Honda’s Hybrid Prelude Sets the Stage for Electrifying Sports Car Revival

prelude concept honda 2023

Honda is known for their reliability and affordability, but now they have a new announcement that may change their reputation for the better. Honda’s iconic Prelude is returning with an all-new look…and engine. 

Honda announced that the Prelude concept car is a sporty hybrid coupe that has car fanatics bubbling with excitement. This car was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show and served as a signal that Honda is ready to enter the electric car market with their new and improved sports car. 

The Power Behind the Prelude

We don’t know much about the Prelude’s powertrain yet, but a Honda representative on X confirmed it to be a hybrid

Though we don’t know the specifics, we can always guess, and fans hope the Prelude will share the same underpinnings with Honda’s Civic and Accord. This would mean a more powerful gasoline engine combined with the electric motor. 

One thing that will be missed in the new Prelude concept is the manual transmission. Honda has made it clear that they are moving away from manual options and planning to enhance the driving experience through other performance means. 

Prelude’s Stunning Design

If you’re familiar with the ‘80s and ‘90s versions of the Prelude, you will recognize this concept's inspiration. The classic two-door coupe takes on a classic spin, and it’s honestly beautiful. It’s sleek, sporty, and everything a Honda fan could ask for since Honda hasn’t had a true sports car since the S2000, which has been discontinued. 

Will It Make It to Production?

We all know that a concept car revealed doesn’t mean that it will ever roll off of the production belt. However, the Prelude does give us hope because it means that Honda is thinking electrified thoughts. By reviving the classic Prelude, Honda fans are getting excited about the possibility of more electric sports cars from Honda in the future as electric transportation becomes our new norm in America.  

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