Holiday Gift Guide: 25 of the Best Children’s Books

With the holiday season upon us, you might find yourself looking for the perfect books for the children in your life. Perhaps you're looking to add to your own at-home curriculum for your own children, or looking to gift your nieces and nephews with something new and exciting. 

Regardless of who you're shopping for, we know how vital it is to enrich the minds of children from an early age. The publishing world has released some truly remarkable books this year, aimed towards young audiences. For the first time, in a long time, there is a wide selection of books that allow children to see themselves on the page. Our list of the best children's books runs the gamut from Preeti Chhibber's A Jedi You Will Be to Matthew Cherry's Hair Love to Trevor Noah's It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime to Chelsea Clinton's She Persisted in Sports.

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 of the Best Children's Books

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Children are remarkably intuitive and it is important to start teaching them at a young age about the world around them. Each of these books embraces kindness, compassion, understanding, and the importance of learning about others. From To the Moon and Back for You to The Cat Man of Aleppo these are some of the best children's books to broaden the horizons of the children in your life. Each book will make for a special gift this holiday season.

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