14 Things That Hollywood Always Gets Wrong

Hollywood has a tendency to incorrectly display things on-screen. Legal proceedings are never as exciting as they are on Law & Order. Nobody plays video games the way they do in movies.

Here are 14 things that aren't properly displayed in movies and television.

1. Life-Saving Measures

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One filmgoer said, “Defibrillators are always hilarious because that is never how they work, ever.” Another person added, “Or CPR. Or backboards. Or c-collars. Or intubations.”

Another shared, “I'll never forget my mom (an RN) yelling “YOU CAN'T SHOCK A DEAD HEART!” at the TV.” Finally, CheeseSandwich exclaimed, “Exactly! The entire point is to restore regular electrical activity in the heart. When there is no activity, there is no point.”

2. Legal Proceedings

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One fan said, “Court questioning and police interrogations.” Another added, “I've never seen a deposition depicted realistically, probably because actual depositions are usually incredibly boring.”

A third added, “My husband is a trial attorney. We can rarely sit through any courtroom scenes without him pausing the show to yell about how wrong it is.”

3. Animal Sounds

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One movie watcher said, “The sound usually used for an eagle call in movies is the call of a red-tailed hawk. Apparently, eagles don't sound majestic enough, so they did the ol' switcheroo.”

Another agreed, “Yep, bald eagles sound like seagull chicks. It's not impressive at all.” Someone else added, “Same thing with lions. The lion roars in Lion King were tigers.” Finally, a person stated, “Also, lions don't often open their mouths wide to roar. The MGM lion is yawning, and they dubbed the roar over it.”

4. Computer Hacking

Hacking Computer
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One critic said, “About 10 minutes before the show ends, the resident nerd will say, “I cross-referenced the license plate with the average rainfall in each region and compared that with the average number of clown shoes sold per capita in nearby American cities. So the killer is probably within this three-block radius. Then, there's a car chase.”

Another responded, “This needs to be voted higher. Technology, in general, is widely misrepresented. I cringe when I see a fake data center set up. How hard is it to buy someone's old, decommissioned server racks for a movie or show set?”

5. The Instant-Death Neck Crack

Fire Down Below, Steven Seagal
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One person joked, “But that's Steven Seagal's signature move! Are you telling me he is untrustworthy?”

Another responded, “Paramedic here, and to break a neck; you will have to put 100/110% of your victim weight with your arms alone. And you will not even be guaranteed an instant, silent death. You have a greater chance of making someone tetraplegic, and they will scream the whole time.”

6. Spare Time

Travel hacks family at nice hotel.
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One moviegoer said, “Spare time. When do these people work, and where does the money come from?” Another added, “Especially in the morning! So much free time before work!”

A third laughed, “This should be the top comment, as movies do this consistently. If the movie or show isn't around their job, they often sleep in, travel at a moment's notice, stay out late, and spend a ton of time with their kids. Even a mere nurse or teacher owns this lavish house or apartment that would cost a minimum of $1 million bucks in real life.”

7. Forensic Science

PR Fire Lab Scientist
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One film buff said, “The way that apparently, crime labs solve crimes with DNA tests and unlimited access to every camera in every building in the city. Enhance. Enhance more. There it is. Can you focus on the car behind the corner?”

Another added, “No problem, I'll just zoom in on this reflection in this guy's eyeball. In fact, if I zoom in on the reflection of the suspect, I can see the particles in his brain, which prove this was premeditated.”

8. Space

future world
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One person volunteered, “That the only thing to worry about in space movies is if a planet has oxygen or not. Another added, “And the natives speak English.” A fan replied, “Stargate? Is that you? I joke cause Stargate is my #1 show.

A third said, “I always think about how everything people on the ship eat on other planets could be harmful. Thinking about how there are tons of things toxic to us but not other animals.”

They concluded, “So half of a planet's cuisine could very well be poisonous, especially since everything would be unfamiliar to our bodies. It'd be like if a race of sentient dogs arrived on Earth and had celebratory chocolate bars. It would end badly.”

9. HVAC Ducts

Die Hard Bruce Willis
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One fan exclaimed, “HVAC DUCTS ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD A HUMAN. THEY ARE MADE TO HOLD AIR.” Another added, “And they're always conveniently human-sized, too, and completely clean for some reason.”

Someone then mentioned, “They're also full of screws. When they bolt them to the ceiling, the sharp end of the screws have to go somewhere, and it just makes sense that they go inwards.”

They elaborated, “Crawling around in one would be a fantastic way to get horribly injured. Myth busters also made one strong enough to hold a person, and the sound of crawling through one is like thunder. It's about as stealthy as sitting on a wheely chair and propelling yourself with the recoil from a gun.”

10. Gunfire

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A filmgoer mentioned this popular response: “How loud gunfire is especially in enclosed spaces. The hero in a concrete stairwell, without hearing protection BANG BANG BANG, then hears footsteps as someone sneaks up on them. You'd be deaf, and ears would be ringing for a day after.”

Another user said, “Yeah, Linda Hamilton has hearing loss in one ear because she forgot to wear plugs in a take of the elevator scene in Terminator 2.” Finally, a third person added, “Suppressor noise too. They think you screw it on, and voila! No more noise. The reality is they turn a deafening bang into a slightly less loud bang.”

11. Toothbrushing

Woman with Toothbrush
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Maybe I'm just a messy, vicious brusher, but it always seems like people brush their teeth in the cleanest possible manner. It's nice that I'm not alone; one person mentioned that they ” can't ever complete brushing without a trail of paste flowing down my entire hand.”

Another person adds, “That's why I brush in the shower. It gets everywhere, but I stay clean.”

12. Politics

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There's a running joke that Congress likes to think that they're just like House of Cards, but in reality, they're more like Veep. “It's often depicted as a highly intelligent and calculated chess game and not unqualified idiots entering shouting matches,” one fan said.”

Another person mentions an accurate portrayal of politics: “Yes, I’ve found The Thick of It to be the only realistic portrayal, and apparently that’s because they had a former civil servant turned journalist as a consultant.”

13. High School Social Groups

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Every movie or television series that portrays high school loves to establish different cliques: jocks, nerds, drama kids, etc. Every clique has its own trope: popular, outcast, picked on, so on and so forth.

In reality, as one teacher explains, that's not the case. ” I can assure you the jocks don’t all wear letter jackets and stand in a circle and beat up the “nerds.” There’s no specific rebellious group of kids smoking cigarettes in the bathroom, kids from all groups are vaping all of the time. ”

Another person adds, “I think the film industry is just permanently stuck 30+ years in the past when it comes to stuff like this simply because that'd be the time the writers went to school, so that's what they draw upon when writing.”

14. Playing Video Games

Man playing video games excited, happy
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In reality, watching someone playing a video game by literally watching them play, and not the game itself, is incredibly boring. As a result, actors often over-exaggerate their actions on a controller.

“A majority of the time it doesn’t look anywhere close to how you’d actually use it,” one gamer confirms.

Another adds, “I hated this in Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I remember Greg and Rowley were mashing their Wii controllers, then it cuts to the tv and it's literally two copy-paste dragons standing there motionless.

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