Here’s who Betty ended up with in Ugly Betty

Everything you need to know about the Ugly Betty spin-offs

In a surprising twist, Ugly Betty’s central figure, Betty Suarez ended up choosing her career over romance at the end of the fourth season.

Ugly Betty followed Betty Suarez throughout the different phases of her personal life and career over the course of the show’s four seasons.

And even though she ended the show single, Betty did accept an exciting new job working for her own magazine in London.

Ugly Betty’s main character

When Ugly Betty first came onto the screens of ABC viewers in 2006, the show was a welcome departure from the Desperate Housewives-esque dramas which the network had been pushing out at the time.

And at the center of it all was America Ferrera’s unforgettable performance as the quirky Betty Suarez.

Throughout the series’ four seasons, Ugly Betty followed Betty’s journey as she went through everything from heartbreak and new friendships and romantic encounters, to family-emergencies, and career highs and lows (and just about everything in between), in order to end up at the end of the final season as a more grown-up, co-owner of a new magazine in London.

Here’s who Betty ended up with in Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty aired for a total of four seasons, before the show’s eventual cancellation in 2010. And although most of the plot in these four seasons focused on Betty’s career at Mode, many of the sub-plots involved Betty’s love life.

Of course, when the series just started, Betty was still reeling from losing the love of her life, Walter, to her next-door neighbor, Gina.

However, Betty not only eventually got back together with Walter throughout the course of the show, but she also had a few other romantic encounters with Henry (the Mode accountant), Giovanni “Gio” (the deli owner), Jesse (her neighbor) and Matt (the sportswriter) in the next three seasons.

Not to mention the continual will-they-won't-they relationship between Betty and Daniel.

In fact, by the time that the final season of Ugly Betty rolled around, it was almost impossible to predict who the show’s protagonist would end up with.

Fortunately, Betty did end up getting some kind of closure by the end of the series.

The final scenes of the Ugly Betty “Hello Goodbye” series finale episode revealed that Betty ended up choosing herself and her career over any romantic relationship when she decided to stay in London to work on Mr. Dunne’s new magazine.

However, Daniel did ask Betty out to dinner just before the end credits rolled. So many fans are still holding out hope that the show will get rebooted, with a possible Daniel-Betty romance plotline in tow.

How the rest of Ugly Betty ended

The “Hello Goodbye” finale episode actually included resolutions for many of the beloved Ugly Betty characters, before the rather sweet moment where Betty jokingly offered Daniel the position of her assistant at the new magazine, for a full-circle ending to the show.

This includes both of the Suarez’s sisters deciding to move out of their family home in Queens, Daniel handing Mode over to Wilhelmina and deciding to look for a new job which he is passionate about, Marc getting a promotion, Amanda finally finding her birth father, and much more.

Why was Ugly Betty cancelled?

Although there had been rumors floating around that Ugly Betty would not be renewed past its fourth season for some time, ABC’s official cancellation announcement was only made halfway through the show’s final season, in January 2010.

And even though the network never made an official statement aswhy the show was cancelled so abruptly, it is likely that Ugly Betty’s steadily declining viewership, high behind-the-scenes turnover rates and erratic writing choices, all contributed to ABC’s decision to end the series with its fourth season.

Will Ugly Betty ever get rebooted?

It has now been well over a decade since Betty decided to get out of New York and to settle down in London and some loyal fans still want the show to come back to this day.

But despite fans’ many valiant efforts, which included a Facebook Kickstarter campaign which was founded in 2013 to drum up interest in a possible Ugly Betty movie, no official reboot has been announced yet.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all hope is lost, as several of the Ugly Betty cast members, including America Ferrera and Michael Urie, have stated that they would consider coming back for a revival.

In fact, Urie even reaffirmed this stance once again in a 2023 interview on the Sherri show, stating that he, America and Vanessa Williams (who played Wilhelmina Slater on the show) would all “love” to do an Ugly Betty reboot.