21 Best High-Paying Jobs For Teens

There are high-paying jobs for teenagers out there. It's just a matter of finding the right one! In this blog post, we're going to go over some high-paying job options that are perfect for teens and what you need to do in order to land them.

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What is good pay?

The average hourly wage for a Teen in the United States is $19 as of March 27, 2023. While ZipRecruiter shows wages ranging from $6.73 to 30.53 an hour (and everything in between), most teens see pay rates within the range of 12-19 dollars per hour with some variation based on location and years of experience.”

Though it may be harder to find jobs at these higher-paying levels without previous work experience or advanced skillsets, opportunities exist even if you're just starting out!

Hourly RatePercentage Of Jobs
$6.73 – $8.8901%
$8.89 – $11.0605%
$11.06 – $13.2210%
$13.22 – $15.3821%
$15.38 – $17.5517%
The average wage is $19.00 an hour12%
$19.71 – $21.8709%
$21.88 – $24.0406%
$24.04 – $26.2007%
$26.20 – $28.3604%
$28.37 – $30.5303%

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities With Jobs For Teens

If you're an aspiring Teen looking for a job, we've got good news: there are plenty of cities where the pay is high. In fact, in 10 out of our 50 major metropolitan areas across America, teens can earn more than $14 per hour on average!

CityHourly Wage
San Francisco Bay, CA$23.71
Union City, CA$23.04
Barnstable Town, MA$23.00
Sunnyvale, CA$22.88
Santa Cruz, CA$22.40
Manhattan, NY$22.31
Livermore, CA$22.29
Santa Rosa, CA$22.19
American Canyon, CA$22.16
Redwood City, CA$21.94

Best Paying Jobs for Teens

One of the toughest aspects of entering adulthood is not being able to work. However, this does not mean that if you are under 18-years-old and still in high school or college there aren't jobs available for you. You may be surprised by all the different options out there!

There are many reasons why teens want to work: from earning some spending money, saving up for a big gift (like an iPhone) or even pay their way through college. That said here's our list of eighteen lucrative careers open for teenagers with little experience but lots of potential – we hope these inspire your search!

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Online Jobs for Students

If you're looking to work from home, there are plenty of jobs for teens that allow you to do so. Working online is perfect for students who want a flexible schedule. Online careers often involve creative thinking as well as effective communication skills which will come in handy later in life.

1. Virtual Assistant

National average salary: $19.19 per hour

A virtual assistant is a helper to someone who’s very busy and needs to get various tasks done. As a VA, you will basically be someone's “go-to” when they don't have time for any of the work themselves. This could consist of anything from sales, marketing, scheduling meetings or even editing/proofreading; it all depends on your boss' specific requests! Usually, with this type of job, you work virtually and communicate via phone, video chat software like Zoom or Facetime etc.

2. Take online surveys

National average salary: Varies

While many people might not think of filling out surveys as a job, it’s an easy way to make money and share opinions. Online survey takers are often students who enjoy this side-gig because they can work when they have time and online wages typically range from $9-$11 per hour based on Glassdoor ratings.

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3. Tutor

National average salary: $23.94 per hour

Imagine a world where talent and intelligence are shared instead of hoarded. There's an incredible opportunity for you to make the most out of your academic skills by becoming a tutor–no matter what level or subject! Whether it be at nearby schools, in after-school programs, online tutoring…you name it!

Why not help someone else reach their potential while also improving yours?

4. Transcribe videos

National average salary: $28 per hour

Think about all the lectures, interviews and presentations you have had to take notes on in school. Now imagine not having to do any of that work again but instead just transcribing it for a small fee!

Freelance transcription services are always looking for people who can type fast enough with impeccable spelling skills so they don't need experience or special training – only time and internet access will suffice.

5. Entry-level web designer

National average salary: Varies

Your website is a reflection of your skills and personal brand, so you want it to be the first thing that potential employers see. Before launching an online portfolio for consideration as an entry-level web designer, make sure to code it well enough for success but also ensure that your site stands out from other websites with its own unique design or features.

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The Highest Paying Summer Jobs for Students

If you're a student, summer jobs are a great opportunity to jumpstart your resume and make some extra money. Investing time during the summer season will not only help get ahead of student loans but also add experience for when it's finally time to enter the workforce.

Summer is an ideal way for students to earn income between classes or take care of expenses while they focus solely on academics – all without having to worry about how much side-gig work might interfere with homework assignments!

6. Camp Counselor

National average salary: $25 per hour

Summer is the best time to get outside, and there are so many camps for kids these days. Camp counselors have all sorts of responsibilities like leading games during camp activities and supervising children while they play sports on field trips.

Remember being at your favorite summer camp when you were younger? Why not come back now that you're a teen and join in on the fun by becoming one of their energetic staff members this season?!

7. Dog Walker

National average salary: $17.62 per hour

Dog walkers make sure that the dogs get a good workout with their daily walks. The dog walker is responsible for checking on food and water supplies, as well as cleaning up after them during walks to ensure they are healthy when they come back home! If you're in shape physically and love animals, this might be your perfect profession!

8. Lifeguard

National average salary: $13.45 per hour

Lifeguarding is probably every teen’s dream come true with its paychecks and flexibility in hours – all while being able to spend more time at pools or beaches during those hot summer days! In order to become a lifeguard, there are a few requirements such as taking courses through the American Red Cross when turning fifteen years old.

9. Mowing lawns

National average salary: $21 per hour

A great way to get outside and make money is lawn care. Basic tasks like mowing grass, trimming plants, raking leaves and shoveling snow are perfect for a teen who loves being outdoors!

10. Landscaper

National average salary: $23.46 per hour

Landscapers spend most of their time in the great outdoors, but they also work with plants and trees inside greenhouses. Landscaping offers a variety of skills that can be applied to other careers as well like interior design or teaching children about nature.

As a teenage landscaper you’ll spend your days working under sunny skies taking care of greenery either at business buildings or private homes–no matter how big or small this might be. You will maintain gardens by planting new flowers, bushes, and trees; mowing grasses; pulling weeds from flowerbeds; maintaining outdoor furniture such as chairs/tables etc.;

11. Caddy

National average salary: $18.00 per hour

You might not be able to hit the shots Tiger Woods does, but if you're interested in being a caddy and love golfing yourself who knows it could turn into something more. You'll have flexible hours and can bring home up to $100 on some days! Plus all that walking will get those legs looking great for summer.

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High paying jobs for teens with no experience

Even with no experience, you can find a job—many teens work in retail or restaurants. You will be surprised at the number of jobs available to high school students without any prior employment history!

Teenagers often get their first taste of working for themselves by finding summer and part-time jobs that are perfect for them: such as babysitting children, stocking shelves at your favorite store, ringing up customer purchases on cash registers, bagging groceries behind the counter…the list goes on!

12. Mover

National average salary: $18.07 per hour

Moving is a lot of work. Movers are responsible for packing up your belongings, transporting them to the new location safely and unloading everything without damaging anything along the way. Moving can be very physically demanding; you need to have stamina enough to carry heavy objects over long periods of time!

13. Trade Apprentice

National average salary: Varies

Apprenticeships are a great way to get started in the workforce. You can enter into an apprenticeship by choosing from one of many different occupational fields, which include health care, construction, law enforcement and food services.

These positions not only allow you to learn while earning money but also provide mentors who will guide your learning process through hands-on experience so that when you complete your apprenticeship program–you'll be ready for whatever comes next!

14. Babysitter

National average salary: $20.57 per hour

If you love spending time with children, a babysitting role might be perfect for you. You can work from home or even in your neighborhood and keep little ones entertained when their parents are busy!

A babysitter's day can range from hanging with kids outside on the swing set, having them watch movies with you…or even playing games like tag.

15. Pet Sitter

National average salary: $12.41 per hour

Pet sitting is the perfect job for animal lovers who want don't mind getting their hands dirty. You may walk dogs or visit pets at their homes, feeding them and cleaning up after them as needed.

If you have a home with space available, it’s possible that your pet sitter duties could include boarding animals while owners are away on vacation. No matter what tasks you do though—feeding cats, walking Labradors in the Park–you'll find yourself rewarded by furry friends every day!

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Other High Paying Jobs to Consider

The following jobs for high school students are summer staples. Love them or hate them, these positions can be a great way to make some extra cash this year and gain valuable experience in different industries!

16. Food Service Jobs

National average salary: $14.63 per hour

Food service is an exciting and rewarding industry that can offer a variety of positions. One such job, the restaurant server, benefits from generous tips for providing excellent customer service in addition to food preparation duties.

17. Retail Sales Associate

National average salary: $12.00 per hour

Many teens thrive in the retail environment, as it is a place where they can work flexible hours to make some money. In many cases, these jobs are seasonal and available at convenience stores or clothing retailers. For example, when you get off of school for winter break – voila! You have more time than usual so stocking shelves would be an excellent job choice while earning cash during your downtime.

18. Catering staff

National average salary: Varies

Imagine being a part of the magic that is wedding receptions. You see, there are many events over the summertime in need of support staff – from waiting on tables to prepping food. Depending upon which type of event you're involved with, your hourly rate can vary as well!

19. Stocking Inventory

National average salary: $14.00

Stocking shelves is a great first job for teens. You get the chance to learn about customer service and merchandising while also getting an employee discount, which means you can save money!

20. Painter

National average salary: $17.99 per hour

House renovations are a common occurrence during the summer. This creates jobs for teens, which is awesome! You can find painting work both inside and outside of homes as well as fences if you run out of houses to paint before school starts back up again. Before starting any project, however, it's important that you know what kind of paints will best suit your surface type.

21. Youth Sports Referee

National average salary: $18.00 per hour

Playing soccer, swimming, tennis or basketball is fun and can keep you active. Have you ever thought about becoming a referee for one of these sports?

Youth referees are part-time officials that help with the instruction, supervision and officiating during sporting events made up of children under 18 years old. They ensure players follow the rules as well as treat each other fairly to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest job but pays a lot?

Finding easy jobs that pay well is a common goal for many. But what if you want to make boatloads of money without taking on the stress? Luckily, there are options available. House or dog sitting can offer an enjoyable and high-paying opportunity with little experience necessary!

What is the highest-paying job that only requires a high school diploma?

If you're looking for a career option that does not require more than a high school diploma, consider these three options: pharmacy technician, gaming manager or mail carrier. Pharmacy technicians can earn an average of $16 per hour after going through one year of accredited pharmacy training.

Gaming managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of casino games at casinos around America and have excellent opportunities to earn around $35,000 per year. Mail carriers make about $17 per hour delivering mail across the U.S.

Final thoughts

Finding a job while in high school can be challenging, but with the right amount of research and dedication, you too could earn more than minimum wage.

If you're looking for summer work or just want to make some extra money on weekends there are plenty of opportunities waiting! A good place to start is searching for jobs for teens near me and exploring your options.