Here’s how to get on Garage Squad

Is Garage Squad done for?

If you want to be on Garage Squad, you will need to fill in a submission form or send in a video via the show’s website.

The Garage Squad team has helped dozens of at-home mechanics to transform their forgotten projects throughout the years.

And submitting your own project to be on the show is surprisingly easy and can be done directly from the show’s website.

All about Garage Squad

The team that makes up MotorTrend’s Garage Squad has now spent eight seasons travelling to the backyards, storage sheds, back-up garages and open fields of car-fanatics all over the Midwest.

They do this to help inexperienced and overwhelmed at-home mechanics to get their forgotten projects back up and running again.

Garage Squad sends its team of car experts, which includes Bogi Lateiner, Joe Zolper, Bruno Massel, Cy, Ronnie and Kingster, out in a specially-built van to set up shop wherever the show’s next guest may need them.

They are willing to do everything from hunting down parts to painting in order to get these projects finished as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to get on Garage Squad

Getting a full team of experts to help you out with a stalled project is pretty much every car fanatic’s dream, and as it turns out, it is not all that difficult to make this dream a reality.

Garage Squad, just like most of the other car restoration programs that you see on television, relies on submissions from their fans to find new projects to feature on the show.

And although MotorTrend has yet to renew Garage Squad for a new season, and there is no guarantee that anyone is even looking at the show’s submissions after its now almost two-year hiatus, fans can still technically send in new submissions through the Garage Squad website.

The Garage Squad website includes an entire “Submission Form” section, where you can apply to be on the show.

You can apply via a written application or through a video submission, as long as you include the following information:

  • A short description of your forgotten car restoration project (year, make, model)
  • A short description of exactly what you need help with (what state the project is in, where you are in your restoration work)
  • Photos of the car (interior, exterior and under the hood)
  • Photos of the home/garage/work area where the vehicle is stored
  • Photos of you and your family

The acceptance of your submission is not an indication that your project will be chosen for the show, but it does mean that you have a chance of being chosen for a future episode.

Do you need to pay to be on Garage Squad?

Many reality television shows require that the guests who are featured on the show, have some kind of budget already in place to complete their incomplete projects.

Fortunately though, you will not have to pay for or have the budget to complete the renovations on your car to apply to be on Garage Squad. The show covers all the expenses of the repairs and restoration (with a little help from their generous sponsors.

Where does Garage Squad film?

The Garage Squad production team is based in the Midwest. And, so far, most of the owners and projects that the Garage Squad team has helped over the years were based in the Chicago area.

The Garage Squad website does state that they are working on the logistics of expanding the scope of their operation.

But for right now, it seems like you and your project car, will need to reside in Chicago if you want to get the help of the Garage Squad team.

Garage Squad submission tips

Although the process for submitting your long-forgotten car restoration project for Garage Squad is not all that difficult, it is important to keep in mind that Garage Squad is still a reality television show.

This means that the people who are behind Garage Squad, who are in charge of choosing the projects which will ultimately receive the team’s attention on the show, are probably looking to make the episodes as interesting and endearing as possible.

Garage Squad episodes from the past have often focused on the struggles and adversity that prevented owners from completing their projects.

And as a result, making sure that you include a compelling backstory for your project is key if you really want to be chosen to be on an episode of the show.

Of course, producers also have 40 minutes to fill for every new Garage Squad episode, so showcasing an entertaining personality is also a good way to increase your chances of making it onto on to the show.