Shine On: A Car Detailer’s Genius Headlight Solution You Need to See

When it comes to car maintenance, there are several small things that you can do to make your car look brand new again. Refreshing any black trim, correcting paint scratches, and giving your car a good wax can all make it shine again. 

Headlights are notorious for being overtaken with a yellow, cloudy glaze. Many car owners search for the answer to this unsightly problem because it can make an otherwise perfect car look aged and unkempt. 

In fact, headlight restoration can take your car from “meh” to “wow.” Depending on your chosen restoration method, this can take just a few minutes to fix. 

The Secret to Restoring Headlights

This car detailer shares how they use WD-40 and baking soda to restore the shine of car headlights. These two ingredients are cheap and easy to use; you may even have them in your house already. 

Check out this tutorial:


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Headlight Restoration Hack Explained 

So how does he do it? He sprayed the headlight cover with WD-40 and then used a toothbrush to scrub the entire surface. 

Then, he takes a halved grapefruit and pours baking soda on the citrus, activating the chemical reaction that happens when citrus and baking soda collide. He uses the grapefruit as a scrubber and cleans the headlight. 

Does The Hack Really Work?

At the end of the video, you can see the remarkable transformation that he accomplished, but people in the comments weren't singing his praises. Instead, they warned that the sparkly results from this maintenance hack only lasted a few days before the cloudy yellow effect came back. 

Instead of the natural home ingredients, the users recommended investing in a headlight restoration kit whose results would last years. 

However, trying out the car detailer's trick won't harm your vehicle, and it's worth a try if you already have all the ingredients on hand. Who knows, you might find it's your new favorite car detailing hack.