Healthy and Mouthwatering: These 3 Cooking Methods Are Way Better Than Boiling

You want your food to be healthier in 2023, so boiling is the way to go, right? Think again.

The way you prepare your foods can impact their overall nutritional value, even in nutrient-rich foods. Water-soluble vitamins like vitamins B and C, fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A and D, and minerals such as potassium and calcium are commonly reduced during the cooking process.

To help make the switch to healthier methods of cooking without compromising on flavor, Redditors weighed in.

Steam Your Food Instead of Boiling

PurpleWomat recommends that you steam instead of boil.

Try steaming instead of boiling, it's just as healthy and I find that vegetables don't lose as much flavor/have a better texture. If you do boil it, salt the water or use stock and don't overcook it.

When you boil food it's soaked completely in scalding water until it softens, which gives a dramatically different flavor and texture than you're probably looking for. That's an entirely different process than allowing steam to cook your food. Plus, you can steam tons of foods including vegetables, fish, and chicken. Looking to add additional flavor? Try steaming your meal on a bed of herbs, greens, or onions.

Roasting Is The Way To Go

Obxtalldude is a fan of roasting food as a tastier alternative to boiling.

Roasting is your friend. It's going to make everything taste better, the browning adds a lot of flavor, and you don't lose any nutrients to cooking water.

The reality is that dry cooking methods such as roasting allow your food to retain more of its nutrients compared to boiling. So, not only will your meal taste better, but it'll also keep more of its nutritional value. That sounds like a win-win.

Sautée Your Meal

Study_According recommends you pull out your sautée pan for your next meal.

Sauté your way to happiness.

Similar to steaming and roasting, sautéeing your meal is a great way to maintain nutrients without sacrificing flavor. Many cooks love to sauté their food because it adds loads of flavor without adding the unnecessary fat that comes from other cooking options like frying.

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