Helicopter Crash in Ukraine Kills 16, Including Interior Minister

Ukraine's interior minister and his deputy were among at least 17 people killed after a helicopter crashed in a Kyiv suburb on Wednesday.

The helicopter went down in Brovary on the eastern outskirts of Kyiv, setting fire to a nursery, killing four children and all nine people on board. Other victims suffered serious injuries and burns from the crash.

“We saw wounded people, we saw children. There was a lot of fog here, everything was strewn all around. We could hear screams, we ran towards them,” a local resident said.

“We took the children and passed them over the fence, away from the nursery as it was on fire, especially the second floor.”

The death toll in Ukraine has been at an exponential rate ever since the Russia invasion in Feb. 2022. While there may be no correlation between this incident and the war with Russia, the Ukranian authorities have launched an investigation.

The rest of the world mourns with Ukraine.

The New York Times reflected on his deeds and his role for his country during the war.

Countries have shown solidarity.

A Canada government official tweeted she would visit Kyiv to “reaffirm Canada's unwavering solidarity.”

Latvia is also throwing their support.

Poland is waiting for allies to declare how many Leopard tanks they can provide:

@UraneJohn said, “Australia's hawkish Defence Minister Richard Marles has not invested a solitary cent,” and “the war will only end with both parties sitting civilly at a table!”

@PelmeniPusha replied to a conspiracy that Russia is behind the crash.

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