15 Common Misconceptions About Women Portrayed in Hollywood

Light, camera, cliches! The industry can transport us to fantastical worlds and make us believe the unbelievable, yet it is notorious for portraying women far from their actual reality. Read further to learn about twelve stupid things women on an online forum believe Hollywood gets wrong about them.

1. Dating Older Men

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People seem to think that all women, in Hollywood and otherwise, want to date older men. While this is fine within context, the automatic assumption that all women want to date older men for their money is quite damaging to women who actually fall in love with older men.

2. The Hair Tye Effect

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The idea is that women will always have each other's backs when it comes to keeping hair ties on their wrists. This one is honestly pretty humorous and also false! 

3. Reel or Real?


Ah, the classic Hollywood trope of the perfectly well-put woman, even when rolling out of bed! One person mentions the unrealistic showcasing of waking up with flawless skin, amazingly coiffed hair, and a face full of makeup. As if! Can you imagine what the pillowcases would look like if this was true?

4. The Age-Old Lie

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The movie industry thinks women can only find true love and fulfillment by dating men old enough to be their dads, mentions a member. Forget compatibility, shared interests, or even common sense! Not all females desire to be with men who were busy hitting the clubs when they were mastering their timetables!

5. Baby Factories

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It's like clockwork – the woman hits a certain age, and her uterus begins to take center stage. Whether she is a high-powered CEO or a teacher in a small town, her ultimate goal is to bear children. And if she is unable to, cue the violin and soppy back story. 

6. Man-Centric Mania

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Forget about careers, hobbies, goals, or the worldly state; all ladies want to talk about is men – or at least that's what the big screens tell you, says a member. Whether it's a group of friends meeting for tea or a bunch of detectives working on a case, somehow, the conversation comes back to who they're dating, marrying, or breaking up with. 

7. Wine Not?

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From breakups to breakdowns, marital woes to job losses, it seems the only companion in distress is a glass of wine. Maybe it's time the writers start exploring some creative coping mechanisms!

8. Fluffy Fiddle-Faddle

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Two women and a room full of pillows. We're sure only one thing comes to your conditioned mind – a pillow fight! Sorry to break it to you, but women seldom engage in them; in reality, it just does not happen. Sure, pillows are feathery and soft, but who wants to deal with the messy aftermath?

9. Rise & Robe

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If Hollywood's version of reality is to be believed, then every woman wakes up wrapped in a luxurious silk robe. The truth is not all women wake up in robes, and even if they did, it would be the same one from five years ago, filled with coffee stains. T-shirts and PJs for the win!

10. Beyond The Rom-Com

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Contrary to popular belief, women are not spending their days wishing, hoping, praying, and thinking about that one man who will sweep them off their feet, away from life's troubles. Women are multi-faceted beings with a capacity for more than just romance.

11. Shop Till You Drop?

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One shares that not all women like spending hours trying on clothes and shoes! Some would pick the first suitable item instead and call it a day. And for the ones who do fancy it, they don't run on an unlimited budget to purchase luxurious accessories and clothes. 

12. Fuzz-Tastic Fallacies

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It's no secret that Hollywood tends to perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards. According to one, the most laughable is that women don't grow hair anywhere other than their lashes and eyebrows! There's nothing wrong with a bit of fuzz.

13. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

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It's a cliche that never seems to die: the mean girl. From Sharpay Evans in High School Musical to Regina George in Mean Girls, the world of cinema has you believing girls are shallow, catty, and vindictive by nature. And apparently, they all talk in the same Valley girl way.

14. One Size Fits All

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Many members highlight that a considerable disservice has been done by depicting women as one-dimensional beings. Either you can be a girly girl who always wears pink or a tomboy who doesn't know a thing about dressing up. Women can easily rock a pair of sneakers one day and strut in heels the next. Or even suit up when you least expect it!

15. Matchy Matchy 


There's this idea that women are always wearing matching bras and underwear, and if we were to ever be caught in mismatched clothing, that would be so embarrassing. But in reality, that's not really a thing. That would cost a lot of money and would take a lot of planning.

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