back to sleep, I got drunk by noon. I've never felt less cool,” he sings and it’s oddly a pain so many of us can relate to. It’s just a hard one to listen to very often.


“She” is a song about imagining a double life or dreaming of something that isn’t yours. The man in the song lives his life the same every day but he daydreams of something greater. It’s something of a bit of a mystery. Could the song be about gender identity? Of course. Could it be about someone dreaming of getting out of the life that they are leading? Also yes. The beauty of “She” is that it can apply to a number of things and all of them are valid.

The chorus of the song which has the lyrics “She lives in daydreams with me” and even if you don’t look any deeper into what the song is saying, it’s addicting to listen to. It has an amazing beat and hearing it live is brilliant because the entire audience sings the higher notes in the song because we all love it. There are just other songs that are worth the relisten.

harry styles sign of the times
Courtesy of Harry Styles

Sign of the Times

Everyone on this planet has probably heard “Sign of the Times” and if not, they are lying. The hit song off of Harry Styles by Harry Styles, it was one of those things where it was everywhere for an extended period of time. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good song. It’s just on the popular end of his songs so it has been played out in a lot of ways. Much like what would eventually happen to “Watermelon Sugar”, the song was just featured so much and played on the radio so frequently that it doesn’t really hit my radar anymore because I’ve heard it so many times.

That doesn’t mean I don’t scream-sing “JUST STOP YOUR CRYING IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES”. It’s just not higher on my list because I’ve heard it so many times and I just don’t seek it out when I’m listening to Styles’ music.

Fine Line

The title song off of Harry Styles’ album Fine Line is a great arena song and while not everyone song has to be perfect for Harry to sing on tour, it is a great one for this last journey he made around the United States.

“Crisp trepidation, I'll try to shake this soon. Spreading you open is the only way of knowing you. We'll be a fine line,” the lyrics say and it’s all about the highs and lows of Styles writing the album and can also be applied to fans listening to the song and how we function while listening to his music.

In an interview, Styles said the following about the song: “One thing I hadn’t experienced before was how I felt during the making of this record. The times when I felt good and happy were the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life, and the times when I felt sad were the lower I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Sweet Creature

“Sweet Creature” is the kind of song that you might have skipped over when you were first picking what songs that you wanted to listen to on repeat but it stays with you and you don’t mind revisiting it over and over again. It’s about finding that person to bring you home and love you even when you’re being stubborn. The kind of love that is understanding and bold while still fresh and something that they have to work for.

“Two hearts in one home. It's hard when we argue. We're both stubborn, I know, but oh sweet creature,” Harry Styles sings and it is one of those songs that you could be listening to and suddenly find yourself crying with it despite not having that connection before. It sticks its claws in you and might not be the best of his work but it is definitely one that isn’t a skip.

harry styles watermelon sugar
Courtesy of Harry Styles

Watermelon Sugar

Look, there’s a reason this is in the middle: I’ve just heard it so many times and I’ve started to love some of his other stuff more than this one. I still love “Watermelon Sugar” and I still rock out to it regularly but a song where my mom calls me and wants to only talk about it when there are better Harry Styles songs mean that it’s not instantly a favorite. (No disrespect to my mom, there’s just other songs on this list I wish she’d like more than this one.)

It is a song that has had a lot of back and forth between fans on its meaning, many thinking it is talking about intimate aspects of a relationship, but the song became a mainstream success and one that fans love to sing along to. Rightfully so, it’s fun. There’s just other hits from the artist that are more worth your time.

Canyon Moon

“The world's happy waiting, doors yellow, broken, blue. I heard Jenny saying ‘Go get the kids from school’ and I keep thinking back to a time under the canyon moon,” Harry Styles sings in one of the prettier songs off of Fine Line while still being upbeat and fun to listen to. Styles masters the mix between a fun beat and having some lyrics that can change the way you think about the song and “Canyon Moon” is the perfect example of that.

It has the feel of driving through the mountains with your windows down in the middle of summer, that kind of song that you just want to blast out while you’re relaxing. And it’s fun to listen to when you’re going straight through Harry Styles’ work because you have sadder songs mixed with fun beats like this one and it just makes you feel happy and like you want summer to be here.

Ever Since New Work

There are plenty of romantic songs about New York. And there has been a multitude of artists who have made plenty of them in the modern world not even looking to the classic rock love of the city. But what’s different about “Ever Since New York” is that it is a song about knowing your own pain and your own story and maybe it’s just loving New York City on my own but this song really works for me.

“Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news. There's no water inside this swimming pool, almost over, had enough from you. And I've been praying, I never did before. Understand I'm talking to the walls, I've been praying ever since New York,” he sings and you can understand that feeling of losing something that meant so much to you that is so connected to New York while still trying to unpack it all and it’s a great song to just relax with.

Only Angel

Harry Styles has a power with his music to go from a hard-hitting emotional song to one that has you dancing around the room and having the time of your life and that’s “Only Angel”. With a fun beat and Styles going “Wooh-hoo” during the chorus, “Only Angel” is a song that just feels like the perfect fit for Styles and it makes sense that he plays it live quite frequently because it’s fun.

“Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see that I'm still the only one who's been in love with me. I'm just happy getting you stuck in between my teeth and there's nothing I can do about it,” he sings and while it has lyrics that, yet again, make you stop and think about the song you’re listening to, it’s still just a fun time to rock out to it even if Styles has other songs with this same energy that are “better”.

Treat People With Kindness

Maybe it’s the message to simply treat others with kindness or maybe it’s the music video that features Styles running around on stage with Phoebe Waller-Bridge but there’s just something about “Treat People With Kindness” that extends past the general feeling the song is trying to give its listeners. Again, the message of the song is quite clear: Be kind to one another. Who knew that that idea would be a hot button issue but it is and hearing an entire arena sing along to it brings you a sense of happiness you might not have expected.

It’s quite simple of a song. It’s just saying maybe we can all find a place to feel good because there’s so much darkness in the world that a song like “Treat People With Kindness” is wonderful and an exciting way of forgetting about all of that for a moment and just trying to be kind.

harry styles two ghosts
Courtesy of Harry Styles

Two Ghosts

If Stevie Nicks loves the song, it has to be great, right? One of the songs that Nicks often sings with Styles is “Two Ghosts” and rightfully so, it is the song that feels the most like a classic rock song and it has a beautiful story woven into it. “We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me, trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat,” the song says and while it is a song about a lost love, it is still one that feels great to listen to.

Styles has performed the song frequently and while it’s great that he’s performed it with Stevie Nicks, the song also stands on its own. It’s brilliant and one that you can listen to on repeat but it also is clearly a classic for Harry Styles as an artist given the response to it from other musicians.


“Carolina” is maybe a song I like a lot because I went to high school and college in the Carolinas but there is something special there for me about the song and it’s one of Harry Styles’ songs that is instantly fun and makes you want to sway along to it as you’re listening to it. On Harry Styles by Harry Styles, he’s managed to balance the sadder songs with, well, bops like “Carolina”.

“She's got a book for every situation, gets into parties without invitations. How could you ever turn her down?” he sings and, much like some One Direction songs, it feels like it could be applicable to so many of us out there and that’s what makes it so good. Listening to a song and hearing a lyric that makes you go “oh same that’s like me” is a very special experience and “Carolina” joins those ranks.

Lights Up

Is “Lights Up” this high up on my list because I’m a sucker for a concert moment when everyone has their lights on? Absolutely. But this song is one of those arena songs that just works in a way that has you constantly engaged with the song and singing along. “Lights Up” is a great song in general but hearing it live is another experience entirely. Like many of Styles’ songs, it’s a great one to listen to while you’re driving, running, or doing anything really.

It has a catchy chorus, a fun hook, and is just one of those songs that while you’re listening to it, you absolutely love it. It’s not his best song and not the best off of Fine Line but it is a song that’s fun to listen to whenever it comes on and that’s exciting it itself right? Even if you’re not hoping up your flashlight every time.


Talk about a song that will make you feel great about yourself. “Woman” by Harry Styles can make you feel like you can bust down doors and live your best life while walking away from a fire. Yes, those are all things I’ve felt while listening to it. On Harry Styles by Harry Styles, it’s an incredible hot song and with a fun beat, it’s just one that you never want to skip when it comes on.

It’s about a man who is struggling with a woman he’s in love with being with someone else but it’s oddly fulfilling to listen to as a single woman. “I hope you can see, the shape that I'm in while he's touching your skin. He's right where I should, where I should be but you're making me bleed,” he sings and it just hits? It’s hard to explain why this song is so good and yet it is!

harry styles golden
Courtesy of Harry Styles


Another one of Styles’ songs that just fills you with joy while you’re listening to it is “Golden”. As I said before, he has a way of playing these songs in the mix with his sadder songs and it just uplifts you and makes you want to jump around while you’re listening to it. Maybe that’s because Harry himself jumps around on stage while he’s singing but still, it’s incredible.

“As I open my eyes, hold it, focus, hoping. Take me back to the light, I know you were way too bright for me. I'm hopeless, broken. So you wait for me in the sky, browns my skin just right. You're so golden.” Another song that feels like it would be great to listen to while driving around, “Golden” is just exciting as a whole and with how many songs of Harry’s that makes you feel like a punch to the gut, songs like “Golden” are precious to us.

To Be So Lonely

Here’s the thing: Who hasn’t been lonely in some way or another? What’s a way to experience it in a way that makes you feel better about it? Listening to Harry Styles singing! “And I'm just an arrogant son of a b*tch who can't admit when he's sorry. Don't call me baby again, you got your reasons. I know that you're tryna be friends, I know you mean it.”

It’s one of Harry’s simpler medleys and it’s pretty to hear while you’re also listening to a song about loneliness. He’s a master of bringing these moments to his music in a way makes you excited to listen to them regardless of what they’re saying. Who knew that a song called “To Be So Lonely” somehow would make you feel happy while listening to it? Harry probably. A great track off of Fine Line, it’s just a good song to listen to no matter your mood.

Adore You

Watching Harry Styles sing this and go “okay” when we sing at him “Just let me adore you” should be required for all human beings on planet earth but it’s also just a good song to listen to in general. “Adore You” off of Fine Line is an easy song to love. Sometimes, there are Harry Styles songs that require some kind of explanation as to why they’re you’re favorite. Not justifying them as songs but just your own personal reasoning for why you love them.

That’s not the case with “Adore You”. It should be a universally beloved song because there isn’t a part of this song that doesn’t rule. “I'd walk through fire for you, just let me adore you,” he sings and imagine how many people are going to get married with this song playing? It should be a lot and it’d be perfect because this song is truly one that makes you want to fall in love.

Sunflower, Vol. 6

One of the songs off of Fine Line that will surprise you by how much you like it is “Sunflower Vol. 6”. It’s another song with a fun beat and interesting lyrics that didn’t break the mainstream market but is worth it in a way that will stay longer than other songs. Not to say that Harry’s other work will be forgotten but I just think that fans will love “Sunflower Vol. 6” for years to come.

“I couldn't want you any more, kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor. I couldn't want you any more tonight,” he sings and while the song isn’t one that instantly pops into your head when you hear the name Harry Styles, it is one that I think will stand the test of time. Take away the most popular songs from classic artists and songs like “Sunflower Vol. 6” is the songs that fans like to turn to the most.


Look, he ends his shows with this for a reason. We’re all obsessed with “Kiwi”. The song on Harry Styles by Harry Styles is the definition of a hot song. Put that in the dictionary or whatever other kind of book documents what’s hot and what’s not. The song tells the story of a woman who is having his baby and it’s none of his business and that’s all we need to know and care about.

“She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes” kicks the song off and instantly sets the tone but tied with Styles’ obsession with throwing water in the song and the love we all have for it and there’s just something about “Kiwi” that will never go away. It’s the kind of song you can scream-sing at karaoke and one where you can listen to it over and over again without stopping and you’d still love it.

harry styles as it was
Courtesy of Harry Styles

As It Was

Harry Styles came out strong with his first released single off of Harry’s House with “As It Was” and the song caused quite the stir online. Was it about his relationship with Olivia Wilde and her past partner Jason Sudeikis? Or what is “As It Was” telling us? To be honest, it doesn’t really matter because this song has infiltrated our lives already and so many of us are already obsessed with it and Harry’s House isn’t even out yet.

It’s a great song with a beautiful music video to tie with it that tells a story about a man thinking back on his life and how it used to be compared to now and no matter the reason behind it, Harry did give us a new catchy single to obsess over and while he’s played songs like “Boyfriends” (which might be my new fave) at Coachella, this was his first released single and what a way to celebrate his third studio album.


I am but a sucker for a slower song so it isn’t surprising that “Falling” is my favorite (at this current moment). “Falling” is the kind of song that you just listen to the lyrics and instantly have an emotional reaction to in some way or another. It’s a look into your own failures and how they affect your life. There’s no one who nails that as Harry Styles does. And “Falling” is a great example of it.

“What am I now? What am I now? What if I'm someone I don't want around? I'm falling again, I'm falling again, I'm falling. What if I'm down? What if I'm out? What if I'm someone you won't talk about? I'm falling again, I'm falling again, I'm falling,” he sings and whether or not you take it as a self-reflection for yourself or for Harry Styles, you still have an emotional connection to the song.

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