House Hunters New Chapter in Mississippi

House Hunters New Chapter in Mississippi

The “New Chapter in Mississippi” episode of House Hunters features an empty-nester couple looking for a new life in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

House Hunters is still quite a popular show to this day because it provides comfort and offers long-time viewers a chance to escape reality and relax for a while.

The “New Chapter in Mississippi” episode of House Hunters follows a familiar format.

The episode sees a couple of empty-nesters, named Shea and Ken, search for a new home in the Mississippi Gulf Coast with the assistance of a local real-estate agent.

About House Hunters

House Hunters is one of HGTV’s longest-running shows and has been on the air for over 200 seasons. It is rare for any show to last so long, but watching House Hunters has become a familiar comfort and relaxation ritual for many long-time viewers.

There are many reasons why people keep tuning in to watch potential buyers go back and forth between the various properties that they are shown during an episode.

But the entertainment value of watching a couple ruminate over the smallest details of a potential new property is simply undeniable.

House Hunters New Chapter in Mississippi

Deciding to pack up your life and move to a new city is quite a daunting concept. Not only do you have to balance your own needs and wants for the new property with what you can actually afford, but in the case of couples, you also have to balance your own wants and needs with that of your partner.

The “New Chapter in Mississippi” episode of House Hunters first aired on Monday May 1, 2023, and it follows a retired couple who is looking to start a new life in a more relaxed environment.

The couple, Shea and Ken, decided to look for a new home down South since their children had grown up and moved out of the house.

Shea and Ken partnered with a local real-estate agent, Holly Lemoine-Raymond, to help them navigate this move and find their dream home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Lemoine-Raymond has extensive experience in this area’s real-estate market, and she even had previous experience filming for HGTV by the time that they started filming this episode of House Hunters.

Fortunately, this meant that she could probably advise and guide Shea and Ken on more than their real-estate choices.

As always, some light drama did ensue between the couple, when Ken insisted on a home with a cozy cottage feel, but Shea did not want to compromise on modern finishes.

Fortunately, the couple did manage to come together and choose the relaxing coastal property that was exactly right for them.

Why did Ken and Shea disagree?

Ken and Shea had a disagreement about the style of home that they really want and the budget that they had set for their move, as is often the case when House Hunters couples tour the properties that their local real-estate agent has chosen.

Shea preferred to find a property that had all of the newest, modern amenities that they could possibly need, but would be valued a little higher than the budget that they had set.

Ken, on the other hand, preferred to sacrifice these comforts, in order to remain within their budget. In the end, the couple reached a compromise that made them both happy.

Where to watch House Hunters

There are many options available for streaming episodes of House Hunters online, besides tuning in to watch new episodes of the show live on HGTV every week.

This includes the various subscription-based streaming services that carry the show, like fuboTV, DIRECTV, Discovery+, Pluto TV and Amazon’s free streaming service, Freevee.

You can also buy or rent the show on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or iTunes and Google Play if you want to avoid adding another subscription service to your lineup.

What to expect from the next episode of House Hunters

The next episode of season 229 of House Hunters is titled “Forging a Future in Florida” and will follow an interesting couple, both of which are theme park entertainers, as they attempt to find their dream home in Orlando, Florida.

From the synopsis of this episode, it is evident that their search will be an interesting one, as they will need to find a property that can accommodate their need for spaces where they can practice their stilt-walking and aerial tricks, while trying to remain within a tight budget.

New episodes of House Hunters air every week on HGTV at 10:00 p.m. E.T. and 09:00 p.m. C.T, but these new episodes are often aired in between reruns of older episodes.