12 Embarrassingly Horrible Interactions With Your Favorite Celebrities

Some celebrities are horrible people in real life. It’s what happens when fame gets into your head, and nobody can hold you accountable. After a community member asked people about their worst encounters with celebrities, here’s what they had to contribute.

1. Clint Eastwood

In the Line of Fire
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The worst celebrities are those that treat you like you don’t exist. A responder writes they had the worst experience giving Clint Eastwood a golf cart ride. After asking him whether he was returning to his office, he just pointed.

They tried to make small talk by asking,” Can you believe how great the weather has been this week?” He did not respond. When they dropped him off, he didn’t thank them. He saw a person he wanted to talk to and asked them to wait.

2. Anne Hathaway

One Day Anne Hathaway
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A commenter shares that she met Anne Hathaway at Erewhon and requested a photo. She wore her hat and sunglasses and said not today. I feel fans must realize that celebrities are people, and they have bad days. At least she responded with a no instead of ignoring them.

3. Sean Penn

Sean Penn
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Some customers ask a million questions and never buy anything; a contributor says that Sean Penn is one of them. He came to their shop in Beverly Hills before opening hours, demanding to be let in as he needed an item for an event in the afternoon. They let him, and he tried many things but didn’t buy anything.

4. Taylor Swift

2012 MTV Video Music Awards Taylor Swift
Image Credit: MTV.

Sometimes celebrities appear evil, but it’s just their staff being extra. An editor claims they weren’t allowed to leave their booth when Taylor Swift came to their place of work. Nobody was to talk or look at her. They saw her ankles and calves, and she was extremely skinny.

5. Jamie Foxx

Just Mercy, Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan
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An individual remarks that they were on set at WB studios as an extra for a show with Jamie Foxx. They were seven, and Jamie Foxx made fun of their mother. Although he was young, dumb, and barely famous, they still disliked him for what he did.

6. Bill Murray

What About Bob? Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss
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It’s hard to imagine how horrible celebrities like Bill Murray can produce great work. Somebody states that Bill Murray used to yell at everyone in the gym to be silent as he worked out. I don’t know why anyone needs silence to work out, but I guess it’s a mean people thing.

7. Andy D

Love Andy Dick, Gillian Jacobs
Image credit: Netflix.

Several people share their disdain for Andy D. One mentions that they’ve seen him multiple times, but none was positive.

8. Brendan Fraser

The Mummy Returns Brendan Fraser
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How much should you tip a service provider for fetching your car? A person comments that Brendan Fraser handed them a crumpled one-dollar bill for bringing their BMW upfront.

9. Redmond O'Neal

Redmond O'Neal
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A person explains how Redmond O'Neal, Farrah Fawcett’s son, tried to rob them at knifepoint. Luckily, nothing happened as he fumbled and dropped the knife before he could manage to rob them. He had sores on his skin and was in bad shape, probably due to drug use. They didn’t realize it was him until they saw the news that he had attacked someone during a robbery.

10. G-Eazy

Image Credit: ABC.

We often talk about how horrible celebrities can be, excluding cases where we deserve it. One replies that they met G-Eazy before he was famous. She and a friend were hanging with G-Eazy’s manager, and he asked him to join them. They wanted to go to the club, and she sat next to him in the huge classic boat of a car he drove at the time.

He was cute, but she destroyed her chances by making jokes about his car, style, and name. She also criticized his music and told him to get a more reliable car. When he dropped them at the club, he refused to come in with them and made a gesture suggesting, ‘these girls aren’t it.’

11. Anthony Kiedis

1996 MTV Movie Awards Anthony Kiedis
Image Credit: WireImage.com

A former café worker indicates that Anthony Kiedis and Josh Homme were certified prima donnas. Their entitlement was through the roof.

12. Michel Lerner

Life During Wartime Michael Lerner
Image Credit: IFC Films.

Finally, an internet user expresses that Michael Lerner is the rudest and most entitled person they’ve ever met. Their friend had the same mailing address as him, and they can confirm.

(Source: Reddit).

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