Here’s where to watch The Originals after it leaves Netflix

Here’s where to watch The Originals after it leaves Netflix

Once The Originals leaves Netflix in September, your best option will be to purchase the show.

The Originals follows the notorious Mikaelson siblings, as they adjust to life in the new French Quarter after being away for almost a century.

This show will be removed from Netflix in September 2023, and will then only be available to purchase on other platforms.

What The Originals is about

The Originals was first introduced to The CW audiences in 2013 as a Vampire Diaries spin-off. This series would mainly focus the three Mikaelson siblings, who were introduced around the third season of the show.

In this spin-off, the vampire-werewolf hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson returns to the French Quarter of New Orleans to investigate a group of witches who had banned together to take him out.

But once the Mikaelson siblings and the pregnant Hayley arrive at their old stomping grounds, they realize that the politics and various supernatural goings-on had become much more complicated than when they left the town in 1919.

And the Mikaelson siblings soon find themselves desperately trying to gain back the power and status that they once had.

Here’s where to watch The Originals after it leaves Netflix

The Originals turned out to be one of the most successful spin-offs in The CW’s catalogue and even ended up outlasting The Vampire Diaries, which aired its eighth and final season in 2017.

The Originals ran for five seasons, with the series finale episode of the series airing on August 1, 2018.

Like most modern shows, it did not take long for The Originals to find a streaming home after its cancellation.

The show was added to the Netflix catalogue, alongside The Vampire Diaries and the show’s other spin-off, Legacies, which was added later on.

Unfortunately though, fans who have clicked on The Originals to re-watch the series recently were met with some sad news.

Now that the deal between Netflix and The CW’s parent companies, Warner Bros. an CBS has expired, all five seasons of The Originals will officially be removed from the platform on September 8, 2023.

And, although this does leave you with a few more days to binge-watch the series on Netflix before it leaves, it will make the show difficult to find moving forward.

There is hope that The Originals will eventually be added to the HBO streaming service Max in the future, but until this happens, purchasing it on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV and the Microsoft Store is really the best option.

How much does it cost to buy The Originals?

If purchasing an old-school The Originals box-set of DVDs is not quite your style, you likely need to start saving to purchase the series on a digital platform instead.

Buying single episodes of The Originals on the platforms mentioned above will cost between $1.99 for Standard Definition and $2.99 for High Definition.

However, you can also choose to buy entire seasons for around $24.99 each, or invest in the $84.99 bundle deal on Vudu for the ultimate binge-watching experience.

Why The Originals is leaving Netflix

Avid fans of The Vampire Diaries franchise may remember that The Originals was removed from Netflix before in July 2022.

However, unlike the previous time when the show was re-added just months later, The Originals’s removal is much more permanent this time around.

The reason for this is that many television networks have chosen not to renew their long-standing licensing deals with outside streaming services in favor of bolstering the content libraries of the streaming services that they own.

And this is exactly what happened to the licensing deal between Netflix and The CW’s parent companies, which was first made in 2011, and then renewed in 2016, before ultimately being terminated in 2019.

Will The Originals be added to Max?

Even though The CW’s parent companies, Warner Bros. and CBS, chose not to renew their old licensing deal with Netflix in 2019, they did strike a new deal with a different streaming service.

It was then announced later in the same year that the exclusive streaming rights to The CW shows, produced by Warner Bros., had been acquired by WarnerMedia’s streaming service, HBO Max (which was renamed and is now just Max).

Since then, many old and new shows from The CW have slowly been making their way to the Max streaming catalogue. This includes The Vampire Diaries, which was added to Max in 2022.

And, although it is quite likely that The Originals will follow this same pattern, and will be available on the Max streaming service very soon, this has not been confirmed yet.