Hell’s Kitchen season 20: Where are they now?

Trenton Garvey

Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen was the last season to air as it was shot just before the pandemic, with Trenton Garvey walking away as the winner.

Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen was shot in 2019 and marked the last of the seasons released from the popular Gordon Ramsay-fronted and produced franchise.

This is as following the end of shooting, the pandemic hit, and the series is yet to come back with a new season.

The season saw Trenton Garvey walk away with the title of season 20 Hell’s Kitchen winner, and Megan Gill was the runner up.

In total, there were 18 contestants vying for the title of season 20 winner. However, even after their time on the series, all the contestants continued to pursue their culinary aspirations.

What is Hell’s Kitchen?

Hell’s Kitchen was the first of the Gordon Ramsay produced and fronted cooking competition reality-format shows.

The aim of the show was to give young and talented chefs the opportunity to have the experience of working in a demanding professional kitchen.

Hence the premise of the series is, “World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, Hell's Kitchen.”

The winner of each season would then get the opportunity to work at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants as the head chef, along with some kind of cash prize.

Hell’s Kitchen season 20: Where are they now?

Hell’s Kitchen season 20 was deemed the Young Guns season, as all the contestants were all under 24 years of age.

Gordon Ramsay was the resident judge, Christina Wilson was sous chef for the red team, Jay Santos was sous chef for the blue team, and Marino Monferrato was the maître d'.

On the line was the chance to be the head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at a hotel in Paris.

Trenton Garvey won the season following Ramsay reviewing the comments and the scorecards for the final menu. After his win, the former executive chef from Union went on to be the head chef at The Blue Duck.

Whereas runner up, Megan Gill, went on to become a line cook at the Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas.

After being eliminated, former head chef, Kiya Wilhelm, went on to become a part-time bartender and chef.

Before embarking on the Hell’s Kitchen journey, Brynn Gibson was a line chef, but after her time on the show, she would go on to create pop-up dining experiences and become a food blogger sharing her recipes via her page.

Steven Glenn, who was a chef de partie, moved on to become a private chef, along with offering private cooking lessons.

Former executive chef at Montana’s Great Falls, Antonio Ruiz, became a chef at Texas Bistro after his elimination.

Emily Hersh returned to being a line chef following her elimination, at Jardín at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, and she also gives private cooking lessons in her spare time.

Sam Garman marked the eleventh chef to leave season 20. The former executive chef from Fleetwood went on to become a general manager at the catering company following his elimination.

Josie Clemens marked the beginning of the bottom 10, who following her elimination went on to create pop-up dining experiences and offer cooking lessons.

Victoria Sonora has continued to work as a sous chef, first at Balfour Senior Living and currently at the Charlestowne Hotels.

Keanu Hogan was a private chef with her own company, Thee Perfect Bite, which she returned to after her elimination.

Kevin Argueta, following his episode seven elimination, would become the sous chef at the Krispy Rice.

Payton Cooper went on to become a private chef following his elimination, with plans to start his own food truck, after gaining experience working for restaurants including Middle Fork and The Kentucky Castle.

Morgana Vesey has since opened a bar called 86'd, which she co-owns with two other people. Moreover, she most recently worked at Water Street Cafe after working in a few other establishments in Connecticut.

Alex Lenik, following his elimination, went on to share his cooking recipes via Instagram, but has not shared what he is currently doing.

Jayaun Jay Smith leveraged his time on the series by opening two restaurants with his business partner Steven Blakley. This is besides already co-owning Sauced, a lunchtime counter and Just Slide, selling sliders and a food truck called The What Truck?

While Matthew Francis Johnson ventured into being a published author and currently works at Freshly as a R&D chef and content manager, besides having his own YouTube channel.

First to be eliminated, Ava Harren returned to being the owner of meal prep company, Ava Flava's.

Final thoughts

Hell’s Kitchen has been seen as a springboard for the contestants that have been part of the 20 seasons of the series so far. This is as making it to the contestants that get to compete to become head chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants provides immense experience.

Seemingly all the “young guns” of season 20 all went on to continue to grow their experience since being on the show. This is inclusive of season 20 winner Trenton Garvey, who has since become the head chef at The Blue Duck.