Here’s what happened to Heather from Hell’s Kitchen after season 2

Here’s what happened to Heather from Hell's Kitchen after season 2

Heather worked as the head chef at Terra Rossa, after her big Hell’s Kitchen win, but she has now moved on to other ventures.

Heather competed in the second-ever season of Hell’s Kitchen, which was the first season to split the cast into two teams.

This aspiring chef ultimately ended up winning the competition and earned residency at Terra Rossa, as a result. Though Heather has been quite busy in the almost two decades since the show aired, she is now mostly focusing on her family.

Heather’s Hell’s Kitchen run

Chef Gordon Ramsay has never been an easy person to please. And the aspiring chefs who choose to compete on his cooking competition show, Hell’s Kitchen, certainly have their jobs cut out for them if they want to prove that they deserve to go home with the grand prize.

Heather West was one of the contestants on the second season of Hell’s Kitchen, which aired back in 2006.

This season of Hell’s Kitchen marked the beginning of a new format for the show, as it was the first season in which Ramsay split the contestants into two separate teams based on their genders.

Here’s what happened to Heather from Hell's Kitchen after season 2

The “red team” and “blue team” twist proved to be an unexpected challenge for the contestants who competed in Hell’s Kitchen’s second season.

But Heather’s consistent performance and naturally friendly leadership qualities quickly made her a favorite, not only among her fellow team members, but also amongst longtime fans of the show.

Heather ended up winning season two of Hell’s Kitchen and accepted the position of executive chef Terra Rossa, which is at the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, with a salary of $250,000 at the end of it all.

However, quite a bit of time has passed since the end of this season, and many Hell’s Kitchen fans are curious about what this talented chef has been up to since her big victory.

After finishing the show, Heather took up her year-long residency at Terra Rossa, the resort’s popular Italian restaurant. And, when this year was done, it did not take long for Heather to move on to even bigger and better opportunities.

Heather eventually moved back home to Long Island, where she even ended up landing the role of head chef at Monterey Restaurant, in Long Beach.

Heather has also taken up the position of head chef at many other restaurants over the years, including Jellyfish Restaurant, and Broadway Grill.

More recently, however, Heather has taken a step back from the fast-paced world of restaurants and is focusing on her family life at home.

Heather’s advice for aspiring Hell’s Kitchen contestants

When Heather had just finished filming for season two of Hell’s Kitchen, she shared some of her best tips for other chefs who want to be on the show (and hopefully go on to win the competitions, just like she did) with IGN TV.

This included a word of warning to not “bite the hand that feeds you,” in reference to contestants yelling at Ramsay while filming, and some safe advice to remember to be true to who you are. Even with all of the other contestants and the cameras around you.

Heather did return to Hell’s Kitchen after season 2

It is not entirely unheard of for the former contestants of Hell’s Kitchen to return to the show.

In fact, dozens of chefs, including fan-favorites like Ben Walanka, Elise Harris, Kevin Cottle and Heather Williams, have all returned to the show to compete a second time.

Heather has not ever returned to Hell’s Kitchen as a competitor, but she has returned to the show as a guest in the show's third and fifth seasons.

She also briefly served as the red team sous-chef during the show’s sixth season in 2009.

What Heather is doing now

It has now been almost two decades since Heather started filming the second season of Hell’s Kitchen and it seems like she has mostly stepped away from the restaurant business and the culinary arts.

Heather got married in 2014, and after some difficult years in her fertility journey, she has welcomed three children.

Moreover, although Heather has shared a little bit of her experience with still getting bullied online, more than 15 years after her season of Hell’s Kitchen first aired, she now mostly uses her social media platform to document her health and fitness journey and to share sweet moments with her family.

Heather also co-founded a non-profit organization called “East End Play Dates: Long Island & Nashville,” which hosts free play dates for moms and their children.