Hiatus App Review- The Smart Way To Manage Your Money

Hiatus app is a New York-based startup whose application helps you track your monthly bills and subscriptions and monitor your financial accounts and spending. Hiatus money management app services are available to users 18 years and above and reside in the United States. You can access the Hiatus app via their website or download it for iOS or Android.

Hiatus also has an advanced budgeting feature called Hiatus Forecasting, which uses data analytics to help Hiatus users adjust their monthly budgets and create a better future. Hiatus believes that no other financial management application offers such a feature.

Hiatus is also the only money management app available today with a comprehensive savings plan, SavingsBuilder-a feature, which helps you set your targets for specific spending categories. Don't waste your hard-earned money on whatever that old electric company is charging you. You deserve better savings while living, no matter how little or much you make.

The Hiatus app is an automated financial assistant to manage bills, track subscriptions, and help people get control of their money.

  1. Track and cancel unwanted subscriptions
  2. Find out if you could get better rates
  3. See your finances in one place
  4. Hiatus will negotiate lower rates on your behalf
  5. Hiatus notifies you when there's an upcoming increase in your rates
  6. Hiatus uses 128-bit encryption to ensure privacy and protection

This app negotiates lower rates on your behalf, so you don't have to. It notifies you of upcoming increases in rates, too, to plan accordingly. Hiatus encrypts your banking information to avoid the risk of hacking or identity theft; plus, it's just super easy to use!

• Automatic negotiation for your monthly bills

• Save time and energy by having someone else research the “best deals.”

• Be in control of negotiations (without fees)

• Get personalized service/negotiations to save you money

• All done for a low fee upfront or monthly

How Does Hiatus App Works

Hiatus App is a new app for consumers looking to reduce their debt load. Hiatus negotiates your existing bills to save you money. Hiatus works in the background and analyzes “big data” to see if any of your bills are higher than they should be. If Hiatus finds that one or more of your bills are too high, they will negotiate savings on your behalf with the company that issued the bill. Hiatus then charges 50% of these savings upfront or monthly, depending on your payment plan, when signing up for Hiatus App.

  • Securely link your financial accounts to the Hiatus dashboard
  • Hiatus analyzes your finances and monitors for unfair rates
  • Get contextual advice that's not only personalized but actionable

How To Open a Hiatus App Account?

• Opening a Hiatus Account is straightforward

  • To create a Hiatus account, you need to visit Hiatus' website or download the app
  • Once on the Hiatus homepage, click on “Start Planning” or “Get Started Now” in blue text to create your account.
  • Once you have clicked one of the options, Hiatus will ask you to enter your email address and create a password.

You'll be asked to create a password that needs to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 capital letter 
  • Hiatus also asks for some basic information
  • The final step is to link your bank account.

Available on: iOS & Android

Hiatus App
Hiatus App Review- The Smart Way To Manage Your Money 3

How to Link Your Financial Institution

Hiatus can help you get your life back on track by making it easier to manage your finances.  Hiatus uses 128-bit bank-level security and will never store your login.

After connecting to Hiatus, you will see some popular banks. If you're already using one of them, click on the name and enter your login credentials! You can also link to another account if you have one or continue into the app.

Easily link your financial institutions with Haitus by entering your login information.

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What Is Hiatus App Premium Account

Hiatus Premium is a service that gives you access to powerful financial tools, plus the help of experts who can negotiate monthly bills for you:

  • You can negotiate monthly bills,
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions  
  • Set smart budgets
  • Access to an expert team who can help get things done quickly and efficiently every month.
Hiatus PremiumFee
Hiatus Premium Monthly$7.00
Hiatus Premium Monthly$10.00

One of the best parts about the Premium account is that it consolidates your finances and provides insightful analysis. Some tips may sound trivial, but they can make a big difference in terms of money management. For example, monitoring rate changes to monthly bills or keeping an eye on low account balances to prevent overdraft fees

Maintaining accurate records will help you avoid surprises down the road when filling out forms for loans from banks.

How to Deactivate Hiatus App Account

No need to worry – if you want your Hiatus premium account canceled, log into the app and follow these steps.

If deactivating through iOS, tap on “User” in the lower right corner, then choose the accounts option from the menu at the top left; next, click Deactivate Account link near the bottom of the page when it becomes available.

If you want to deactivate your account through the Hiatus web app, click on the icon in the top left corner and click on “Accounts.” Next, click on the “Tap here to remove your profile

All your banking information and account will be removed from the Hiatus app.

It is essential to know that uninstalling the app will not cancel your account. You need to cancel your account before uninstalling the app.

Hiatus App Fees

Hiatus App Fees are fees paid by the consumer while Hiatus corrects billing errors throughout a customer's contract period. The only cost associated is $10/month to be a Hiatus Premium member. 

Is Hiatus App Safe?

Yes. The hiatus app is safe and legit but if you choose to use it, do so with caution. Being legit, Hiatus is a safe-to-use money management app.

It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that customer data is protected. Other trusted technology products and services Hiatus use include Viewport Meta, HTML5,  jQuery SPF, and Google analytics.

Hiatus App Alternatives

Below are alternatives to the Hiatus app.

  • Trim Financial Manager: Analyzes and saves money for you.
  • Rocket Money: Rocket Money (formerly called Truebill) is the easiest way to find subscriptions, manage bills, and even cancel recurring charges with a single click.

Final Thoughts on Hiatus App Review

With Hiatus, you can easily manage your bills and money in one place. Spend less time paying for things at the store or on the phone with customer service reps by managing all your accounts from this single platform. You can also make payments through us faster than waiting in line to pay a bill in person!

It's simple to sign up, enter an email address and password, and add any bank account information. Once you are signed up, it will be easy to keep track of everything without worrying about forgetting when something is due again.

In case of any concern, you can reach the Hiatus customer service team via email support@hiatusapp.com or chat with the team through the app.

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