Her Best Friend Compares Himself to Her Boyfriend, Could Her Bestfriend Be Jealous?

She's known her best friend for five years, and he's always been a good friend to her. He lives in her apartment complex, so they spent much time together during the lockdown. It was nice and helped both of them not feel lonely.

However, she started dating her boyfriend about a year ago and thinks he might be the one. She admits she is head over heels in love with him. And she thinks this is where the problem begins with her best friend.

Comparing Old and New

He seems to compare himself to her boyfriend. He jokes about it when she spends a night at her boyfriend's place; he'll say, “Why can't you spend some time at my place? “My sofa misses you.” Or when she took her boyfriend to meet her family, he again joked that her family never liked him as much as they liked her boyfriend.

He always says these things as a joke, so she smiles and doesn't think much of it. But something else happened that she can't and doesn't want to ignore.

A small group of her friends and their partners are going on a 3-day trip to Vegas during the last week of January. Her boyfriend will be joining them one day later due to work. So her best friend started joking that he would stay in her room for Friday and then get a room for Saturday.

She told him no. She will not share a room with him or anyone else other than her boyfriend. And he got offended at that and asked her why. So she told him she didn't want to, and he joked again that she should trust him more because they'd known each other longer than her boyfriend and her. She's not sure how to respond to that.

She can't understand how saying she doesn't want to share rooms with anyone except her boyfriend should be offensive to anyone. She doesn't want to lose their friendship, but there are things she will be comfortable doing with her boyfriend only, not her best friend. She needs to get it through the head of her best friend.

More Than Friends?

Redditors think her best friend has feelings for her and wants something more than friendship.

Checco314 says without mincing words, “Clearly he has feelings for you. Just set your boundaries and stick to them. He will either get used to it, or he will find that he can't accept your new relationship, and he will have to pull away himself.”

Ok-Bass2557 thinks her best friend has turned into an enemy, and she needs to let go and move on. They comment: “He wasn't always in your friend group and had feelings growing for you. You could still be friends with him, but he now can't control his feelings for you, and he is now crossing the boundaries of being inappropriate in which the only solution is to cut him off.

He is now not a friend of your relationship and worse, an enemy of it.”

Some-Guy-997 is sure that her best friend is jealous and definitely wants to be with her. “Y'all spent a lot of time alone and cuddled, and this made him want to take things further,” they say. “Now that you have a BF, he feels he stole you away from him and felt since y'all cuddled and were so close before, he has zero boundaries and can't understand you aren't into him as he is you.”

Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?

Redditor wh1tebrush raises a hot topic with his assertion of guys being suspicious about their girlfriend's best friends, who's a guy. They comment: “And this is why guys are wary when you have a best friend that's a guy. Not saying you can't have one and that there are completely platonic friendships, but it's a yellow flag for guys because of situations like this.

It really doesn't matter what you set as boundaries because if he keeps crossing and poking, you end that friendship. Instantly. Or break up with your boyfriend because, man, I feel bad for the guy.”

What do you think? Can she successfully balance a healthy relationship with her boyfriend and best friend?

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