Emotional Overload: 14 Heartbreaking Movies That Will Make You Ugly Cry

If you're looking for movies that will leave you sobbing, we've got you covered. Someone on a popular online forum asked for the best movies to make you cry your eyes out like a baby. Here are the top 14 responses.

1. Untamed Heart (1993)

Untamed Heart
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Untamed Heart is a romantic drama following Caroline (Marisa Tomei), a part-time waitress and beauty school student, and a dishwasher with a heart defect named Adam (Christian Slater).

One night on her walk home, Adam saves her from two men attempting to assault her. After Adam fights them off, the two begin conversations at work that lead to a friendship that becomes romantic. 

2. Toy Story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar.

Toy Story 3 is an animated comedy-drama and the third in the franchise. If you grew up watching these films and grew an attachment to the toys, this film will gut you. Andy is all grown up, going to college, and packs his toys for the attic.

However, they inadvertently get put on the curb for trash pickup and a new adventure begins. There is a reason that Leonard from The Big Bang Theory cried at the end, “They were holding hands in a furnace!” 

3. P.S. I Love You (2007)

P.S. I Love You
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

P.S. I Love You is a romantic drama following Holly (Hilary Swank) and her husband, the love of her life, Gerry (Gerard Butler). After Gerry dies of a brain tumor, Holly is distraught and withdrawn and doesn't want to live without him anymore. However, her friends and family insist upon celebrating her thirtieth birthday when a cake is delivered.

It includes a note from Gerry and is one of many that he arranged to have delivered after his passing, ending with “P.S. I Love You.” The messages help encourage her to start living again, and she embraces her path of rediscovery. 

4. A Walk to Remember (2002)

A Walk to Remember
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

A Walk to Remember is a coming-of-age romantic drama following the story of mischievous teen Landon (Shane West), who gets in trouble and has two options: get expelled from school or participate in service projects, including tutoring, janitorial services, and participation in a school play.

He chooses the latter and begins interacting with the minister's daughter, Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), a shy and respectable girl. An unlikely friendship develops into romance, but things become complicated. You'll need tissues to get through it. 

5. Steel Magnolias (1989)

steel magnolias imdb tristar pictures
Image Credit: Tri-Star Pictures.

Steel Magnolias is a classic 80s comedy-drama that will rip your heart out of your chest and shove it right back in. It centers around relationships with strong bonds, history, and the charms of a small-town Southern community.

The women grieve the loss of one of their own and must learn to cope. Sally Field gives a remarkable performance alongside an ensemble cast of Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Tom Skerritt, and Dylan McDermott.  

6. Somewhere in Time (1980)

Somewhere in Time - Universal Studios
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Somewhere in Time is a romantic fantasy drama following the playwright Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) obsessing over a picture of an actress, Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour), at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

He uses self-hypnosis to travel back in time to meet and fall in love with her. However, her manager (Christopher Plummer) fears their relationship will hinder her career and resolves to end it.

7. Ghost (1990)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Ghost is a romantic fantasy with one of the sexiest pottery-making scenes ever. It centers around banker Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and his girlfriend, Molly (Demi Moore).

One night walking home, a man robs and kills Sam. Their mutual friend Carl (Tony Goldwyn) attempts to comfort her and gets a little too close. Meanwhile, Sam's ghost lingers on Earth to protect his girlfriend from the man who murdered him. Sam visits the business of a hustling psychic, Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), and annoys her into helping him relay the truth to Molly. 

8. Still Alice (2014)

Image from the movie Still Alice
Image Credit: Sony Pictures.

Still Alice is a drama following linguistics professor Alice Howland (Julianne Moore), who is diagnosed with familial Alzheimer's disease following her 50th birthday. As her memory begins fading, Alice programs a series of questions on her phone to answer daily.

Additionally, Alice records a video message instructing that once she cannot answer the questions, she will take her own life with sleeping pills she's been hoarding and hiding. It also stars Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth, and Hunter Parrish.

9. Boyz n the Hood (1991)

Image from the movie Boyz N the Hood
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

John Singleton's debut film, Boyz n the Hood, is a coming-of-age drama depicting the hardships and gang culture in South Central Los Angeles, California. It centers around Tre Styles (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a young man sent to live with his father (Laurence Fishburne) in Crenshaw.

His mother (Angela Bassett) hopes his father will teach him the lessons a young Black male faces in America. It also stars Morris Chestnut, Ice Cube, Nia Long, and Regina King. 

10. The Notebook (2004)

the notebook
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, The Notebook is a romantic drama following an older man (James Garner) reading a story from a notebook to his fellow nursing home resident (Gena Rowlands).

The story is about Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling), a young couple falling in love in the 1940s despite class differences and bickering. After her family takes her away, Noah joins the Army, and she gets engaged to a suitor her parents approve of (James Marsden). However, time brings them back together and Allie faces a tough decision. 

11. Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

hachi a dogs tale
Image Credit: Sony Pictures.

Dog movies touch a certain spot in our hearts. Hachi: A Dog's Tale is an Americanized version of a Japanese story, where a college professor bonds with an abandoned dog he finds, sparking a wonderful friendship between the two. 

12. 50/50 (2011)

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

50/50 is inspired by a true story. When a 27-year-old man is confronted with his own cancer diagnosis, he faces a number of struggles as he tries to beat the disease that has completely changed his life. 

13. My Girl (1991)

My Girl Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

When people talk about movies from their childhood that made them cry, My Girl often makes the list. The touching film is about two unlikely friends who navigate their childhoods together, but it has one of the most heartbreaking endings of all time.

14. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Grave of the Fireflies Emily Neves
Image Credit: Studio Ghibli.

With the backdrop of World War II, two siblings struggle to survive in 1940s Japan. This beautiful Studio Ghibli movie is known to make people bawl their eyes out.

Source: Reddit.