Her Relationship Went From Bliss to Chokehold, She Left But Feels Terrible About Leaving Him

She loved her ex-boyfriend. He was her whole world, her knight in shining armor. He had been through tough times, so she tried to understand and love him despite his struggles. The first year of their relationship was blissful, and she felt truly loved. But that all changed in the second year when they would get into fights, and he would get so angry that he would hit the walls or himself and then eventually became violent.

Too Late to Apologize?

Afterward, he would apologize severely, and she would take him back because she thought she understood him and that he didn't mean to hurt her because he loved her. She just made him angry. Afterward, things would somewhat go back to normal, he would be all sweet and loving and give her many kisses on her face, and she would feel loved. But this time, she was a little scared.

Moving on, when they had good times, they were perfect. But when they would fight, things just went south. The choking became more frequent, and the time he spent doing it gradually became longer. But she knew she could be a nag sometimes, always asking for him to be a better person, so she understood how this could get to him. But this time round, she had to leave.

Another Fight

They got into another heated fight, and she was ignoring him and blocking him away as she always did when she gets agitated, which upsets him. He just snapped, hit the walls, hit himself, then put his hands on her neck and choked her so tight, and this time he wasn't letting go. She had to scratch him and cry. And he snapped out of it and let her go.

She thinks she got asphyxiated because she saw black for a few seconds and felt really light. She couldn't even hear what was coming from his mouth.

When she gained consciousness, he was apologizing and crying, and she was trembling. They appeared to be both victims, she reasoned. She told him he wanted to kill her. He tried to drag her to the kitchen, saying, yes, let me kill you, Then he laughed and said, I'm kidding.” And she couldn't believe her eyes, ears, or anything.

She left him. And he made her feel like she had given up on him, and he kept saying he was a failure and didn't deserve anything. It made her feel horrible. Regardless, she left for good. She talked to her mother and family about it. They've advised her to lock her doors and stop contacting him by all means.

No More Excuses

Meanwhile, Redditors tell her to stop making excuses for him. Ok_Sort7430 says: “I can't believe you think this is your fault at all!!! It's all on him, and you were foolish to keep returning to him. Absolutely never see him again.”

Another Redditor JenantD80 commented, “This is not on you. Abusers will say whatever it takes to keep their victim around, including trying to make themselves a victim. Never believe someone “loves” you when they have shown you otherwise with their violent actions.”

Kooky_Protection_334 adds, “Actions speak louder than words. He's showing who and what he is. Believe him before you end up dead. Of course, he's sorry. And he will kiss your a** until he's got you back where he wants you before he strikes again. Look up the cycle of abuse. He doesn't love you; he loves the control he has over you.”

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