10 Creative and Harmless Pranks to Keep Your Family on Their Toes

Are you a prankster looking for some harmless ways to mess with people? You've got company. Recently someone requested assistance with ideas. Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Carefully Step Over a Non-Existent Obstacle

ghost hole

One person said, “Carefully step over a non-existing obstacle. For example, do this at a crosswalk when the cars stop too close.”

Another shared, “My friend used to do it with a car at red lights. He would carefully steer out of the way of literally nothing, and the rest of the cars behind him would do the same.”

2. Saying No Pun Intended, When There Wasn't a Pun


Someone replied, “Say no pun intended after a sentence where there was clearly no pun.”

“If someone says no pun intended, I always respond with Oh, none taken and enjoy seeing them confused,” replied another.

3. Left to Right Handshake


“When you shake someone's hand, move yours left to right as they do the traditional up and down, a hilarious circle ensues,” someone shared.

Another replied, “Or the dead fish hand. Extend your hand but make no effort to move it. Just let them hold it.” Someone else said, “No thanks – I still lie awake at night thinking of handshakes gone wrong a decade ago.”

4. Masking Tape Mouse

Tape on mouse

One user shared, “I put a tiny piece of masking tape over my co-worker's mouse laser on April Fool's Day one year, wrote ‘April Fools' on it. After that, he troubleshot every single thing except examining the mouse.”

“He eventually called IT, who turned the mouse over and pointed it out.” Another added, “Plug in a second mouse, leave it under their desk, but so you can reach it with your foot. Kick it occasionally.”

5. Don't Turn Around


One user said, “Don't turn around when you walk into a lift/elevator.” A

nother added, “And ask them if they are ready to take this to the next level.”

A third user argued, “Conversely, turn around too much. Just stand in the corner and rotate 90 degrees every four to five seconds or so.” Finally, another joked, “I'm training to be a rotisserie chicken.”

6. Only Ask Questions When Mouths Are Full


“When having a conversation during a meal, specifically only ask questions to people actively chewing,” one replied. Several people discussed and agreed, “Every waiter in the world seems to use that trick when asking me if everything is ok.”

Several servers explained how difficult it is to time it perfectly when, surprisingly, your mouth is primarily full of food while you're dining.”

However, one server commented, “This is a purposeful tactic to show attentiveness to the table while avoiding getting stuck in a conversation.”

7. Mysterious Remotes


One user confessed, “Whenever I visit my extended family across the country, I bring a bag full of random remotes. Remotes that I don't use anymore, just arbitrary remotes that go to old DVRs or anything. So I hide them around their house, and they've only recently caught on.”

8. Run Ahead


“If I know someone is walking a little ways behind me, I turn a corner with nobody else around,” explained one.

“I like to run 10-20 steps to widen the gap and then laugh, thinking that the person behind me will be confused. I doubt anyone ever notices, but I get a kick out of it every time.”

9. Leaving Mystery Trinkets


“I know someone who always takes an item to a party and leaves it somewhere in the house, such as a trinket/tchotchke,” one user admitted.

Another shared, “Friend of mine did this with an insanely overgrown turnip from her garden. This turnip was the size of a child. She left it in the passenger seat of their truck with a seatbelt on it.”

Finally, a third confided, “My aunt fills her medicine cabinet with ping pong balls whenever she has a party.”

10. Saying No Offense After Complimenting Someone

No offense

One prankster said, “After giving a compliment, say ‘no offense' and watch them struggle to find the non-existent insult.”

“I used to do a variation of this,” confessed another.

“When receiving visits, I would greet them with a hug and tell them, “It's so bad you came.”

“If I didn't quite catch what someone said to me, I like to look at them with a super offended look and say, ‘what did you just call me?' It's funny watching them stumble over their words trying to explain,” a third person replied.

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