Start the Day Right With 16 Breakfast Recipes That Are High on Protein and Flavor

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Eating more protein can benefit you in many ways, primarily if you work out consistently. Higher protein breakfasts can keep you fueled for longer, make you feel more alert, and improve specific digestive issues.

Break out the skillet and prepare to take your breakfast to the next level with protein-rich dishes that won't break the bank.

1. Cottage Cheese 

Cottage Cheese
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Although many people enjoy cottage cheese by itself, there are many ways to prepare it to add protein to your dish. Some add chopped fruit or vegetables, such as cucumber, peaches, tomatoes, or raspberries. Add cottage cheese to a creamy sauce or blend it with fruit and ice to make a healthy ice cream. 

2. Tofu Scramble 

Tofu Scramble
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Tofu scramble is one of the best breakfasts, even if you aren't vegan! You can make the tofu into a scrambled egg-type formation, and then add in various veggies or toast to make your scramble. Add in whatever seasoning speaks to you, and you have a healthy protein-rich eggless, and meatless breakfast. 

3. Protein-Rich Quiche

Coronation quiche with spinach
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If you love eggs, you have to make yourself a quiche. The base is a ton of eggs with a little cheese and either cream, milk, or half-and-half. As for the rest, that’s absolutely up to you. Flavor it as you wish, throw in turkey bacon for extra protein, and stock it with vegetables for a healthier morning bite.

4. Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Bowls

Chorizo in scrambled eggs
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Start with some well-chopped turkey chorizo as the base for these delicious breakfast ideas. Get creative with ingredients, adding different vegetables to make it hearty and healthy. The spice of the chorizo goes well with creamy avocado, and be sure to top it off with an egg of any style.

Try replacing an egg scramble with a tofu scramble, which is a great alternative, especially for those who don’t like or can’t eat eggs. Cook vegetables and tofu with the spices of your choice. This is a versatile idea, as you can add a variety of vegetables to try out different flavor profiles. 

5. Overnight Oats with Protein Powder 

Overnight Oats
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You’ve likely heard of overnight oats, but have you tried making them with protein powder? Oats are an excellent source of nutrition on their own, and there is potential to change up your breakfast constantly with different toppings. 

6. Smoked Salmon Bagel 

Smoked Salmon Bagel
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This idea might be a bit pricier than the others due to the price of smoked salmon, but it offers great nutritional value and packs a lot of protein in a low-effort meal. Add smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and the seasonings of your choice to a bagel or bread. You could also add avocados, especially if you buy them while they’re on sale.  

7. Leftovers 

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Even though most people associate certain foods with breakfast, no rule says you can’t eat whatever you want during breakfast time. Save time and money by eating your leftovers the next day for breakfast, especially if it is a high-protein meal. 

8. Bean Soup or Beans & Rice 

Beans & Rice
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Whether you’re eating beans on their own, making soup out of them, or eating them as a side dish, they’re a great source of protein. When you do your meal prep, make a batch of beans in the crockpot or on the stove and keep them handy in the fridge to add to your breakfast throughout the week. 

9. Tuna Melt or Tuna Salad 

Tuna salad
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Don’t knock tuna as a breakfast food until you’ve tried it. Canned tuna has a lot of protein and can be kept in the cabinet for quite a while, offering you a quick and easy meal in a pinch. There are many ways to eat tuna beyond a tuna sandwich. Jazz it up to personalize the flavor, using things like black beans, corn, mayo, lemon, and seasonings for an exotic taste.

10. Yogurt Parfaits 

Yogurt Parfait
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Yogurt parfaits are an excellent source of protein and offer incredible versatility. Yogurt can be layered with nuts, granola, cereal, fruit, and seeds. You can also add yogurt to a smoothie, or milkshake, or make your frozen yogurt. 

11. Turkey Bacon 

Turkey Bacon
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If you’re looking for an alternative to bacon, which is getting pricier by the day, turkey bacon is usually much healthier and cheaper. Add turkey bacon to an egg scramble, eat it in a BLT, or serve it as a side dish for any breakfast meal. 

12. Mackerel or Sardines 

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It might not be for everyone, but canned fish like sardines have a lot of protein (20-25g in a typical can) and excellent nutritional value. Try eating sardines on toast or with crackers. Get creative and add canned fish like mackerel or sardines to your avocado toast. 

13. Breakfast Burritos 

Breakfast burritos
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As another versatile option, breakfast burritos allow you to plan or use up what you have left in the fridge. The ingredients you put inside your breakfast burritos aren’t limited to “typical” breakfast foods either. Think outside the box and try something like sweet potatoes, black beans, peanut butter, apples, and nuts inside a wrap.  

14. Rotisserie Chicken 

Rotisserie Chicken
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Buying a rotisserie chicken as part of your meal prep or grocery haul is an excellent idea that can contribute to many meals throughout the week. Add chicken to an omelet, stir fry it with vegetables, or eat it on an English muffin or toast with cheese. 

15. Mini Egg Cups 

Muffin Tin Egg Frittata
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Use a muffin tin to create mini egg frittatas for your meal prep process. You can add virtually any ingredients to the eggs, such as leftover spinach or chopped veggies, cheese, and various meats or vegan protein options. Make enough to last a week, or make them in bulk and store them in the freezer when you’re ready to eat them. 

16. Shakshuka 

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

There are several ways to make shakshuka, but the main idea is to use onions (and peppers, if you like them) and tomato to create a thick, savory sauce, almost like a stew. Typically, the sauce is made, and eggs are added before it is covered on the stove or put in the oven to firm up the eggs. 

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