House Republicans Denounce Socialism; Where Do You Stand?

Just a day after an argument over the merits of the Pledge of Allegiance halted a House committee meeting in its tracks, there is a new controversy swirling through Congress: the debate over socialism.

In the House of Representatives today, Republicans proposed a resolution to “condemn the horrors of socialism.” It was passed despite nearly 100 Democrats not supporting it, as it had plenty of Republican support. While the resolution itself has been viewed as mostly theatrical by many political pundits as it consisted of zero policy changes, it has nonetheless started a firestorm on social media.

Socialism has been a hotly-contested topic in political circles and has been yet another source of contention between liberals and conservatives.

The response to this successful Republican-led resolution has created a collection of fiery political discourse that has invited both liberals and conservatives to chime in with their opinions.

Fellow Conservatives Applaud the House GOP's Efforts

Many Americans believe the same socialism that has wrecked havoc on society in the past is the same type of socialism that Republicans are warning everyone about today. User EricBurlison is technically correct when he says that “many of the greatest crimes in history were committed by socialists.”

The term “FREEDOM” has become synonymous with the Republican party over the past decade, as this user exemplifies:

Twitter user Joe7993 thinks it's “obvious” that many Americans do not fully grasp the evils of socialism, and suggests that a calm discussion with Cuban refugees may be what liberals need to be less “misguided.”

Liberals Call Out Hypocrisy From the Right

Many of the same House Republicans who voted in favor of the resolution today received PPP loans during the COVID-19 pandemic that were subsequently forgiven. User AvengerResister suggests that these same Republicans actually have benefited from socialism:

Twitter user jilevin chooses to shine a light on what House Republicans aren't actively discussing – namely, all the ways that he feels capitalism has failed regular Americans:

Many users, like BladoftheS, points out that wealthy Conservatives would be taxed much more under a socialist economic plan than a capitalist plan. This user goes on to admit that it's “not very surprising” that the House resolution passed today:

There are many proud liberals who, like birrion, choose to make blanket statements without any supporting facts. Both sides of the political spectrum are susceptible to this kind of discourse:

Other Users Point Out Potential Fallacies

Lost in the discussion are thoughtful, educated responses like this one, from the Twitter account MonitorFake. The concept of socialism is a fluid one that has had many different forms throughout history, and both Republicans and Democrats may be using the term too loosely:

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